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  1. yeah ive seen that game but dont have it. wasnt sure it was worth buying yet
  2. doesnt have the same affect seeing peoples reactions when the log on to a ditch where their build once stood 😂
  3. oh aye i play at least one match a day. i just find it just a chill and easy to jump into RTS
  4. halo wars 2... still. such a good game
  5. so i can have TNT and blow everything up regardless of ownership. please and thanks.
  6. i will pass this a long to the admin team for you. sorry for the delay. Jamie is off for a couple of days.
  7. the solution to that is to not chew 😂
  8. this is why i don't go to the dentist. cant stand it and..... yuck.... Thankfully my teeth are fine but dreading the day when i have to go.
  9. Id love to help more but I'm broke till payday next week I stupidly set my big bills to come out at the end of the month.
  10. Robbie


    I know it is, i just mean you decide what variation of the name you choose and who cares what people think
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