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  1. you should try listen to youtuber's narrate them. Good to fall asleep too. Little strange that i fall asleep to a story about someone getting chased by a mad man with a knife.
  2. break dancing moves while they
  3. show them how to do
  4. kids birthday party event of
  5. What are your favourite horror stories that you've read or listened too on the interwebs? I read a lot of /r/letsnotmeet and one of my many top is . NSFW
  6. Slender Man would come and.....
  7. resets to the beginning of
  8. just my two cents. Why install backdoors. Criminals will always find a way. Take away encryption and they will use another means of communication. They are always a step ahead.
  9. This is a test. This is only a test.
  10. potato is love. Potato is life.

    1. Jamie


      Take a look at what I'm working on at the change theme link on the bottom. Change it to jr anniversary ;)

    2. Robbie


      Oh, looking good. :D

  11. I love Discord, has a great windows and Android app.
  12. i love Epic Rap Battles of History of - and SSSniperwolf is a good channel -
  13. I am currently using Adblock and Privacy Badger, for Google Chrome of course. Plus the usual opt out of all possible google tracking and don't have chrome linked to my google account.
  14. i prefer to read mine in the washing machine. Might just be me though...