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  1. 5 word story (reboot)

    fedora hat which possessed a
  2. How do you make these? I'm sorta interested now lol. It'll be one of those things i invest money in and get bored within a day or two.
  3. Destiny 2 coming

    Destiny 2 launches tomorrow on consoles. Who's getting it on the ps4? it looks awesome and a better improvement over Destiny 1.
  4. haha. If i ever try acid, ill update.
  5. 5 word story (reboot)

    later in the night, when
  6. Shop request

    Sounds like a great idea. I like this/want one
  7. 5 word story (reboot)

    which frankly is just ridiculous
  8. 5 word story (reboot)

    The Slender Man assistant tried
  9. they are amazing. You should do comic strips
  10. Did you make these yourself? They are awesome +1
  11. Your favourite horror stories

    you should try listen to youtuber's narrate them. Good to fall asleep too. Little strange that i fall asleep to a story about someone getting chased by a mad man with a knife.
  12. 5 word story (reboot)

    break dancing moves while they
  13. 5 word story (reboot)

    show them how to do
  14. 5 word story (reboot)

    kids birthday party event of
  15. Your favourite horror stories

    What are your favourite horror stories that you've read or listened too on the interwebs? I read a lot of /r/letsnotmeet and one of my many top is https://www.reddit.com/r/LetsNotMeet/comments/5bk3xh/old_man_kidnaps_me_thinks_i_am_the_reincarnation/ . NSFW

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