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  1. Finally back to JR, looking at my profile pic and i havent changed xD Hardly worth changing it.

  2. Hey guys! Im back to JR after nearly a year with no Minecraft. Ive missed you guy. Need to re-integrate with this fabulous community.
  3. Hey! Im back! Ive missed you guis.

  4. My favourite redstone project has to be making a blaze grinder that takes them down to 1 hp, if you havent done it you should sometime
  5. Will Helpers get the equivalent of Platinum for warps? And flaw while your at it can you look at the Choptree plugin for donors and the blaze rod flamethrower thing.
  6. So far we havent seen a huge amount of 1.4, however from what Docm77 has shown it seems to be pretty cruddy. Were going to get Potatoes and Carrots as a new crop, lame. Carrots give night vision which indicates a Nerf to the brightness settings and Potatoes give invisibility, which i guess means Jeb is running out of ideas. The new Boss i hate so far. Its The Wither and is a 3 headed Herobrine enderman cross. But heres the problem. It spawns randomly in the world, fireing bombs at all Passive mobs and destroys terrain like the enderdragon. Aka its a walking grief mob. If that thing gets to you village then bye bye villagers. I hate 1.4 so far, but i do like frames and Plant pots "Sarcastic woop"
  7. I start college next week, Biology, Mathmatics and Computer science. So il be doing lots of programming and Disecting, the maths is just helpfull for computers
  8. Need to chill the nerves, GCSE results day tommorow. Panicing
  9. Yay, im a helper! So remember to ask me anytime you need help :D

    1. Jack_Keeley


      Congratz!!! Never really knew you though :/ still, Congradulations!!! :D

    2. Smmbod


      Gratz my cube eating friend. You'll make a great helper :) That's why you got le job.

  10. The important stuff was a diamond sword with knockback 1, fire aspect 1, and sharpness 2. A diamond pick, and 16 sticky pistons. But what hurt most was i lost 30 levels
  11. Yes you heard it, after a long (7 monthsish?) hiatus CubeEater666 is back... Ad BelGaraath! Im now a sorcerer and no longer a coniseur of blocks. But im still the loveable loon i used to be. So il be seeing you all soon.
  12. CubeEater666

    The n00bing

    Give me the ip Mwa ha ha. My griefing past has got me on such channels as team Revision, and AMG
  13. Ahh y mate gazz rocks, he was raging at me, then hit my witha mouse
  14. Of course theres more, hes reading over my shoulder as i type. "please dont." "effing for now reason? Arsehole" "Im gonna keep talking so you have more to type." Me "he wants more lol" Gazza "Better not be a paedo!!"
  15. So i am sat here in ict, skiving doin work as usual, so im browsing JR And i decided to post this blog about my ginger little buudy. Hes reading this over my shoulder and complaining, so i am amused. Thanks guys

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