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  1. currently building a man cave behind chris's house gonna have water stuff. shall be epic., well for a first time cave build be pretty decent i think.
  2. firstly, congratulations. As the people above have said, your best bet is to sit down with her and properly talk. Get all the problems out into the air just go for it and come up with solutions to them. If you don't talk, it'll only get worse. Do whatever is best for the kids. You must be feeling a lot of anxiety right now. too Best to try and get things sorted. Don't want things getting worse. Depression can be serious. Feel free to vent on here, we will all listen. Best advice i can give not being in this type of situation before. I hope it all goes well for you though.
  3. Ola sinorita

    1. Robbie



  4. @Chris i visited your house and remodeled your lake out the back a bit.
  5. can i have a house? I want more than a basic road attached to it. I want trees and things and those light things, lamp posts.
  6. Welcome Back

  7. describe it in vigorous detail while you wait?
  8. Being Ark id imagine it crash long before it reaches that figure.
  9. yes a hard limit of 1`0000 dinos is recommended.
  10. i never got a gold star! i'm livid.
  11. Well hello.

  12. Well hello Anio. Welcome back. Some interesting suggestions @Jamie I think MC has been needing some attention. maybe we can organise a wee event where we all jump on and kill * cough * have some fun.
  13. Robbie

    Had a bad day?

    Ive had a terrible day. I won a competition recently to guess the correct number and the prize of ice cream has not been delivered. i'm furious and also robbie.
  14. that sounds like effort if im going to be honest. Help a brother out, fam.