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  1. I do not have the time to start over it took me weeks to get all the tek for my rag base + not including all the mutations on my dinos without the s+ mutator. If this wipe fixes all the server problems its fine for me but i won't be playing again i dont have the time or will to start over. is it a possibility to keep 1 male and 1 female of my breeding pairs i spend months breeding and trying to get mutations. i dont mind losing my base but i do mind losing my mutated dinos. is it a possibility to first wipe lets say ragnarok and abberation - after those are wiped bring the dinos we want to keep back over to those server and after that wipe the other servers. For example on 20th of december ragnarok and abberation and gaia getting wiped. and on 22nd of december the remaining maps are getting wiped so we could transfer over the dinos we want to keep for breeding. ? Rick
  2. yeah rag got reset again i think its time to pick up my main base and just transfer it all over everytime i need somestuff from rag its all gone
  3. 3 days work for me ive been going around killing everything for the past 2 days but it seems either no new dinos spawn or only low lvls Rick
  4. yeah needs to be rollbacked a bit further
  5. Hallo Any idea why rag keeps getting wiped every few days ? Rick
  6. Hallo Forum When i first joined the ark server ragnarok and the island had daily wild dino wipes.. Snce a few months the servers are not getting a wild dino wipe every day. So it basicly means u have to go around with a transmitter search for all the dinos and kill them all if u want high lvls to spawn. Duo to having to work 6 days a week and not having that much time left for games, is it possible to start doing wild dino wipes again when the server restarts at night ? Rick ( jeremy winterspoon )
  7. Hallo Jamie The server went from about 90 ingame days to 10 ingame days i think it has to go further back Rick
  8. Since about 4-5 days the ark ragnarok server got wiped out of nowhere. Any reason for this server wipe and is it fixable with a rollback or something.