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     Flaw reacted to SpencerCain for a blog entry, Why are we here   
    [animalistic yelling]
    Choice cuts from the [art hole], this time with a focus on lineart-based drawings

    [traditional art for once]

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     Flaw reacted to Jamie for a blog entry, My Day   
    Today, I'd like to share a few images of my day. I went for a walk / drive out to somewhere close to a place called castlegregory in Ireland. It was a beautiful day so I said I'd take a couple of shots. Have a look

    I must admit the S6's quality is something amazing. 
    On the other side of things, JR is going well a lot better than it used to and that makes me happy that I'm starting to really rebuild the team, services and stuff that we do best.
    More to come...
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     Flaw reacted to Jamie for a blog entry, A new day in the life of Jamie   
    Recently, I have been so busy with loads of things, work, girlfriend, work and more work.
    Sometimes you forget how much you do in a day but I thought I'd give you a bit of an insight in what I actually do.
    I work in a business called Harvey Norman, it's a computers, electrical and bedding/furniture department store. Day in day out I sell to customers, give support, help out in the photo section I work closely with the managers making sure that the staff are performing up to standards. I'm in charge of extended warranty and the hardware section and it takes a lot of effort and work for the role I play. For example the last few days I've had to run our department, while doing this there are a lot more responsibilities. (complaints/refunds/replacements/making sure staff go on lunch and so forth).
    Being honest, with work it's helping me learn how to organize and delegate my work better.
    After work I generally come home tired, when I mean tired I mean tired. Most days all I want to do is sleep when I'm home. (Great I know).

    I've started to really get my life back on track, not just with scheduling what I do better but actually eating a breakfast, it's helped me. I'm not as tired as much (yes it's a thing).
    I'm glad that I've started to really work hard at JR when I can, I can't do it every day but when I can I work hard. My goal is to get everything working very stable so everyone can enjoy playing at JR. Whether minecraft or other games.
    I don't blog much but I'm going to start to use this as a kind of outlet to help me concentrate better and give you guys an insight in the life of me. I hope you guys want to hear about me and if you don't it's cool just don't read any further
    So that's that.. For now, more to come
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     Flaw reacted to  Mecmax for a blog entry, New game! Ghost Survive!   
    Hey guys,
    I was quite distracted by JRCraft today, because I made a little minigame on the minigames server! This one's a non-profit, so it's for free (which will be the norm, don't worry). It's called "Ghost Survive", and the idea is that you're on top of a skinny tower, and ghosts (floating skeletons with creepy ghast faces, that shoot you from very far and with flaming arrows!) slowly float up towards you, and you and your friends need to fend them off as long as possible.
    The game works well enough, but is in an early stage of development. I'll add a proper high-score system, a proper death system, and plenty of customised messages. For now, you just need to survive as long as you can up top the tower. To get there, you have to go through the "Franchovy minigames" hub at warhub, then click on the only minigame available. Hopefully the sign teleportation system works, if not, please let me know. I already have encountered issues when multiple people are using the signs, so I might need to search for alternatives or ways to fix it.
    Be sure to check it out! I'm happy to play some short games with friends if anyone is up for it! However, I have some finals to study for now.
    I'll also be adding little games like this to the minigames server in the future! They're never-seen-before games, so they could attract some attention to the server  
    See you all next time, 

