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  1. First Time logging on since last september o.o

  2. bye bye finger, i like my eyes ^.^ WYR have a missing finger or an extra one?
  3. Lexie<3

    3 Wishes

    If you were granted three wishes what would you wish for? NOT including more wishes I would wish for ..... 1) The ability to pull the amount of money needed out my pocket *Example* If someone says"that will be 12,482 dollars and 22 cents", I would be able to pull the exact amount out* 2) Magic! 3) Cures to all diseases
  4. Easy Question because i love JR <3 <3 <3 I've been on JR for a while now... there aren't many good servers out there like this. It has a good, friendly community. I show a lot of gratitude to JR, many people put their time and effort into this server. I love being apart of JR and I stick around because there is no reason to leave
  5. Did you know your finger is the same size as your nostril? *Lol if you tried*
  6. You know you're bored when start making up weird songs.
  7. stand on a flat glass pane 200 feet off the ground for an hour, away from slendy WYR live with slender or in a porta-potty?
  8. Let's Play a game of "Would You Rather?" All you have to do is answer the question above and ask your own. Example: Derp- Would you rather lick an old man's stinky armpit or chew on a rotten yellow toenail? Herp- Chew on a rotten yellow toenail Would you rather be rich and ugly, or Poor and good looking? Derpina- Poor and Good Looking Would you rather Fly or Read minds? And So on ....... Let's Begin! Would you rather have a third arm or third leg?
  9. You Know you're bored when you google "what to do when bored"
  10. Can't Get on the server!!!!! What's Wrong? Im Scared...

    1. moorhead2015


      Damn child ddos'd us im guess.. the one that was talking about the Minecraft exploit/ DDOS attack.

    2. moorhead2015


      Damn child ddos'd us im guess.. the one that was talking about the Minecraft exploit/ DDOS attack.

    3. Jamie


      This was a DDOS I'm waiting on hetzner but basically we believe our system has been null routed.

  11. Did You know in Pennsylvania it's illegal to sleep on refrigerators outdoors? but not indoors... Did You know in Miami, Florida it's illegal for a male to wear a strapless gown? Weird Laws...
  12. Lexie<3

    Random Thoughts

    Walked Outside Today, Wondered What It Would Be Like To Be A Squirrel..... Strangest Day Dream
  13. I was searching for a great server at the time on MCSL, As soon as i logged on to JR everyone Welcomed me and told me how i was supposed to register and such. I thought "why do i need to register?" I knew there was some reason and did it anyway and don't regret it to this day

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