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  1. Flaw

    Special mushrooms

    From the album: Minecraft adventures!

    @Mecmax had very generously given me some mushrooms from his shared pond to fill my vegetarian tummy. I found out that the mushrooms were hallucinatory and he was my father. *dramatic music*
  2. Flaw

    Dinner with Flaw!

    Rawwwwr! That birch fence sure would have tasted better slightly burnt. Damn thunderstorms... the fire was put out too soon by the rains.
  3. /back doesn't work once you die and are told you can use it to go back to your point of death. It says, 'You do not have access to that command.'
  4. Sorting out 8000+ photos and thousands of missing photos is a mess...

  5. iPhones cost in India as much as a moderate/high performance laptop does. I bought my laptop for around 50k, and the latest iPhone sells for 60k+. The telecoms tried the contracts here but people just didn't catch up to it. Everyone buys it unlocked. Have had Moto G1 and G3 over the past 3-4 years, and have loved it. No reason to complain. I don't believe in spending huge chunks of money on a phone, so 10-15k INR is good enough for me. G1 had a bottleneck of 1 GB RAM but with 2 GB on the G3, Android works smooth. They've really started to mature since Android 5.0 so things are only looking better and better from here. I do wish Google had made this effort from the start, but might as well do it now than never. Infact, I am not even averse to Windows Phone at some point in the future if I keep Windows 10 on my laptop... but if I somehow end up buying my Macbook a couple of years from now, I'll stick with Android. I think the most important thing today is synergy. Windows Phone - Windows 10 laptop. Chromebook - Android. iPhone - Mac.
  6. Looks interesting. I'll try get on the server soon.
  7. Never played those two. AoE, AoM, Rise of Nations and Warcraft III was as far as I got into RTS. Then I just stopped playing games for a few years...
  8. Does no one ever play the classics on LAN? Warcraft? Age of Empires? No love for RTS...
  9. Flaw

    Updating to 1.9

    Good to know the work is still on, guys. I will try to hop on as much as I can, but expect it to be rarity for a month more.
  10. I get you, man. I pretty much don't like Apple myself. Went to study at a bootcamp and a guy from London had bought a refurbished 17" matte-screen Macbook off eBay. They don't even make it anymore... it was a full HD with both an SSD and a hard disk. He said he got lucky with the price and man, that laptop, if he was willing to part from it, I'd take it in a heartbeat. I'm hoping I get lucky, too. If not, I'd have to try and get it from Apple - and I don't think they have variety or reasonable prices anymore, even for their own standards. At least in India. He spent his time programming and I spent my time fixing issues with Ubuntu/Xubuntu/Lubuntu dual boot or VM, and less time programming. So, yes, hands down if there's a good deal, I wouldn't hesitate to switch from my anti-Apple brigade. Edit: Just checked the prices. Yep, they've become unreasonable even for their unreasonable standards. Now my only hope is to get a refurbished Macbook.
  11. Personally, I'm waiting to get a job, save up and buy myself a Macbook. Best of both worlds - a quality, well-supported OS that doesn't hind programmer productivity.
  12. Flaw


    Damn, I'll have to become a professional mining contractor to earn that much.
  13. Flaw


    Any special discounts for roomies?
  14. As an Indian, the regular prices are way too steep, even though the $0.88 deals look good. Edit: If you wanted a domain for just an year, this would make so much sense.
  15. Backdrop: Embrace, extend and extinguish. More reading: You Don’t Need To Panic About ‘Ubuntu on Windows’ Bash on Windows is incredibly exciting – but we should be wary My thoughts: It's a good step, but I doubt it's going to get people to pick Windows over OS X just yet. Lot of work to be done, I would imagine, before developers would seriously consider Windows and not get laughed at.
  16. Flaw


    Wow, these Elytra look pretty hard to find.
  17. So much study-pressure. :/

    1. Flaw


      Competition subjects... applying for government services.

    2. Jamie


      Competition subjects??

    3. Flaw


      Haha, yeah. For example, speed maths, general and current affairs knowledge, English language etc.

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  18. Role playing. I start out as a certain character and fulfil those responsibilities through out my life. Obviously, I could switch once I've mastered one or got bored with it. Edit: First result upon searching 'Minecraft RPG': Herocraft
  19. Join our Skype chat: https://join.skype.com/R9Ac1MzvX2LZ
  20. Hey, long time mate. Where have you been?

    1. Flaw


      Haha, still studying. And still a long way to go. :P
      Good to see you back mate. :)

    2. AbeTheMusokon
    3. Jamie


      Glad to see you back as well, stick around, more things coming soon too :)

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  21. Flaw

    Dinner with Jamie!

    Damn! Wish I'd been there... was too caught up in studying and meeting my targets for today.
  22. Flaw


    I like those eyes, pretty rad - are they eyes?
  23. Happy birthday, @TeOzFrAnK. Hope you have a good one.