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     Flaw reacted to  Mecmax for a blog entry, Blog Intro and Ideas   
    Hey guys,
    What is this new blog?
    I've figured the type of blog entries I want to write aren't gonna fit into the forums or either of my two blogs, so I therefore made made a new blog. I need to get these ideas out of my head anyways; I figured this would be the best place to do so.
    Here's a short description of this blog:
    A blog documenting, contemplating and discussing the progress JRCraft (and possibly a little bit of the forums too) is making and can make. I'll be criticising systems that don't seem to work, while discussing solutions. I'll also throw out ideas that could be implemented into the server, in survival or minigames. These ideas probably will have either to do with the economy or the server easier to be on for players. They can also either be individual (as a personal project) or server (the staff will have to work on it) project ideas.
    This blog will slightly be like a brainstorm and discussion ground to go through before posting ideas in the "suggestions" area of the forums.
    Current Ideas
    Shops: I think player shops should be the fuel of the JR economy. I've already suggested the "shopwarp" idea in the forums, in order to give everyone easy access to other player shops. It seems to be an idea people like, so good shops are going to have to be built. I have two main ideas for shops at the moment.
    Bulk Shop: This shop is already built in the classic survival server. However, if only the survival server matters, then I'll have to find a way to make enough money so that people sell their materials to me (I doubt people will buy more cobble and dirt than will sell). But anyways, this is quite an easy shop to build.
    Starters Shop: This shop is one that I'm excited to build, and will be most beneficial. It could be built at a personal level, close to spawn, but getting staff to place it as close to spawn as possible would be ideal. This shop would sell wood, cobble, minerals, basic tools, armour, food, and horses. The horses will allow people to go as far as they want in the world (assuming flying is turned off, which it might or might not be). Survival servers can be really harsh on new players if they have to scavenge for minerals and food while finding a place to start surviving, so this shop would be ideal. People could sell stuff to replenish stocks automatically too. However, this leads to another problem: New players have no money, so how could they afford anything at such a shop? In comes in the idea of jobs.
    Jobs: This is an idea that came to mind while thinking about how starters could get money. An example of how it could work is by having new players walk into a courtyard and having them chop wood, farm, or kill mobs (three ideas at the moment). Then they cash in what they got to get money in return. As a builder, I could then use the materials they get for my own projects, and also sell them to others that need them. I'd have to figure out the details of how to stop them from taking too many tools or something like that from the shop when they're sent to go work (are command blocks available?? That could make things very simple for me). Using this method, people could make money at any time in the game, which would be especially beneficial to new players. Minigames: As usual, I'm interested in making minigames for everyone on the minigames server. With or without command blocks, I could make fun multiplayer games where people could either make money or gamble money. I also am considering to build a casino on the survival server, where I could make a lot of money, which would then fund my sell shops. I don't know how ethical gambling is on a minecraft server though, I'd have to get some feedback from staff to decide. So my questions to staff:
    Are command blocks usable on the server? Is gambling ok? What do you think of these ideas?
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     Flaw reacted to  Mecmax for a blog entry, Current Map Ideas   
    Hey guys,
    this blog post is more for me. I just want to go over the different map ideas I have at the moment, from most to least specific, giving details about their purpose and a general idea behind them. I also have a lot to write about since I'm not letting myself build anything at the moment, since my finals are in 4-5 weeks and I need to be studying. Therefore I've been doing a lot of concept-building and other contemplation rather than actual building, so that once exams are done I'll have a nice to-do list to complete.
    By the way, if anyone comes up with nicer names, I'm all ears. I'm not happy with most of these names. Also, if anyone would be up to help me build my maps, I'd love to have some assistance.
    This is the map I've been actually making in the last few weeks (just 2 hours or so per week). I've finalised the redstone behind it, and other than the actual map layout, that's really all the brain that's needed. I can't do much more abstract work now. 
    The idea is that you have two different teams, the Hunters and the Poachers. The teams are equal and start on two sides of a relatively large map (1 x 1 km square). The teams have to kill each other like in a Call of Duty search & destroy game, where once you die you stay dead, so by elimination. The last team standing wins. 
    What makes this map more complex is that one team is constantly glowing (one of the new status effects). You can see people glow through walls, so this gives a huge advantage to one team that isn't glowing. On top of this, in the map, there are 15 locations where a button can be. If this button is hit, then the glowing switches to the other team, and the button also gets sent to another random position. Each team has a dozen or so classes to choose from, with very specialised gear, including a scout class with an elytra (that give you a flying ability), a tank class with a shield (that protects from arrows), an archer-mage class with enchanted arrows, and a ninja class with invisibility potions and buckets of milk (that you can drink to get rid of the glowing effect). The physical map will include buildings on the outskirts and a forest on the inside, with two - three stories of vertical moving space. The map will mostly be dark brown and green, being made of dark wood and leaves (and other stuff obviously).
    I'm planning on completing this map as soon as possible. I have finished with the redstone (you can watch my vlogs about them but watch out, they're pretty boring), so now the building is what's left. I'll probably be using some build plugins like voxelsniper but I'm afraid since most of the stuff is actual house-building, I'll have to spend a lot of time hand-building it (thus help from others is appreciated!).
    This is the idea that somehow led to Hunters vs Poachers. The idea is that you have two teams that have a randomly-selected volunteer each that both appear on parallel tracks. These tracks present different kinds of obstacles that the runners have to go through. These tracks also happen to be very thin (2 blocks wide), and some of the obstacles are unsurmountable without the help of potion effects. Therefore, the rest of the teams is placed inside two tracks that are 20 or so blocks away from the two tracks, and the players are given bows and specialised arrows. The team members then have to shoot their opponent volunteer to harm them or knock them off, or their own with positive status effects so that they can get through obstacles. This is a lot more of a minigame and can be built much quicker, so I need to go over conceptualisation before anything.
    For some reason, I got the inspiration to make an adventure map on a tropical island where you (and probably a certain amount of friends; multiplayer is so much more fun) are part of a tropical island's native tribe. I'll have to do a bit of research to choose what location brings the best cultures in real life which I can use as inspiration (east vs west pacific islands, indian ocean islands, african islands, etc). The idea I have at the moment is that you're a young teenager that needs to go through a trial to prove themselves worthy of adulthood. This trial can then go haywire as some natural disaster takes place, or possibly colonialists come over (although I am not as much of a fan of this idea), and you have to save yourself and your tribe. I'd love to have some people of the tribe follow you around/guide you throughout the island, so I'd need to learn how to make some custom A.I. for mobs (I'm having trouble finding anything on this topic at the moment). I can imagine this island being relatively small (less than a kilometre in diameter), with a volcano in the centre (natural disaster + good looks! This could mean it's a Hawaiian or other pacific island and tribe). I don't know why, but I've always thought of having games that aren't the usual context of today's modern world (actually not that common in minecraft custom maps), and from an english-world perspective. I recently saw videos of Far Cry Primal and thought it was such an awesome idea.
    This is a map I was actually building a few years back, which I stopped for an unknown reason. It's pretty much a re-make of Red Dead Redemption in Minecraft. I loved the concept and still do, although I would have to re-conceptualise most of the map, because I simply hadn't thought things through. I had a currency in-game, which you could get more money by playing certain games (that were, back then, powered by huge redstone machines and had huge limitations, just like my arcade on JR! Those made for some great times though..). I really didn't think the map through at all though, which means that it's a good thing I didn't complete it then because I would have had a really inconsistent storyline. I'll start conceptualising soon! This map is much farther down my to-do list, compared to the one right before which I'd love to complete this summer.
    I don't want to put too much on my plate, but I've had some other vague ideas of maps. Back in middle school, when minecraft (and JR!) was all the rage, I had four or five ideas of maps that I could build. However, I think the critical thinking skills I've gained really changed the way I saw these maps, since when I look back at them now I feel like none would have been good. Such maps included a horror map (with no real plot?~~), a puzzle map where close to every block has the same texture (therefore making for a really frustrating experience.. Where's the puzzle in that?!), a "combat training" map (which didn't really teach you to fight at all, it just put you up against mobs), and a RPG adventure-mode survival map with different islands (which I think could turn out well if I build it! However, the idea is pretty vague so I'd need to think it through some more). 
    I think the new combat dynamics added into the game allow so much more! I honestly love the idea of having shields and enchanted arrows. I think single status effects can make a whole game if it's planned right (like Hunters vs. Poachers!). I'm really looking forward to building the first two maps, so please contact me if you'd also be interested.
    ..As if a single person out of the 20 that go on JR would read this whole blog post...  )
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     Flaw reacted to IgbarX for a blog entry, Thinking of Making a come-back   
    Been a while since I used this blog. I usually use the 'In the life of Iggy' blog because real life took more hold than online life. That's changed quite a bit. Now, Team Fortress 2, as fun as it, has sort of lost it's touch for me a little. Maybe it was the Robotic Boogaloo, where you think it's a real update but it's just hats. Don't get me wrong, it was great, but there was nothing new, and I feel like I've done everything possible in TF2. I've done Trolldiering, reflect kills, Facestabs, Cannon-Jumping, Samurai-Soldier, Samurai-Demo, High-Speed Fishing, basically all the fun you could ever want in TF2, and I'm only 40 hours away from 1,000 hours into this game! I need a break. I already took a short break in a single player survival world and did a run through of the game in about week. Started off punching trees and finished with the Nether-Star. That's basically a complete game. Unless you go after achievements. But riding a minecart for 1K? That's crazy expensive! Shooting a skele from 500 (or was it 50?) blocks away? By the time I get that far, it's despawned! So, I hopped back into TF2 today, I still wasn't feeling it, no matter how satisfying the mid-air reflect kills were...

