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  1. What do you think of privacy?

    Are you talking of the free built-in VPN on Opera?
  2. Happy birthday jamie tees!!!

    I'm really late, but happy birthday, still, Jamie!
  3. Your New Year Resolutions

    Get a frigging job and become financially independent. Read more about privacy. Switch to products that care about it. Get people to be aware of their choices and its consequences in the tech world, with regards to the said subject. Set up a Ghost blog and write a good, critical article once a month. Pay off my debt and don't overspend at all until that is paid!
  4. Random Thoughts

    Discord seems to be in demand, then.
  5. Random Thoughts

    Still stand by my suggestion... we need to start fresh with something fast, modern and light -- such as Discourse/Flarum. :/ I guess the two biggest issues are how it will be nearly impossible to move everyone there, and that connecting Minecraft servers to the forums would be a pain in the ass, if possible at all.
  6. Why aren't you online: stuff you're up to!

    I hope you get well soon. We're rooting for you!
  7. Cats or dogs!! (Or other pets?!)

    Join the Dogs Master Race.
  8. Why aren't you online: stuff you're up to!

    Yeah, my mornings are learning Angular 2, and the rest of the day is usually just studying and relaxing in between. I do check JR every morning... and there is no new content. I'm with Chris on this one. I would post, but not necessarily create with how things are at the moment.
  9. Facebook and Messenger

    The thing with those wrappers is you can make 'Most Recent' your default feed, rather than the 'top news' Facebook forces on you. Still, it isn't going to help you with news feed sorting improvements itself, because that will still be decided by Facebook based on your interests and interactions.
  10. Random Chat

    Since no one seems to be on the Chat, thought we might be better off with a forum chat that everyone can talk on regardless of timezone and activity. This is sort of a fork of Random Thoughts, except it's more about talking. I'll start: Cleaned up Chromium on Mint and wow, it launches in under a second. Blazing fast compared to Chrome on Windows 10 (5+ seconds).
  11. Birthdays today

    Since this has been implemented more or less, locked and moved.
  12. [Bug] Unable to post status updates

    No idea what fixed this, but it works now for me. Locked and moved.
  13. Move the chat to the forums page

    Closed and moved.
  14. [HOWTO] Connect to our Mumble Server

    This should be moved to the Voice Servers > Mumble page.
  15. [HOWTO] Connect to our TeamSpeak 3 Server

    This should be moved to the Voice Servers > TeamSpeak page.

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