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    • Get a frigging job and become financially independent.
    • Read more about privacy. Switch to products that care about it. Get people to be aware of their choices and its consequences in the tech world, with regards to the said subject.
    • Set up a Ghost blog and write a good, critical article once a month.
    • Pay off my debt and don't overspend at all until that is paid!

  1. 3 hours ago, Chris said:

    We should probably start using the site more again, admittedly I haven't been on in ages 

    Still stand by my suggestion... we need to start fresh with something fast, modern and light -- such as Discourse/Flarum. :/

    I guess the two biggest issues are how it will be nearly impossible to move everyone there, and that connecting Minecraft servers to the forums would be a pain in the ass, if possible at all. :P

  2. 10 hours ago, System said:

    I have been diagnosed with cancer a month or so ago, been in and out of hospitial since, so i have not had time to play any games. Once I manage to get the operation done I will be going to uni for my second year so I will again be in and out of activity.

    I hope you get well soon. :(

    We're rooting for you!

  3. Since no one seems to be on the Chat, thought we might be better off with a forum chat that everyone can talk on regardless of timezone and activity. :D

    This is sort of a fork of Random Thoughts, except it's more about talking. :P

    I'll start:

    Cleaned up Chromium on Mint and wow, it launches in under a second. Blazing fast compared to Chrome on Windows 10 (5+ seconds).

  4. 9 hours ago, Jamie said:

    The problem I have is facebook will be removing web support for messenger soon to stop apps such as metal and swipe working. I think it's crap :/ What can you do *shrugs* facebook *facepalms*....

    Yep. Forcing down Messenger on our throats. :(

    I have nothing against Messenger, except it's a fully-blown chat app when I don't need 90% of its features.

    5 hours ago, Chris said:

    I'll just browse facebook on chrome on my phone every once in a while

    That's what I've done. Made a shortcut to the website on the home screen.

    I tried Metal, Tinfoil and Swipe but none of them were good enough for me, but it's not the developers' fault.

  5. 5 hours ago, Chris said:

    This is one thing that has got me about Fifa, you pay full price for a game then it has full on microtransactions too??? It's not even like the microtransactions that EA force on DICE games which are just unlocking gear early

    Yep, unbearably stupid. I played FUT maybe for a couple of months once in the last 4 years. I get why people love it, but I don't want to play an already buggy game with more annoyances in FUT.

    If you don't want to work hard and take the long route, you simply pay some money and buy your way in. Still, at least, nothing is going to help you if you're just a terrible player...

  6. Just thought I'd pitch in with a comment on FIFA since that seems to be mentioned here.

    The main component of FIFA is FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team), where people buy and sell players and make a team around them and then compete with others. It also has micro-transactions which is a real money game for the developers and EA. All other game modes are more or less ignored.

    Usually, it seems they glorify one or two aspect every year and move in that direction. Over the year, the game has become a lot more realistic, but I don't think they have much scope left in terms of further development. Obviously, they can still always push out smaller features and glorify them - which works for their target audience because of the pay-to-win model in FUT.

    So, FIFA is very unlikely to see any real development because the devs know the game will sell every year (monopoly with licenses) and that kids will keep paying them money to try and win. Trust me, people waste tonnes of money on this. Tonnes! 

  7. It's no secret the Facebook is a mess on Android - code wise.

    It takes more than 6-7 minutes on my Android 6.0 for the app to install, and it quickly takes up 200 MB+ for no reason, besides the 40MB file size of the app itself. That's a quarter gigs. No joke. Then there are have been reports (out of redditors) about the two apps draining about 10-15% battery collectively during the day, as well as general performance slowdown because of how 'needy' the app is or rather, the company behind it.

    I was curious if anyone has experienced this. I installed Facebook yesterday and before I even reached home at 3pm today, my battery was already less than 50% (it's usually 60ish% on a normal day).

    So I have uninstalled both the apps, will be using something like Tinfoil, Metal or Swipe - as much as I don't like the experience on the web version on Facebook. But I care much more for my battery than I do for Facebook. I will be looking to see what the battery is on an average at 3pm over the next week or so.