    So I then considered doing another run through with Tekkit but Tekkit is such a mentally straining way of playing Minecraft, and eventually you hit a point where you say, "There's so much I COULD do, but why should I? I'm already a god of mass destruction of the landscape! What else do I need?" So I don't think that has probability. But that then reminded me of one more Minecraft play-through I used to do: JRCraft. It was a fun time, I was an admin at some point, great times were had, I ended up having to take my leave (Or I got demoted if you ask the right people) and stopped playing, because Minecraft wasn't doing it anymore. I logged into the server on my birthday for old time's sake and I ended staying, because I had new-found purpose! When it reached the point where I had a fishing city at the edge of the coast and I had even built the ocean to suit my needs of fishing, JRCraft added JRLevels, and that ended it for me. I felt like I was wasting my time leveling up these levels! I thought it was crap! So I switched to TF2 about 24/7. At some point, it struck me! It was called the RPG world, it was always planned to be a bit more RPG like, but at the time it was still being slowly updated to reach it's goals, I completely steam-rolled JRLevels because I hadn't realized the WHOLE BLOODY POINT of the world itself!


    So, now I come around to the important questions. I'm really considering logging into JR and having more crazy adventures with my old pals. Although if I recall JR got a fresh batch of players, so it'll basically be starting over. I don't even know if the staff team is the same! So, what I want to know is what's new since the JRLevels update, and what should I expect if I were to log in sometime soon? What should I do first, new plugins, that sort of thing. Any new rules would be nice to know, too! I do check the forums frequently so I'm already away of Jamie doing some school stuff, and congrats about that! It sounds like you'll be a techno-wizard when you get out of there! And my plan is to build a city in the sky! Or maybe on-top of an exceptionally high mountain. I was inspired by the zeppelins used in the Shadow of Israphel series (Which I am re-watching currently). The idea is to have the whole town be nothing but walk-ways connecting buildings and homes. Oh, and every home should be a airship or like a building with propellers. Even though building a city in the sky provides no bonuses, it wouldn't be the RPG world (RPG = Role Playing Game, in case you're new to video games) without a bit of Role-Playing! Although JRLevels sure made it harder to do stuff like mining without using up a week of your life, but I got time to spare!

    Also, I wouldn't mind getting Citizen + back if that's still a rank. I mean, I don't need it, all it gave was Hats and Mob-Disguises, but the + gives makes me feel special! I lost it after I was premium for that week when JRLevels was in testing. You know what'd also be cool? Knowing which member has been with JR actively for as long as they've joined. I mean, Jamie probably top ranks, but any way to fuel my narcissism, ya know? I'm a JR Veteran and I should get a diamond castle because I'm so super special and I was an admin and even an op for a minute plz don't ban meh 0mg hax!!1!!!!!!!1! Sorry about that.

    On a side note, are people still crazy about being a staff member? Because that used to bug me so much. Everyone thought they were saints and deserved to be an admin... just like me when I was going through the ranks... I was so immature. Every year I look back one year and say, "Wow, was I immature! I sure am glad I'm mature now!" And then I look back and remember I said that last year, too. Agh... memories... Okay that's it. If you read all this my god are a patient person because I get really distracted really easily. And I also like to tell people more than they need to know. But that's because I never really see people anymore, so whenever I do, I like to crazy and tell them more than they need to know. Like I just did.

