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  1. Welcome Back

  2. describe it in vigorous detail while you wait?
  3. Being Ark id imagine it crash long before it reaches that figure.
  4. yes a hard limit of 1`0000 dinos is recommended.
  5. i never got a gold star! i'm livid.
  6. Well hello.

  7. Well hello Anio. Welcome back. Some interesting suggestions @Jamie I think MC has been needing some attention. maybe we can organise a wee event where we all jump on and kill * cough * have some fun.
  8. Robbie

    Had a bad day?

    Ive had a terrible day. I won a competition recently to guess the correct number and the prize of ice cream has not been delivered. i'm furious and also robbie.
  9. that sounds like effort if im going to be honest. Help a brother out, fam.
  10. Why does Windows Update still suck so bad after all these years? I want to simply update to April release but no i get a vague error message....

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. lumingwolf


      local group policy to disable it 

    3. Jamie


      Didn't think to remove the combined in that respect. Have you done it before @lumingwolf

    4. lumingwolf



      it is hidden in the taskbar right-click window

  11. thats pretty rubbish.... i want at least an ice cream or something!
  12. just fanbloodytastic. I have alcohol so all is great!
  13. petunia. Pentunia was like a
  14. Shweeeet! Now, wheres thy monies?