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  1. i would prefer to keep the island and extinction aswell over ragnarok. Ragnarok has been a side project for us from day 1 and weve not invested much time in it..
  2. I would like to ask the admins (other than Frosty) to get a move on with giving people their dinos. 2 players have been online the past couple days but despite asking a couple times still have not gotten their dinos. People agreed to the resetting of the serversproviding the dinos and the JR pack were recieved (Check this post) and the dinos were granted after the reset. The JR pack was ment to boost the start of players. Since its now a couple days later the need of this pack becomes less and less... Keep in mind that its not the players that asked for the reset, its the admins. I think its safe to say the admins dropped the ball here..... P.s. This is the last you will hear from me about this matter since when offering to help on discord i get scoffed at.
  3. Issues: The water issue is the most annoying of all, since it wont let a player use sprint at all at the moment. The damage numers are a setting i believe but the absence of them is very annoying for knowing how well a weapon/dino is doing and denies an indication wether you can take on a wild dino or not (IE i do 10 dmg to it but it does 100 dmg to me per hit). Mods: For me its mainly the upgrade station since its fun to mess around with + the stacking mod and classic flyers. You say the upgrade station is end game but please keep in mind that for experienced players with the bringing of the 5 dinos we will be at endgame in a couple days play. The upgrade station does by my knowledge not change any game files like a stacking mod or classic flyers so the impact should be small. For Marcus: i know he values the Tekhelper mod alot. But i leave it up to him to reply to this post. I also like this mod but dont consider it a need in this early stage (but the same counts for this as i mentioned about the upgrade station & endgame)
  4. Thanks for the reply, untill the problems i mentioned are fixed i dont see a valid reason for playing on the servers yet. With the absence of the mods in addition to the problems its just frustrating to play.
  5. couple findings after playing for a bit on the new servers, - the water consumption of a character is abnormally high, cannot sprint without being out of water instantly - The lack of a stacking mod is making players inventory be full after harvesting 1 tree with the current harvesting settings - Also the dmg numbers for hitting mobs seem to be disabled Imo playing on the map untill the above is fixed is not very enjoyable, making me want to log off the second i walk away from a water pool 😛 Side note: did we reset the servers after testing, my test character was still there and im assuming the dinos i spawned during testing are aswell?
  6. First of all: Thanks for the effort Jamie (and Frosty)! Personally id like clasic flyers aswell. I would however like to see more of the mods i posted on the must have part of the excel sheet as opposed to most of the nice to have ones: For the stacking mod part id recommend: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1184731864&searchtext=stackmemore This mod would allow you to remove the backpack mod aswell.. I have seen this mod running on a number of servers and have had it on my own server a while back. Never had issues with it. For the upgrade station: this mod has been well recieved on the steam workshop, i do not see many negative reviews or bugs reported. For the ECO part, please remove this, it has no use in the game other than cosmetic. If this mod causes crashes/instability then its not worth it.
  7. Marcus' formula is correct. Deviding by 1.5 gets you the exact level. My DInos: Ankylosaurus: 474 / 1.5= 316 cheat gmsummon "Ankylo_Character_BP_C" 316 Doedicurus: 505 / 1.5= 337 cheat gmsummon "Doed_Character_BP_C" 337 Therizinisaur: 500 / 1.5= 333 cheat gmsummon "Therizino_Character_BP_C" 333 Tek Rex: 1222 / 1.5= 815 cheat gmsummon "BionicRex_Character_BP_C" 815 Lightning Wyvern (event colors): 413 / 1.5= 275 cheat gmsummon "Wyvern_Character_BP_Lightning_C" 275 Image is attached.
  8. This is going to sound a bit like a rant but the post above is striking a bit of a nerve. Please keep in mind that all i want is for the ARK cluster to thrive. Something i feel this recent issue is not helping at all. Let me start off by saying: Rushing is a non-discussion since its been almost a week... Most of the data required has been supplied by the community so far, not by the JR staff. This is ofcourse not a problem but now that action is required by the staff we hear nothing outside of a couple we are working "hard" on this issue. Something i find highly unlikely considering the responses and input. I always liked playing at JR and the active role the admins normally had in the community. This issue has risen alot of concerns on my end and is making me rethink wether i would like to keep waiting .... word of advice: Maybe next time make sure there is enough time on hand for a followup action when announcing something as impactfull as this.
  9. I would like to express a bit of concern about the JR ARk servers. As someone that has done most of the legwork for this decision, despite not having any issues myself, i feel like there is no sence of urgency on the JR staff side. Since the announcement on tuesday the ARK servers have been empty. Like Heaven mentioned in the post above this one, can we get this issue sorted before we lose all ARK players on this cluster? Adding the new server and letting people start on that one while you sort the other ones would have resolved this days ago.
  10. I agree with Marcus but might i add that S+ should be exampt from the choice (thus starting with 4 mods) since this is such a well known and very highly used mod on alot of servers. This mod has been tried and tested. If we go by my idea,, i would add More Narc & Tranq aswell since this (in combination with marcus's modlist) will give people the best chance at rebuilding quickly. @Jamie @Chris Where do we post proof of the 5 dinos?
  11. my point is more that i would not find it fair if we start spawning in dinos far below their current levels (perfect tames etc) or that players havent ever tamed. Rule being: player doesnt own that specific dino now? That player doesnt get 1 for free. Im stressing this because this is the only benefit more experienced players get.
  12. I vote YES under the following conditions: - Previously mentioned supply's are given - Only owned dinos (with the levels they have at the time of migrating) are given back to players.
  13. Just to clarify my previous post: Because the reset is, according to you, the solution to the current problem, people are ok with the one time reset. The problem with this is that people dont want a regular reset, atleast the ones i have spoken to (and since confirmed by Jamie). As a side note: As one of the more active people on the JR servers I ofcourse know JR is not a pvp server but when implementing your idea, you might aswell just turn on pvp.
  14. Without being disrespectfull: I do not feel this is a solution for the current problem nor is this tuned towards the people playing on the server at the moment. There is already something like this ingame, namely: PVP
  15. @Jamie Just to inform: Mutating dinos to perfect stats takes atleast 40 generations and requires some luck in between aswell. Gettting dinos to perfect mutations takes alot of time/effort. I have owned a private server and by my knowledge its still impossible for an admin to spawn in an mutated dino. Giving people a S+ mutator only speeds up the proces a tiny bit but people still have to spend a lot of time before getting the perfect stats. To all my fellow ARK players: Because any time spent on the servers from now and untill a decision has been made is futile, i will not be online in ARK much in the next couple of days untill we have some certainty. Once we are up and running again i will be back!

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