    Okay bye, thanks for reading! (I didn't re-read this for obvious reasons, (Too long!) but if you find a spelling error or grammar mistake, let me know!)
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     Flaw reacted to Jugga for a blog entry, Evil Boyfriend D: *part1*   
    Some of you know what I'm taking about cuz we talked on Skype and you can hear him from the other side of the room. Well for the rest of you, I'm going to explain what this meanie does to me! But he is lucky that I love him...lol

    Today around 2:30 pm home alone rarely happens when it does I am told to lock all doors and to NEVER let anyone inside, well as I thought I locked all the doors and I was on the phone with my lovely mother when...Ethan (boyfriend) comes home early from work. Makes no sound, and sneaking upstairs knowing I was talking to someone. I pause, seeing a shadow of a man coming in my room. I yell "who's there?!" Thinking it was Ethan's dad coming home from the store. The shadow stops...and backs up slowly til I can not see it anymore. So I tell my mother to hold on so I can check it out as soon as I stand up...Ethan jumps out "AHHHHH" I jump up yelling and screaming then started crying my eyes out saying "why? Why would you do that? Ethan comes up to me trying to give me a kiss I won't do it cuz he is a BUTT and I don't kiss BUTTS! Humph he thought it was funny its not funny when someone is so scared they are crying!

    D: see he is evil I tell you EVIL!
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     Flaw reacted to djjl3000 for a blog entry, life   
    well guys alot has been happening to me recently. i really screwed up a few days ago, i made Sabrina/thexxxruins mad at me. something i shouldn't of said, also my mom had to go to the hospital for the third time in 2 weeks. but its not all bad news, its a nice day today its sunny so i cant complain. also for any of you that don't know my 1 year jr birthday is coming up in june and my 15th real life birthday is in july.

    have a nice day/week/ whatever guys

    ----- Jordan

    oh forgot one thing thank you frost for the help you have given me in recent days i really owe you dude

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     Flaw reacted to k2trf for a blog entry, Achievement Get: Progress!   
    Thought I'd just ramble for a bit, while I listen to Jamie rock & roll some over on Twitch, puts me in a happy mood

    For starters, I've rejoined the PNX staff, since I'm clearly still here for a while, and I think I could easily help around the PNX site and servers. I especially want to help with the theme/layout/color scheme of the PNX site, at least getting it to match the main site some in terms of looking clean rather than scattered.

    Why not return to JR? Well I'm still here - just not as staff. Staff members are those that have the time to volunteer their help, and while I could offer the time now, I can't play Minecraft anymore - it literally runs maybe at 2FPS on my system, yet I never see the CPU or GPU spike above 10% while it's running (and yes, I've tried the new launcher, doesn't make any difference there T_T).

    Simply, I can't play Minecraft, so I sure as shit can't offer my help on the server! But I could offer my help on the Steam Servers again, plus I've now got the time to.

    When I say 'I've got the time to', I mean that {Jamie starts playing "What I've Done" } I'm progressing nicely - when I stepped down from JR, and set on my current path, I weighed 280lbs. I have never weighed that much before in my life - and as an Eagle Scout that downright disappointed me.

    These days, I'm down to 240 - enlisting in the Air Force means I've gotta be under 200 (197 if you wanna get technical). But I'm clearly getting there. By the same token, I'm clearly not dropping pounds like crazy. Zistack suggested a good idea for it, but I couldn't stick to it (essentially fasting to force the excess fat and calories to burn off) since I'm still helping Dad around the part during the day when the rest of the kids are at school.

    But as I said, I'll be around - I've found a home in JR, and I like it here.

    Onto a different thought train, I do still want to get into the Air Force. Why?

    * I'm young, health, and single!
    * I wanna see the world (and not have to pay for it)!
    * I have debt following me, and they'll take care of a lot of it for me.
    * I'll get a paycheck while in Tech school, technically even during Basic though I won't have access to it right away.
    * For the length of the contract I sign, I'll have a guaranteed job!

    That's some basic reasoning. but like I said, I'm halfway there, and getting back into shape. Seems like it's taking a while, but considering it normally takes twice the time to drop weight that it does to put it on, and I had a year and a half put that weight on & have dropped half of it in 4 months, I'd say I'm well on my way! Only gets slightly easier as I go, so I figured I could start helping Caly with the PNX site/servers during the evenings!

    That's it for now, before I introduce a third point and just end up confusing myself, when I wanna go back to watching Jamie rock out! If you're reading this and it's still fresh (less than an hour or so), he might still be playing! http://www.twitch.tv/jrnetwork/new

    You know you wanna click it
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     Flaw reacted to IgbarX for a blog entry, Names are Serious Business   
    Today, I'm here to tell you about names. Not your real names, usernames, screen-names, online-names, whatever you want to call it. Now, I am a very picky person, and if there's one thing I hate, it's bad usernames. Now, this will probably offend everyone who's ever made a screen-name, including myself, but whatever, deal with it.

    The worst thing about a username, is when people put numbers in it. NO MATTER WHAT, DO NOT USE NUMBERS!!! There's absolutely no reason to! It's not for security because everyone sees it. If I wanted to hack your account, I already know your username. Putting numbers in it will not slow me down. Save it for the password. Make your password 35703hjdfhafpPWH(HNFadsafpais I don't care, that's for security. If you put numbers in your name, you look kind of dumb. You don't need those numbers. Let's say you want your Minecraft name to be IgbarX, and you see it's taken already, don't make it, "IgbarX321" It looks horrible, I cannot stand when people do that. Be original in your names!

