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  1. I just posted something and I ticked the box that said "hidden" to see what it does. 

    I seem to not be able to see my own post now...?

    I expected it to hide it from other people, not myself lolimage.png.17f7ab3e961d4c8b5d0591ddd0e787f4.png

  2. Apparently, I only have 2 posts


  3. this.isGamer = true;

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    2. Sam Tees

       Sam Tees


          $isGamer = true;
          if(!$isGamer) return print "you suck";
          print "noiiiccee";
    3. torchwood1
    4. Jamie


      Damn you just schooled me ;) Nice to see you're learning

  4. I found this cool new website that's cool and stuff. You should really try it out some time! Click here

    1. Jamie


      Aww thanks mate 😊

  5. This is a public message on my own feed

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    2. Sam Tees

       Sam Tees

      💭 Reply to this status...

    3. torchwood1


      This is very very important.



      How's your day going?



    4. Sam Tees

       Sam Tees

      torchwood1 replied to a status update

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