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  1. I would go for a size around Thunderstorm arena or a little smaller. A small exciting arena could be good too.
  2. Love you too! xD (Haven't played D3 yet as i said Mwahahaha!)
  3. -Go here: http://jrnetwork.net...Craft/index.php -Press "Vote" -It will say that the site does not exist. vote.jrcraft.net does not work either. Added bug to http://jrnetwork.net/tracker/ Locked until further notice on this bug.
  4. Haha There will be added more traps later on. Its limited to 8 shots tho, that avoids people easily killing all the mobs
  5. Thanks for the info, i will fix this right away. UPDATE: This is now fixed. Anyone trying to exploit this will get a pleasant surprise
  6. The new MobArena is OPEN! Type /ma j Misery to join the fight aginst the evil monsters!
  7. Emil


    If someone is able to build a _good_ arena, then we can consider it as a new arena for the Warhub. Please note that there is no gurantee that it will become a arena.
  8. Try to read the letters on the picture
  9. Wrong Another update! Lets see.. Can you guess what the arena is for!?
  10. UPDATE: Added a sneak peak of the outside of the arena! You can also get there and see it for yourself by doing /warp SneakPeak Note: You will NOT be able to move when you get there, and will have to warp away to get back.
  11. But i never said what it was going to be used for
  12. It sure does And thanks! Gonna be alot more exciting than just a flat arena
  13. Who said anything about PvP?
  14. A new MobArena is now available on JRCraft! Here is some early screenshots of how it looks like! If you want to play, then type /ma j Misery in game!

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