    It's also really annoying when people take their name from a famous guy, but alter it to make it look real. Like, say you want to be 'Skydoesminecraft' but you see it's taken. Don't change it to 'Skydoesmenicraft" Some people even go from "Xephos" to "X3ph0s" For the love of all that is good, do not do it. I don't know if you've ever noticed, but for you aspiring youtubers out there, all the famous ones have a serious lack of numbers and copy-cat alterations. That might be a hint.

    For a game like Minecraft, you might have made your name when you weren't really smart, and now regret it. That's fine, I won't complain if there's nothing you can do about it. But on Steam, the amount of stupid names,

    You can CHANGE YOUR NAME on steam, yet some people continue to use some really dumb names. If you put like xX[Name]Xx, that's fine. You're using the 'x's to make your name pretty. I'm chill with that, as long as it's symmetrical. I'm being serious.

    Now, I REALLY hate to bring people into the spotlight, but, I'm really sorry. When I was still playing on the server, one of my friends was named xXThExXRuInSXx (or something along those lines) and I will admit, I hated that name so much. Don't do something like that with half caps half lower case.

    Now, I guess I'm being hypocritical here, because IgbarX is actually a fan name. Ever played Kingdom Hearts II? Well, one of my favorite Organization XIII members was Xigbar. I wanted that to be my username, but that was taken. So, I put the X on the end and made the I a capitol. That way, unless you've played Kingdom Hearts, you wouldn't know it was a fan name. For steam, however, my name is IgBarks (Feel free to add me ) because some people thought that IgbarX (pronounced ig-bar-x) was pronounced ig-barks. So, I altered igbarks a little and made IgBarks. Completely original in its own way, and no one would ever realize it was originally a fan name unless I told them, like I just did.

    So now, all you Steam people are wondering "Okay, but what do I change my name to?" Here's my system: <Adjective> <Noun>. That's it. Try it: Purple Box. Slimy Chair. Something like that. Maybe even put a present-tense verb in there: Running Purple Box. Green Slimy Chair. ExplodingTnT (Youtuber you follows this golden system) BlueXephos is a great example! The more complex, the better the name. Like, Translucent Enigma. Someone write that down, turn it into their name, it's great, and no one will question you.

    But this doesn't mean you can't get creative. Like, I've see Roasty My Toasty before. That is an awesome name. Oh, another youtuber comes to mind: LazyPurple (Although purple isn't a noun usually, it is in this sense, saying how the purple is being lazy, it's a personified purple. It's a noun in this form.)

    If you're like me and just said TL;DR, here's what I'm saying to you RIGHT NOW:

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     Flaw reacted to ComputerGuy365 for a blog entry, Introduction   
    This is Computer's Junk Shed, my blog. It will contain random things.
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     Flaw reacted to  Mecmax for a blog entry, My adventures of the new JrCraft... (IIIIIM BACK!)   
    Hey guys!
    I'm back on Jr now, cause I wanted to try minecraft again, and I'm lovin' it!

    At first, I had a really tough time finding my way through the servers and worlds, cause I didn't know how they worked and there was noone else online (on the survival at least..)
    I soon found out about the new system, so I tried the hardcore world first. Man, it is HARD CORE! I died in the first 30 minutes and ragequited to the creative world.
    The first thing I noticed were the plots, which kind of make me sad, cause I feel restricted, even if my structures arent large enough to fill one... But it's organized, so it's also nice to have!
    Anyways, I built a self-welcome back structure that took 15 minutes (you know me and my building method... I get spurs of insparation and I have to build it quick before I loose it)
    I started building myself too, right next to zombie myself coming out of my grave.

    I'm proud to see that Jr is running well and that most bugs are solved through the different servers! Now if we can find a way to either show who's online on the other worlds, or even chat through different worlds, that would be so awesome.

    Thanks for reading and I hope to see you soon on Jr!
    The "good-old Mecmax445"

    PS You might have noticed that I'm not helper, and I'm not reclaiming my role back right now (unless I want some non-citizen features and I have more time to dedicate to Jr). But feel free to ask for any builds, cause that's pretty much the only thing I love doing!
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     Flaw reacted to IgbarX for a blog entry, Algebra - How Society Fails It   
    So, my problem is that I'm having trouble sitting down and studying/learning Algebra. I have the brain power to do it, it's not like it's hard, I actually think it's fun sometimes! I'm just not motivated enough to do it. So, I was suggested to check out math games and stuff. It's all garbage! It's still the same problem, you just added a picture of a cat in the background! It's not any better! The only way to teach something to someone like me is to teach it, without the student knowing it.

    For example, I used to HATE typing. The class that was teaching us to type faster was horrible and boring and was just the worst. Then I came across JRCraft. I then went through the ranks and my need to type faster increased and I actually taught MYSELF how to type. Now I can type like it's nothing. I don't need to look at the keyboard or even the screen sometimes. I never would have learned that in school. I learned that by not knowing I was learning it.

    So, all the games are just a reskin of the problem, and it's crap. Why can't people understand this? I learned the basics of how economy works through Team Fortress 2's hat market! I can usually identify scams and sharking and that sort. I wouldn't learn this stuff in school. I think school's are failing by cramming knowledge into our heads instead of letting us experience the problem in a video game.

