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  1. I uploaded my doedicurus from ragnarok. I wanted to dl it on the island. But my doedicurus disappeared. I cant upload it on the island. There isnt any dino to upload. It happend with a dung beetle aswell. today. I dont mind the dung but i realy want my dudley dursley the doedicurus back if possible pls
  2. Is it possible to change the maintenance time from 1 in the afternoon to 4 in the morning? I play a lot at daytime and when i tame, sometimes i am 3 hours or more busy taming. Even with taming pots. (some dino's are going up with 0.2 with a taming pot). Every time i have to run to a safe place and hope the dino wont get killed during the maintenance . Wich happend once after 2 hours being patience taming . I know on some other servers they have the maintenance time early in the morning. thx Heaven
  3. How many staff/adm do we have? If all are to busy maybe we need to find some people who do have time? I dont want to offend anyone but i am just curious if we can make this an active server again. (ofc i understand irl goes before the game )
  4. heaven

    Your a winner

    Hey i won a game. At 8 december 2018. But still havent recieved the code for it?
  5. agreed. I already made a post for it. Its a little irritating not to be able to log in. Happend a few times now.
  6. Is it possible to change the time from 1 hour update mods? Cause now its not possible to play before 1 o'clock? Due to the mixmatch of the mods pop up.
  7. I would like poppy the owl, brammie, nook, swieber, and sjaak.
  8. Not trying to offend any one. I do respect people's voluntary input. But responding on a forum doenst realy take a lot of time? After dropping the issue "bomb", there is no point in playing Ark. About the rushing part?. We are waiting nicely, and it would be nice to keep us updated? I totally agree with Snowball. Add the new server and let us start. Cause no one knows how long we need to wait politely. Then the staff can sort the problems and we can do something aswell.
  9. we are waiting for a solution? It would be nice to hear what will be done? Personally i would like to continue playing Ark. So an update would be nice.
  10. i also change my no in yes if what snowball said is applied. And with the hope we can play again soon.
  11. For pro players its pretty decent i assume. But i am a new player. Cryopods and an upgrading post, i cant yet use?. The only usefull stuff for a new player is basicly the pick,sickle, hatchet, pike and bow. I understand the problem. And it seems inevitably. But it does work a little demotivating for me. I finally was busy building fun stuff. Deleting everything will be bringing me back to the day i bought Ark and started playing the first day. I dont have the knowledge like you pro players yet. You all will be back up in no time. But as a new player it will take me a while to get where i am at the moment.
  12. not realy happy with starting all over. Destroying beautifull bases . Me as a new player already put a lot of effort in to build. Farming took a lot of time. I aint a pro ark player, like others. And i aint that fast with building up. Due to learning a lot of new stuff. Personally the only bug i have, is disappearing from my mount. Its not to bad just log out and in, is working.. I realy hope you dont destroy everything. It took me hours and days to farm where i am now.