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  1. Hi old friend :P What's happening?

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    2. AOD_N3RV3


      I kind of finished conan so not sure what to do on that now even if i start over XD AS for Ark i might join. Just need a huge project though cause as i said if i don't have something to work on I just get bored of it. Still trying to find something big that i can work on and then find the space for it to start building

    3. Jamie


      Ask the new members they might need some help or have a project planned

    4. AOD_N3RV3


      Yeah will post on discord soon see if anyone needs help or if they can help with ideas. Only issue is none of them know what i'm capable of XD haha I still remember the day I joined :P 3 days later the village was done and Chris kept coming over :P I even gave him some dinos XD


  2. Totally agree with you. In my opinion the only reason Fortnite got so popular is actually the lack of games and competition. There wasn't much of a choice at that time. I'm glad there's so many promising games coming out now.
  3. You've got some pretty good choices there. Personally I've been paying close attention to 3 games so far which are Fallout 76, Anthem and Battlefield V. However there are a couple others which i'm curious about such as DeathGarden.