    That's all I wanted to say. I was just getting really fed up by these crap games.
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     Flaw reacted to Carter for a blog entry, DotA 2 vs LoL, the Battle Between MOBAs   
    Recently I've been heavily interested in the game, Defense of the Ancients 2, or more commonly known as DotA 2.

    This game is under a newly popular genre called Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, or MOBA. MOBAs are on set arenas, and are generally 'hero' based, where at the beginning of each game you select a character, which is refered to as a hero, champion, or really anything. These games are also under a larger genre of games, known as RTS, or real time strategy, where you need to think about your plan, on the move.

    Currently the two heads of the MOBA genre is League of Legends (LoL) and Defense of the Ancients 2. (DotA 2) I have given both games a good try out and here I'm going to talk about both and which I prefer.

    I'm going to start with LoL. LoL is a game made by Riot Games and is free-to-play. With a current champion selection of about 110 champions, there is a generally impressive selection. However. Only around 5-7 are free weekly, and this changes weekly. Don't worry though, as you play you gain in game currency which you can use to permanently unlock a champion or, if you don't feel like saving for it, if you have the cash for it, you can always go and buy the champion. (prices vary depending on how long the champion has been available.) All champions have their own unique passive ability that is always unlocked for them and you won't have to use a skill point into. Also before a game of LoL, you may choose 2 spells to take with you, out of a list of about 10, and you unlock more by leveling up your account, not champion as champions reset between games (as do heroes in DotA 2) champions on average have 4 skills, 3 normal skills and an ultimate skill that will generally destroy or turn a battle or whatever (which becomes available for the first time at level 6). Each of these skills aside from the ulti (with a max of 3) can be leveled up 5 times. Around the map there are patches of tall grass that render you invisible to all enemies not concealed in the grass as well as you.

    A few things I dislike about LoL:
    1) Bland HUD, generally pretty ugly, everything is pretty small
    2) Camera is a pain to use
    3) Graphics could be better
    4) Have to either buy or unlock characters, I think you should have like a week trial of all characters and a permanent unlock for free at least.

    Alright onto DotA 2. DotA 2 is a sequel to the popular Warcraft 3 mod DotA, and is made by Valve as of now. The game has 99 heroes currently out and fully available. While still in closed beta, you may receive keys from Steam friends to play. DotA 2 is virtually the same as LoL, but it heroes don't have the passive ability as they do in LoL, there aren't 2 spells brought along (or free home teleports, which I forgot to mention in LoL.) Generally DotA 2 is found more challenging by players who have played both (myself included) but also boasts a wonderful HUD, graphics as well as menus. I am however going to overlook these things due to Riot Games being an Indie developer and not as big as Valve and having money to completely dedicate to their game.

    Things I dislike about DotA 2:
    1) How hard it is to get a grasp on (but I also kinda like that >.>)

    So in all I find both to be great games, but I honestly prefer DotA 2, if you couldn't tell by my dislike lists, but aside from that, League of Legends feels miles easier to me then DotA 2. Also from other players: It's a one way road learning wise, players who play DotA 2 first can play both, but for some reason people who play LoL first struggle much more when playing DotA 2.
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     Flaw reacted to RockMelons for a blog entry, my experience of work experience   
    my work experience started early on a Monday morning around 6:30 am where I went up to Belfast getting there at around 9:30 were I met the geologist that would be taking me for work experience we started by driving to a meeting in some findings of a previous geophysical survey and on the way he told me of all the thinks he has done in his career such as going to Africa south america and Australia and told me he once was dropped off in a jungle were he hoped to be fund later that's just how remote the places these places are for mining and such he once was chased by baboons in Africa!
    on the second day we met at my holiday home were it was so snowy we couldn't get up the road so had to walk, once up we did a geophysical survey near are second home of which i helped in he taking part and we found a fracture using the snow to mark were we measured, and as we sat down with the survey done having a coup of tea that my mum had made us he told me of work he had done in the area around mussenden temple, he sayed that the place is a death trap as every hole they drilled into the cliff side the was a large natural fracture in the rock and told the national trust it would be better to number the bricks and move it (its 18 inches from the cliff edge) but the trust ignored him and got an English engineering company to fill in the 'crack' but this however has made the problem worse even as its acted as a wedge. Though the English firm stated it would stay there for 100 more years the geology guy (he is so right) tells me its a death trap waiting to happen which is sad cause its used for weddings sometimes
    the equipment we used that day was very specialist with one bit of kit being worth £12300 (VLF EM-16) of which there's only to company's in the world that make them and a military grade GPS which gives your position to the MM!
    and after all that I really am looking forward to being a geologist cause it will mean I will never work a day in my life those were the best two days I have had this year
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     Flaw reacted to 000100001000 for a blog entry, Why I was gone from June until like 2 weeks ago....(Mildly Colorful language)   
    Hi all,

