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    GTA V maps

    aircraft mod 336mb SO looking into what is added, with the aircraft mod you would get 5 fighters (technically only 3 as 2 of them are varients) 4 cargo aircraft (same again 2 variants) 2 helicopters (one being russian and the other french) 1 trainer aircraft. vic mod 174mb 7 humvee variants 4 tanks (2 varients) 1 mrap (personel transport 3 apc/ lav 1 arti the map, well its a map 200kb
  2. Could possibly push the idea to run community events/ group activites, for example we could do a dino show and tell, showing off your favourite or most shiny dino. could also do community builds in ark, for example back on another server we made a group villiage where everyone had a small house in a generalized area. promotes interaction and community outlook.
  3. Marshmellow19901

    Dino Mind Wipe?

    personally no, however there are certian scenario's to where it could be usefull
  4. Hello, my name is Marshmellow, some of you may know me from playing on the Ark cluster and some of you may know me from before Joining the JR Gaming community but to cover both grounds here is a little bit about me Firstly i am a gamer through and through, i have been playing games from the tender age of 4, starting off with games like Monsters attack (western release of Earth defence force), IL2 and other games back on my ps1. i truly met my calling for gaming was when i saw some minecraft videos in early 2010 and decided i would pick up a copy of the game in march 2010. since then i have been hooked on the game especially with the modding scene playing countless modpacks and mods with each one changing how you play and aproach things. More recently i have been playing destiny, a game i have been playing since the relase of the first game back in 2017 along with other titles like Ark, 7 days to die, Genshin impact, Fate grand order (genshin, fate and azur lane are the reason i have the nickname Gatcha queen) and finally a game that holds a special place in my heart, arma. Arma is a game i have played with countless people and have made many of friends in that game from the base operations, to modded content like days, exile and king of the hill. Last two points, the first is that i love reptiles and currently am the proud keeper of a leopard gecko called "The great god of old "O'l geck"". In the past i have also kept some snake's and even a millipiede at one point. and lastly i love anime, if it wasnt obvious by my game choice and profile picture i am an anime fan, reader of manga and buyer of light novels. So thats me, Little old marsh, if you ever see me in the discord feel free to reach out to me. who knows mabye the cake isn't a lie. P.S i make memes
  5. Marshmellow19901

    New maps?

    The fact rock drakes were not mentioned as best dino is a hate crime 😂
  6. As many of us may feel the decor options in ark is lacking, and it makes sense being a pvp game at its core, However i personally love the idea of spicing up a build with pillars, catwalks, ladders and other parts to make the build feel less square, now with the introduction of mods Like eco's we can now futher enhance the inside and outside of builds with both decrotive and functional items to bring builds to life. With this i am suggesting we add some more of the eco's decor mods or mods of a similar caliber Below are two mods that i can reccomend that add not only more styles but also more food options to decorate our kitchens (Pizza) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2632699523 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1517403145
  7. Marshmellow19901

    New maps?

    Two thoughts of thinking. 1: Crytal isles, map is large with a lot of areas to explore and artifacts to find, the dino collection is wide with new wyvern variants avaliable However the map size and server requiments does put a bit of hesitation on my part to impliment. 2: Caballus Custom map - The Equestrian land. after research into this map and can see an active dev team with their own discord and wiki for map info and understanding, at current the map is 98% complete but to be honest its more 92-95% as when it comes to ark we can all agree that pubs persist no matter how hard you look. some features of this map is the large rolling fields and intricate areas that provide users who use ground tames a more immersive expirience making traversing by ground actually worth the experience rather than just soul balling your tames and flying over on your flyer of choice. i have asked about map size and will reply when i know the full info. https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Mod:Caballus Marshmellow
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