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  1. There is activity on extinction or at least there was someone called Knight playing, i saw some new players the last few weeks but they dont stay long. And i play on Island and extinction ofc. Once in a while gewoon olaf plays on ragnarok A large group of i think 5 people have left Ragnarok a while ago. To another server.But idd Ragnarok has resetted its day 4 now.. .
  2. Yup its done Jamie thx for taking the time. I love the speed with taming .
  3. I noticed that on extinction the char level isnt raised. Its still level 105. While on ragnarok and the island its a lot higher. Probably something went wrong with Extinction.
  4. i dont know any mods but one with carpets curtains and such things would be fun
  5. Is it possible to get a decoration mod? We had one before the reset in November. Personally I dont think it was one of the trouble mods. It would be fun to decorate the houses again.
  6. Extinction has resetted its day 3
  7. heaven


    JR staff? . Its just build in a few hours and never been used. I could demolish most stuff. . But there are some foundations laying there and are not possible to demolish.
  8. heaven


    @QwertyCore yes i am pretty sure they are inactive for months tbh.
  9. heaven


    Is it possible to wipe a server? Would that clear spots from foundations placed, while no one is playing at the spot? I mean someone placed foundations pretty close to our base but isnt playing for months? So we cant expand our base because of some 4 or 5 wrong placed foundations.
  10. ah ok but still no one even tries to restore my char and i am 2 days further. I am helpfull but i dont understand this delay If i did something wrong (or stupid) i would say hey i did something stupid can you help me. I didnt!!!!! I googled about 3 a 4 hours and found others with the same problem after 293 100 so its not just me. . Tho i am happy to hear its a bug (again) on Ragnarok. (falling through the floor) THx Marcus your a very nice person to play with
  11. i have one on each server. I didnt die i just logged in (saw day 2014) If i would have died, i would, had the respawn screen (sleeping pod, simple bed etc.). I didnt even click anything, i logged on to extinction, went to get a cup of coffee, came back (in 30 sec). Saw the screen and logged out. Wierd things happen, today it looked like i fell trough the floor and suddenly i stood outside the ragnarok base.
  12. @Jamie @QWERTY just played on ragnarok. Logged out to go to extinction. Logged in on extinction (day 2014) and i got the ability to make a new human. Instead of getting my Heaven char.? On Island and RAgnarok no problem she is still there. gr. Heaven (char was about level 104)
  13. if i log on to ark it says day 1 so i dont dare to log in
  14. Extinction resetted again ?
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