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  1. Sabina

    New maps?

    Oh alright, thought it was just 1 additional map, mb.
  2. Sabina

    New maps?

    I say it's better to add more functional maps as the first addition. CI doesn't really add much except the wyverns which are kinda meh. Genesis 1 or 2/Extinction both adds something to the game. Be that dinos or things to go after like all missions completed or kill the King Titan. Scorched Earth is dead on all clusters basically, doesn't add anything special. People can't be bothered with it. Not sure of the state on Lost Island at the moment but I just know it was buggy as hell on release and caused problems.
  3. Sabina

    New maps?

    It be like that when you can't level MS on them
  4. Sabina

    New maps?

    Extinction would be cool. To be able to ascend, do drops, and get the materials (Trophies) required to craft some of the end-game SS structures. Get some of the dinos that we don't have. Managarmr etc.
  5. Sabina


    Daily dinowipe maybe on restart? To properly repopulate as there are so many different dinos with the mods, and easter things are still running around
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