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  1. No no no no, it's just plain awful
  2. Completely agree. We should 100% suppress the discussion - or remarks about - of religion on the server. People can get way too defensive over it, way too quickly, and it's just not worth bothering to have to deal with.
  3. The VoxelBox have the best policy. As much as I dislike the ability to discuss these things, they have it right by saying zero tolerance to religious or political discussions.
  4. I'm not an atheist. I think religion is a stupid and archeaic idea. But non-golfers do not get together and form groups about not golfing, and non-gamers don't form groups and discuss how not to game. I would vote to disallow religion in the public eye. Children believe in fairy tales of angles and gods, not adults. If an adult was talking to an imaginary friend, they'd be labelled weird, yet anyone can freely get away with it by calling it "prayer". It's sad.
  5. We shouldn't allow religion in Minecraft. It's bad enough we have to deal with it in the real world.
  6. Completely and totally agree. The PS3 controller is archaeic and extremely unergonomic. It severely hurts my hands after 5 minutes of playing too, and is extremely difficult to use for anyone with average-sized hands. The Xbox 360 controller (and original Xbox S controller) is far comfier. Microsoft spent millions on ergonomics R&D for that controller, and it paid off beautifully. I've even gone as far as playing Pokémon on an emulator on my PC, simply to use the Xbox controller rather than the DS It's just so nice to hold and has no strain on the fingers and hands, even after many hours of consecutive use.
  7. I was born in Somerset, and live in Somerset I have lived in the same house for the entire 19 years of my life (except university).
  8. Nope, still not working. did you click the chainlink icon and copy the URL correctly?
  9. But that's where I live! (change the google map link )
  10. I live in Somerset, Great Britain Somewhere around here http://goo.gl/maps/wV9y
  11. Your best bet is to just purchase a small VPS for <£10 a month so that you can run a 24 hour server that can hold up to 5 (maybe 8 with some optimization) players.
  12. I hate to think what your definition of hard is Celsius works much better for everyday use. 0°C is when water freezes. 100°C is when it boils. 10°C is average for where I live. 20°C is pretty mild. 30°C+ is hot. Anything negative, and outside is frozen over. As for Kelvin, it makes much more sense as a scale. Working in the same scale as °C (100th of the range between freezing and boiling water), but it starts at absolute zero - where the molecules of a material have zero kinetic energy. But it probably makes sense more to me since I'm doing a degree in Physics xD
  13. I wish it was that hot here! Though not too bad atm, 18°C currently

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