    So I felt like updating this community of random strangers on why I had been gone for so long. So starting from when I left which was June 29th to be exact. I went to camp. That's where I was up until august 20th. Then I went to my fathers vacation home for 2 weeks without my computer. I went on JR a couple of times. But not that often. Why... Because I wasn't able to play minecraft and I was on an Ipad. Which I hate. So then I returned home to NYC. I had started to move away from Minecraft and into Borderlands 2. I had just gotten my new PC, and I was so thrilled I played about 200 hours of borderlands. Then in about November I started playing a kind of minecraft server called Minecraft Survival Games. Which are Hunger Games based servers.(Won't give out the site info here) Then I started really getting into PC gaming, and I still am now. So I split my time between Steam and Minecraft. I also wasn't around this weekend because of some various activites with friends. So yea that about brings it up to date. Going to write some other blogs soon. There fun to write.
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     Flaw reacted to smartman909 for a blog entry, Recent stuff, game stuff, and daily life   
    well i just got back from a 3,180 mile long trip over christmas break to a popular park in the U.S.A if you know disney world ,which was a very long trip. our choir+band was performing there; so i rode down with my parents. i got back at 7:00 pm C.S.T time it was quite a long trip ; we also obviously went on rides and enjoyed the park (might i say my dad forced me on rides then i would yell and stuff but end up loving it we went on thrill rides mostly) if your wondering what one i yelled on,hated and was freaked out on it was the "Tower of Terror" its the only one i didnt like. On too the game stuff (because your probally bored to death right now) i played minecraft pocket edition on the way down and was building on to my cobble stone hotel which i would show but i dont know how to show a picture of something like that i have MANY things i'd love to show but can't. So if anyone knows how to do this for a kindle fire the first one NOT the new one please tell me immeadiatley by comment or pm or something. i have huge builds on there ,so i really want to show them. On minecraft PC i have some builds also. Sadly before i left i'd updated and jr hadn't so i could not play (that killed me, in the expression way) and now their realeasing it on the day i have my first school basketball game which is a bit of a pain but at least its a home game. see you later, smartman909
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     Flaw reacted to kav0503 for a blog entry, What Happened?!?!?!   
    Some of you may know (or remember) me, and yes I know it has been a while. For those that do not know me here is a one sentence background: I used to play JR all the time before, then I did other things, and now I'm back. Now call me a nooblet if you want but What has happened?! It used to be that I had a hard time getting on the JR servers but now the most people I've seen on a server is 6. Ok, now I may be using the wrong ips. I've checked the tekkit and the survival and I've seen practically no one. If anyone would like to add a little insight on the topic please help.
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     Flaw reacted to RockMelons for a blog entry, what I think of my new phone so for   
    well hear it goes my first blog, hope you like it
    walking down the stairs on Christmas day, I when through all the gifts Santa had given me this year and well it seems I have been very good this year as what do I find in upon my chair (in are house all gifts are placed on individual chairs)
    a new phone! and so far the Samsung galaxy ace 2 hasn't given me one bit of trouble, the touch screen is big but of a size I can comfortable fit inside my pocket, and is so much easier to use than my old HTC and plays movies from YouTube without stopping once and with email built in its like having a laptop I can put in my pocket it. even has sat nav built in with Google maps and when I haven't any WiFi it only costs a £1.00 a day to use data and after that O2 stop charging.
    this phone is a great value for money because its from Santa so its free, and to me is better than most of the new phones out there,
    far instance my sister who has a Samsung galaxy S2 wouldn't buy the S3 because there's effectively no difference other than an even larger screen
    and I wouldn't buy the S3 because its just my phone with a larger screen, and I d not want nor need a bigger screen because I can play the piano on my phone , so why would I need a bigger screen?
    and the piano isn't the only app I have gotten since Christmas, with millions of free apps in the easily accessible 'play store' I have all ready got a large collection and it takes no time at all to access then and load them
    to sum up this phone is to me the best phone your money could buy with value in mined cause its basically the S2 but better and far less money even if your not getting it from Santa
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     Flaw reacted to  Mecmax for a blog entry, Trinitology- with the Yogscast   
    Heres the mail I sent to the yogscast:
    Hey Yogscast!
    I've created a Custom Map (It took 5 months to make) pretty much for you guys.
    Its called Trinitology, and its a map made for TNT people like you guys
    It has mazes, jumping puzzles (single player only. You're safe for now, Simon.), tnt (everywhere!) and a bunch of other stuff.
    Its my dream to have you guys play it. Please consider it!

    This is the reply I received a few hours later:

    Thanks for sending this across to us! I'll forward it across to the
    guys, but i'm unable to guarantee it will be used.

    Once again, many thanks!

    Kindest Regards


    Wish me luck!
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     Flaw reacted to Carter for a blog entry, Well great ~Explicit~   
    Yeah this is a warning I'm upset (again) probably something that'll seem pointless (again) in the morning but I'm mad/annoyed so I'm swearing.

    So I take pride in the fact that I don't get angry easily and when I do it's a mild irritable thing and I don't really care. Well my parents seem to have done it again.

    So today I get home from school and an after school activity at 5:30. I do homework til around 7 and than went downstairs to relax and play on my computer. My mom walks by and says, "Why don't you go out and keep your dad company?" (he's doing something with sterlingsilver to make parts so she can make jewlery, which by the way costs more in time and money than to just by the rings) to which I kind of cringe (not cringe but best word to describe) at. Well she walks away than comes back (note I'm putting my lap top away) and says, "I give up. We've tried getting you into hobbies (how often does a kid really get into a hobby his parents make him try?) and you don't do them. Your father got the (forget name) saw because he thought you'd be interested in it. We told you you're getting about the age where you should be thinking about buying/making gifts. (which I do just not to them, anyway they said last year that I shouldn't til I have a job) Yet all you do is sit there on your computer. It'd be fine if you were working on your HTML. (funny thing is is that I said I want to learn programming, not HTML in particular, my mom wants me to manage something on her eBay page for her, that's why she has me learning it. At least I figure) What do you get out of your game at the end of the day?"

