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  1. Bit offtopic:

    I was a big Dragon Ball Z fan, but they showed the same bunch of episodes three years in a row (and I watched them each year) but I started losing interest as I started watching the series on my own through the wonderful thing called internet.

    I think they would build up to the point where they have to face Freiza (sp.) for the first time but not show it, and go back to episode 1. It really sucked, but they didn't buy the rights and took us for a ride for many years. Just did a quick Google...seems they are still being dicks about it. :P

  2. This might come across as nerdy, but you can always make a small paper for yourself each vitamin and mineral and what your personal best sources are for consuming them. For example, you might have 10 foods listed for Vitamin A, but you can learn 3 of them that you like to eat. Once you get better, you can make a table in a doc and get it printed.

    Another thing you could do is go on a band-hunt on YouTube. :P

    Or binge-watch Breaking Bad (what I am up to), but I suspect you've already seen it. The Billions is a good new show, if it interests you.

    Neither of these is a hobby, but I would really recommend #1 since you're going to want to know that throughout your life. It's really helpful in keeping healthy. :)

    You could also listen to some podcasts. How Stuff Works is a great podcast.

  3. I was playing the game yesterday, built a city complete with transport, power, health, police and over 35k population in a matter of hours. No traffic jams. Can make 100k money every day organizing a rock concert at the Stadium. So I was reading this morning and found a post on Reddit which I very much agreed with.

    The land size is so limited that you can't do much. Maxis also got shutdown by EA (what a scumbag move, but not surprising) so no more updates and bugfixes and no improved SimCity in the foreseeable future.

    With the SimCity multiplayer though, you don't need anything to play multiplayer. EA have their servers so you just get hooked on there, but the game honestly is not as challenging as SimCity 4 felt.

    Instead got recommendations for Cities: Skylines (available on Steam). It has modding capabilities which could allow for a multiplayer gamemode. It's a more recent game (2015) and available cross platform, even Xbox One very soon, I think. It's also very affordable (Rs. 849 for Deluxe Edition) so if I like it, I will buy it by the end of this year! The 2 DLCs are s*** expensive though. :( They are releasing both bugfixes and improvements so that's already a huge plus over Maxis' SimCity 2013.

    So depending on how all of us like Cities: Skylines and if we can find a stable multiplayer mod, I think we could use that instead. I found one mod and that required you to have your own server, because it's not an officially announced feature. Of course, there's also the consideration that it has to be efficient so @Jamie doesn't have to pay extra, and can use some extra (edit: as in unused) resources if they are available to him. :P

    Edit: Steam tells me @k2trf already own Cities: Skylines.

  4. I won't be purchasing the FIFA franchise this year (it gets more and more expensive every year, and is still full of bugs, and the community on PC sucks). Instead, I've been trying out SimCity. I last played SimCity 4 at least 6-7 years ago, and used to enjoy it then. But since I have been trying out SimCity 5 (2013) and enjoying it, I was considering purchasing it on an Origin sale (Black Friday?) if some more JR members would also want to play along. :)

    Any takers?

  5. Just a little update - they're rolling out email subscriptions pretty soon (you can collect email address currently, email-sending will probably be introduced very soon), as well as work on plugins (or 'apps') has begun. It already has Slack integration. I'm dumping the mammoth that WordPress is in favor of blogging-focused Ghost. :)


  6. 11 hours ago, Jamie said:

    Why don't you just a script and host on JR's server? I don't mind giving you the space.

    Sure. I'll take you up on that next year. Until then, I'm going to learn some security and server-side configuration and optimization on this cheap box (DigitalOcean, that is). :P

    By the way, will I be able to run Node on JR's server? I am presuming you're saying you'll give me a set limit on storage, bandwidth, RAM and CPU usage?

    Already in the 18 hours my server has been up, 17 IP addresses have tried to login via ssh and have been banned. Checked the authentication logs to make sure no one got in. Now wondering what else I should tighten so these bots/people eventually don't break in. It's kinda exciting. :D

  7. I've been on the hunt for a free, simple blogging platform. WordPress is great but it's too bloated for a blog. I would have loved running Medium except if they gave me control of the source files. The closest alternative then was Ghost.org

    I just tried it out and even 3 years since launch, there are glaring pitfalls.

    No in-built comments system
    What the f***? The most popular option is Disqus, but no, I don't want to use something as open as Disqus.

    No plugins
    For an extremely bare-bones and lightweight blogging platform, extensibility has to be top of the list.

    Nada. Again, in 2016, even the most basic blogs need analytics to grow. How is this not a thing yet? Google Analytics is an option but who wants to go full-blown on this? A simple blogging platform should come with a simple and easy to use analytics.

    An alternative editor should be added
    Markdown doesn't support underline.
    Image addition is simple using MD, but you have to host it elsewhere. No drag-and-drop. No media library. Thumbs down. It gets awkward writing in a split screen. A WYSIWYG editor with a single screen can work wonders. Especially one built just for Ghost. Inhouse.

    Infinite scroll
    How can a blogging platform in 2016 lack this? It's amazing for reader-experience.

    Of the drawback I mentioned, analytics and extensibility are in the works, but we don't know when they'll be available to us. Huge disappointment, would still love to use Ghost a year down the line when it's more polished. It has some great features like site-wide password protection, team management, and some great free minimal/clean themes. It's very fast, free to modify and use (ofcourse with credit), and can work on a $5/month DigitalOcean VPS.

  8. 20 minutes ago, Chris said:

    I currently have it set up for a night time profile that will activate between 8pm & 8am, it runs my task called "Night" which currently changes do not disturb to alarms only, starts twilight and sets my phone to vibrate only.

    I also have 2 profiles for during the day based upon my location, "Home" which runs my normal "Day" task, which stops twilight, turns on my Wifi and sets the ringer volume to 10. Then I have "School" which runs my "School Day" task which stops twilight, turns off do not disturb, sets my phone to vibrate only and turns off the wifi. 

    Having the profiles during the day based on location as opposed to time makes life easier as I'm not in school for the same amount of time each day. This also means I don't have to worry about toggling between silent mode & toggling wifi

    You're going to make me do this, aren't you...

    *sneaks out to the Play ground store*

  9. iPhones cost in India as much as a moderate/high performance laptop does. I bought my laptop for around 50k, and the latest iPhone sells for 60k+. The telecoms tried the contracts here but people just didn't catch up to it. Everyone buys it unlocked.

    Have had Moto G1 and G3 over the past 3-4 years, and have loved it. No reason to complain. I don't believe in spending huge chunks of money on a phone, so 10-15k INR is good enough for me. G1 had a bottleneck of 1 GB RAM but with 2 GB on the G3, Android works smooth. They've really started to mature since Android 5.0 so things are only looking better and better from here. I do wish Google had made this effort from the start, but might as well do it now than never.

    Infact, I am not even averse to Windows Phone at some point in the future if I keep Windows 10 on my laptop... but if I somehow end up buying my Macbook a couple of years from now, I'll stick with Android. :P 

    I think the most important thing today is synergy. Windows Phone - Windows 10 laptop. Chromebook - Android. iPhone - Mac.


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