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  1. that lil chicken got raped wit an iron arrow in tha ass first time i saw it lol
  2. Thx peter. for readin this an sharing ur thoughts an feelins on tha subject. An i dnt use Facebook for tha excat same reason .
  3. Skyrim is a brilliantly engineered AI game. The Graphics alone are superb which make the experience that much better. Obviously the graphic quality of any game fits itself and makes it a more enjoyable experience. Lets start with the avatar itself. Each Race can acquire certain Bonuses to better itself. For example: The Brentons are 50% resistant to fire, while Argonians can breath under water. Along with those different unique races there's how the NPC's will react with you, for example: Most of Windhelm's residents are prejudice or indifferent towards the Elves. While others actually prefer the Elves. There's 10 different races you can chose from(male or female), here are a few: The High Elves. Special ability grants them +50 Magicka from the start. The Argonians. Special Ability grants them to breather under water for an unlimited time. The Wood Elves. Special ability ability grants them 50% resistance to poison and disease. And there's 7 more races with interesting abilities. This just scratches the surface of how you can customize your avatar to how you want it. Quests.....you'll never run out lol. Just by reading a random book form any shelf there's a good chance you'll acquire a miscellaneous quest. Most of the quests in Skyrim are chain quests, meaning they don't just end by completing one task, like the Main story line for example. If you find yourself without a quest, go to a random village or town near you and im more than positive a civilian or maybe even a guard, or perhaps the Jarl of a hold will provide you a quest. Quests are a key component to leveling and improving your selected skill set. Lets talk about skills. You acquire a skill point each time you gain a level and are able to start upgrading your chosen skill, for example: One-handed weapons. The first upgrade your givin is Armsman which can be upgraded 5 times. After your first upgrade in armsman you will need to level up one-handed fighting before you can upgrade the skill more to make your attacks more powerfull. Not all upgrades of any givin skill can be upgraded more than once. What I like most about Skyrim is just going into the wilderness and finding caves with hidden treasures. It can be so random that it turns to be very suprising and actually sometimes funny lol. Going through a dungeon full of draugr, shooting arrows at every head u see, slicing every dead skeleton to pieces is most exhilarating. And that's the fun part, just exploring old tombs full of riches and sometimes finding journal's of those who came before you but didn't survive the journey. Guys N' girls, get this game. Everyone that I know has had little to none complaints towards this game. Is worth getting :
  4. Thanks Dylan, and yes i feel that with this community i can express my feelings bout very personal stuff. then again its hard to tear jamie away from his ponies, he loves them dearly
  5. Thanks to you jamie i have a place to explain my feelings. you've opened up a door for me an for that im very thankful. and i do understand the pressure your under, and none of my depression is because of u so if ur thinkin that, DONT . thankyou for everything.
  6. No matter what age a person is, wether 8 years old, 15 years old, or 50 years old and even older, theres always pain and loss. Yes theres different degrees of pain and loss but it is what it is. Maybe you lost a dog, i know how that feels. Maybe you lost a child, a mother, a sister, a brother, or even a friend, pain is pain. I'm trying to express my feelings to where its not a depressing blog because i don't want to be the cause of depression. In 6 days it would've been my brothers 26th birthday. Sadly he's not here to celebrate his birth. I plan to go visit his grave in 6 days, not because i cant accept that hes gone or that i feel in some way I'm responsible but to show respect for those who have passed before us. Not until recently he's dwelled in my thoughts. I've experienced loss and pain before, but to feel what i felt for someone I've never met was overwelming. To know that i have a spiritual connection with him is good an i'm thankful for it. I do sometimes think of what it would be like if he were still alive. I believe it would be a GREAT experience to live my life knowing i had a brother but i cant. The reason im writing this is because i want those who may not understand or know how to deal with pain or even have dealt with it to learn from my experience. Everybody is different, every pain is different. But one thing is a constant, we all will or experience(d) pain. Its part of life, and i want to help those who will or have gone through a similar experience. Not too long ago I met someone who i care a great deal for. He's like a brother to me and from this i hope he knows that losing a brother isint something to be taken lightly. And to find someone who can be like a brother to me is even more unlikely. Something you've lost CANT be replaced, even if u want it to, it cant be. Everyone and everything is unique. But that someone or something CAN come close to what you hold dear. In 6 days i plan to go visit his grave, i dont know what to expect. Tears? depression? loss of someone who would've made a difference in my life?. I believe he has, even in death, hes made a difference. Theres a season for all things - Love, laughter, sadness, anger, and loss. I believe He's shown me how to deal with pain. and from this experience i may be able to stronger myself for the next loss in my life. Theres also a reason for everything, and i hope to learn the reason for his passing. I am a Christian and i believe God took him from my parents, my sister, me, and the world for a purpose and sometimes God dosent always give answer when u want them, but i believe he will give me a answer someday. I dont mean to make you feel sorry for me because that wouldent be just. I just want you to perhaps learn from my experience with this season in my life. I'm not a depressing person, nor am i an energy sucker. Sometimes i am depressed but i know better to draw ppl into my depression. If you have dealt with a similar situation that I'm currently going through and are willing to share your feelings with me then maybe msg me on skype(Avengedinvain91) or just msg me on JR. I'm not too proud to ask for help when i believe i need some advice. Thankyou for taking your time to listen tho, it does mean something to me that ppl would take time outta their lives to listen to me.
  7. Yes i agree multiplayer should've been installed with it but theres always bad things with good things . ill be gettin it next week. iv alrdy got some projects planned out.
  8. Alright Minecraft AND Xbox 360 fans, its OUT!. Just yesterday the Minecraft edition for Xbox 360 was released along with the Demo. Those who are interested in playing an enjoying the experience should really check it out. Its only 113.21 MB to download for the trial and the full game. The catch is that the Demo or trial has a LIMITED amount of play time, bout 1 hour. Very soon im buyin it an startin on my awesome adventure. Keep in mind its amazingly cheep on the Marketplace, only 1600 Microsoft Points an loads of achievements to work for. Anyone who wants to join me is welcome to do so. If you havent alrdy added me my gamertag is Avengedinvain21. We're able to play co-op an build, explore, an enjoy 2gether. Everyone knows single player can be fairly boring, which is why i want to get as many ppl on my friends list as possible who intend to play it, especially JR members. Whos game?
  9. wow man, thats crazy. checks sounds like would be safer from now on
  10. Nice, but i think i'll wait till tha ful version comes out. I'm all for Beta's but i'd rather hav tha full game is all. D3 FTW!
  11. And lets not forget you have a job and a life outside JR. to be honest i have NO idea how u handle everything. If i were u i would have given up long ago but you've done a great job to this day on everything. I'm also thankful to be part of this community and JR's MC server.

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