    So I didn't respond because that's how I believe you should treat parents with respect and everything I wanted to say was disrespectful. "What do I get from my game? Relaxed, entertained, getting to talk to people I'd never fucking meet without these games."
    "Why the fuck do I have to have a productive hobby? Why can't I just play my games? I'm not bothering anyone!"
    "You could have much fucking worse kids than me, sure I don't do much but at least I don't go out and break laws and fuck every girl in the school who's willing to like a large portion of my grade. At least I follow most of your damn rules!"
    I'm just flustered by all of it...

    So I go out to where my dad is and ask him if he needs any help and he goes on a rant about how I don't do the dishes (which I always do after homework and they always decide to do during so I seem lazier), take care of the chickens, (he knows I'm forgetful, I forget EVERYTHING and so decided to start taking care of them) how I don't walk the dogs or offer to at 9 at night (which a slight fear of the dark (yes I'm slightly afraid of the dark, amplified by the Internet) happens to be common among his 4 children) or the laundry (which I was used to that being my brothers job as when he was home always did it) and went on and on about 'don't you find it weird that me and your mother are up to 11pm working on that eBay buisness?' (how the fuck is that relevant) and told me to go do the laundry. So I do and than ask them what to do with some odds and ends and they respond to me like I'm a fucking five-year-old but we just don't usually pull them out. Also while I'm folding the laundry I hear them talking about me and so on making snarky comments and stuff. So I go watch TV for an hour and than decide to go to bed and read so I say good night and they respond with,"Going to be so early?" "He's just pouting that we yelled at him. You could've come out here and helped us with this, your father and us had a really nice night." To which I respond, "No I want to read." and walked away.


    Really what I've come to get out of this is that my parents just fucking hate video games. Unlike all my friends parents haven't even tried to play them and bitch about me playing them. I'm sorry I enjoy what allows me to relax after school (which I realize isn't that bad compared to work and so on but for some reason it is in my mind... Mostly I guess to please my parents ._.) Oh hey first emoticon! But seriously they take any chance they can to take a swing at my video games. I'm just fucking sick of them hating on it.

    Well if you read through my pointless rant it's stupid yes but to me it's just fucking annoying... I don't know. On the upside after getting really mad my eyes turn blood red and bring out the blue in my eyes and it's really epic looking.

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     Flaw reacted to IgbarX for a blog entry, The Problem with Made Up Holiday   
    Now, let me put this out of the way; *** Pride Day IS a holiday, it's just not the one that everyone cares about; like Easter, and Thanks Giving, Christmas, and Halloween, and some others. Unless you write it down somewhere, you'll never know it's *** Pride Day. Also, I have nothing against gays or anything. I mean, if you want to like your own gender, I don't care. If you want to go out in the woods and have 'fun' with trees, I don't care as long as I don't see you do that. So, story time!

    Okay, so, there's this teacher, or whatever, counselor? I don't even think he has an actual job. Anyway, I walk into school, sporting my BAMF looking hoodie on top of my cranium, walk over to my friends before the bell rings, and then, I see this guys face. Let's call him, Dr. Annoying. So, Dr. Annoying walks over, and I instantly remember, "I'm wearing my hood inside the building again..." and take it off. This is because he used to walk over to me and tell me to remove it. I think this is dumb! Why can't I wear a hood in school? Am I too BAMF for the school? Is that it? Anyway, even if my hood is removed by the time I spot him, he still walks over to me, but instead of talking directly, he walks past me, touches my shoulder, and says, "Thanks, sir." Now, that creeps me out. 1) Because he touches me. 2) Because he calls me sir. I'd like to be called sir, but when says it, it sounds really weird. Anyway, it caused me to not like Dr. Annoying.

    And I realized I didn't like him even more, today. Me and my friends, chillin' out, eating lunch, studying words for the vocab test in the next class, and so. We also have discussions. Today it somehow got to history, which lead me to say something like, "What if History is just a misunderstanding of what really happened?" So, me, being a brony, start thinking about the Rainbow Factory (If you don't know what it is and you're a brony, you need to learn more about the community.) Now, it's basically a factory that people are failures in life come to die to be turned into rainbows. However, no one but the workers are allowed to know. The rest of the world thinks it's a very special job that you get chosen for. So, we were talking about how, "Why don't we get all the people who suck at life, and send em off to a rainbow factory?" And so on. However, for some odd reason, the one time we discuss this is *** pride day. Which means, "Rainbows on ALL the walls!" When did rainbows resemble ***? It doesn't make any sense!

    So, Mr. Annoying walks over, and he's all like, "What are we talking about? Anything to do with *** Pride Day?" We all say 'no' to get him to leave. When he finally does, one of friends says, "He thinks we were making fun of gays." And I'm thinking, "WHEN THE F**K DID RAINBOWS BECOME A '***' THING?!?!" I was so upset that this guy thinks we would make fun gays! It's so stupid! It's because of the all the Swaglos who go to my school, who actually DO make fun gays! So now, Mr. Annoying thinks EVERYONE makes fun of gays. God, I hate society and how we can't have nice things without.

    On a side note, I can't say 'black' or else everyone thinks I'm racist. "Can you pass me a black colored pencil?" "OMG THAT'S SSSSOOO RACIST!!!" God, I hate people so much...
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     Flaw reacted to Chris Da Biker for a blog entry, Knight Runner! First review   
    The Game review is here! Click link to watch!
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     Flaw reacted to  Mecmax for a blog entry, Hallelujah!   
    My first comment!!! (Legit!!)


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