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Posts posted by Flaw

  1. Guy 1: I know what you know.

    Guy 2: I know.

    Guy 1: Since we both know what each other knows let's just walk away.

    Guy 2: Okay.


    So much win, there. I still think people would like to show their "exclusive" techniques in a bid to be the "best of the best." So, you never know. ;)

  2. I'm currently underway making a website for a FIFA tournament, that wants to make a "brand" name out of it. Ideally, something that has decent community support would fit me. I know most would suggest WordPress, but that is too "blog-centered" for my needs. It does not allow PHP directly, and that's a pain for me. Any pointers?

  3. Too much contrast makes the image look very unrealistic. Colors are far too dark for a sunny-cloudy day. The buildings look like an image stamped on another image. No offence, but that's what I genuinely feel when I look at this work. :P


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