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  1. When I now go back in the Island I have no character? so just created a new one. So I think I can't give my friend admin rights , since this new char is not part of the tribe? PS: online in the island now
  2. I'm currently in. You can reach me in the chat But if you can give my tribe member admin rights in our tribe, that also would be great Not sure if you are still in the server, but I now have the transmitter but can't place it
  3. I tried but it's hard to get to one of the obelisks ..... Is it possible for you to transfer me back to The island? Or make the other tribe member of our tribe "heil dilo" admin (then I can start al over again, but at least join my tribe again) I must admit it was not the most clever action I did .... (going to aberration) Thanks again
  4. yes i did. I went to aberration and i could not go back to the island ... so i leaved the server and joined the island. Then my character dissapeared.
  5. Hello, My character disappeared (server: JR EU Classic Flyers - The Island)... I was tribe admin of the tribe "heil dilo" so my other tribe member can't add me again But my tribe member still sees me as member? Can one of the admins fix this? Thanks in advance! Greets Niels