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  1. Alexandra


    I like his videos.. even though I'm not big on guns.. he's funny
  2. Awww! I can't wait either I was hoping to make it to the front page with Closetropolis but I don't think it's gonna happen. Not enough people have viewed it (I don't think!) But you guys can alert everybody and we can keep trying!
  3. http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/closetropolis/ I posted it to Planet Minecraft! Please go view and give me a diamond if you like it!
  4. i literally just died laughing. luka I'm crying I'm laughing so hard. peter said it all. Lmfao. I'm not sure you realize the current state of my tire. thanks war. i will think about it. right now i just have a donut tire on. when i buy all new tires, I'm going to buy a full spare tire too
  5. Do you know why I'm voting yes? Because I hate bronies and ponies... and I want them banished from our worlds! PROJECT: GET RID OF BRONIES!!! Let them converse with each other.. in their own brony world... I'll be in creative!
  6. @k3v_o No, the rims are all bad. The idiot previous owner (MY AUNT/COUSIN) bought brand new tires for the car before they sold it to me.... but failed to tell me that they put fix-a-flat inside the tires.... instead of paying the 10-20 dollars to get them fixed legitimately. The fix-a-flat basically corroded the insides of the tires and the rims... I've spent a couple hundred fixing tires because of the damage fix-a-flat has done. (The rims are so corroded that they are scratching into the rubber of my tires and ripping them apart) I need all new tires and all new rims.. I was actually wa
  7. @ Yep, I need a new tire and a new rim. And I have no money to get either. D:
  8. A ha ha ha. hahaha shut up kev. lol
  9. So, yesterday was a crap day.... look what happened to my tire.... Moral of the story: Don't EVER drive with a flat tire. FFFF I was babysitting three children at the time... driving them to Tae Kwon Doe... tried making it to my house on the way to fill up the tire with air... this happened 500 ft. from the house... on a "highway."
  10. No, you keep your diamonds forever. I could repost the project, though... however I feel like that would be cheap of me.
  11. @warhawk2002 ... there is that type of deal. Go look!
  12. Banned staff still contributed a lot to the server. Like Emil, he might have done something wrong... but we've all done something wrong before, including you zulu. I think they should still be remembered. I was banned on JR before. Do you think I didn't deserve to be remembered as playing a positive role on JR?
  13. A one-time payment package would work for a silver membership.. because they are most likely to get bored with it and move up to gold or platinum. Well, that's my opinion at least. Jamie said no to silver, though... he doesn't think it's a good idea.
  14. https://jrnetwork.net/uploads/%0A%3Cp%3Emonthly_07_2012/ccs-3464-0-51764700-1341889698.png%3C/p%3E%0A
  15. I think banned staff and all should be remembered.. I like the idea xzed
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