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  1. I noticed that on extinction the char level isnt raised. Its still level 105. While on ragnarok and the island its a lot higher. Probably something went wrong with Extinction.
  2. i dont know any mods but one with carpets curtains and such things would be fun
  3. Is it possible to get a decoration mod? We had one before the reset in November. Personally I dont think it was one of the trouble mods. It would be fun to decorate the houses again.
  4. Extinction has resetted its day 3
  5. heaven


    JR staff? . Its just build in a few hours and never been used. I could demolish most stuff. . But there are some foundations laying there and are not possible to demolish.
  6. heaven


    @QwertyCore yes i am pretty sure they are inactive for months tbh.
  7. Is it possible to wipe a server? Would that clear spots from foundations placed, while no one is playing at the spot? I mean someone placed foundations pretty close to our base but isnt playing for months? So we cant expand our base because of some 4 or 5 wrong placed foundations.
  8. ah ok but still no one even tries to restore my char and i am 2 days further. I am helpfull but i dont understand this delay If i did something wrong (or stupid) i would say hey i did something stupid can you help me. I didnt!!!!! I googled about 3 a 4 hours and found others with the same problem after 293 100 so its not just me. . Tho i am happy to hear its a bug (again) on Ragnarok. (falling through the floor) THx Marcus your a very nice person to play with
  9. i have one on each server. I didnt die i just logged in (saw day 2014) If i would have died, i would, had the respawn screen (sleeping pod, simple bed etc.). I didnt even click anything, i logged on to extinction, went to get a cup of coffee, came back (in 30 sec). Saw the screen and logged out. Wierd things happen, today it looked like i fell trough the floor and suddenly i stood outside the ragnarok base.
  10. @Jamie @QWERTY just played on ragnarok. Logged out to go to extinction. Logged in on extinction (day 2014) and i got the ability to make a new human. Instead of getting my Heaven char.? On Island and RAgnarok no problem she is still there. gr. Heaven (char was about level 104)
  11. if i log on to ark it says day 1 so i dont dare to log in
  12. Extinction resetted again ?
  13. @Jamie Thank you again for taking the time to fix the problems. greetings Heaven
  14. Today's problem. JR disappeared from survivor and favorite list. CAnt find any session with JR. Opening via game servers gives mod version mixmatch. So i am not able to open ARK at all. Opened a new thread since its not about a resetted server this time ............. greetings Heaven Ps. Yes i made a bug report aswell ....
  15. removed the resetted server post, and made a new thread
  16. yes its solved. Thx Jamie your awesome
  17. logged in today at around 16.30 to see that extinction has started at day 1. Pls fix this bug. Thx heaven
  18. Tbh i would love to keep extinction been setting up a second base there at the moment And the island would be great. Like marcus said, Ragnarok are most new people with small bases so i would vote to keep the island and extinction. It doesnt seem fair to remove the Island or extinction. We already made a new start a few months ago. And now we have to choose wich big base we will be loosing again. We spend a lot of time to rebuild it ..... I do understand the money problems..If i had the money i would help out aswell. Since the longest players are on ext/island. I vote to keep those 2. And maybe a bit egoïstic but let the new players restart this time? Personally i find Ragnarok a bit boring to play on. Let us know soon pls cause again its useless to keep building on since one server will be removed. You cant simply, ask us die hards to start over again imo. I spend hours and hours farming and finally i am busy building. To hear it was for nothing again.. A very sad and disapointed Heaven :(. (if we realy have to start over i am thinking of leaving JR. And i dont want to leave i like JR. But this can not go on every 2 or 3 months) Btw i am playing on both ext and island.
  19. solved transfer didnt work so you can close topic
  20. Hi, when i tried to transfer from the island to extinction i seem to have lost my character. I tried to log in on the island but i am kicked out of the tribe ( no i didnt press the wrong button) and i lost everything. Pls help me. problem solved i need to run back to my old spot pffff a long way to run
  21. no not solved yet but i have discord now, so if i am online i will see if youre on
  22. i logged in this morning and saw the days so what you are saying is kinda useless? Since the maintenance was around 01.oo hr am. So i didnt log in immidiately. And i logged in at 09.00.
  23. Excuses for asking again. But i did won a game on 8 december, I was promised i would recieve a code before the end of the month. Still havent recieved it???. Now i am a patience woman, but this start to be a little annoying. Off topic i rll think JR needs to get active staffmembers. So it is atleast functioning at the forum properly. Another thing, i am a lot online, but i am still waiting for my doedicurus..Especially now all my transferred dino's are gone after the crash on Ragnarok........ Gr. Heaven.
  24. . After the maintenance, Ragnarok is crashed!!! So we lost everything AGAIN. SO update us please. Since we dont have many mods. Loosing more is loosing people. Personally i think its a Ragnarok issue at your cluster.