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     Flaw reacted to Jamie for news, JR - Latest Updates (What's going on?)   
    Bit of information on why I haven't been around much recently. I'm developing a new system (i'm keeping it a secret currently) this will be a big enough update to JR and will give back to our community that sticks with JR's gaming servers. I'm hoping to release it at the start of next month. Currently I have developed the system and it is working and we will be beta testing it soon enough. 
    JRTV hasn't been forgotten, episode 10 is nearly ready but will not be released till some time in the next week or two. The reason being I'm on holiday next week and will be ceasing all development and JR work while I am on holiday and the episode is not complete yet. 
    I hope you can understand the wait till the next episode, I've been asked by a few people who watch the episodes when it'll be released. It'll be here soon just please bear with me.
    JR's server bills are coming up soon and if you want to support our content and servers please consider sending a small donation to me here: https://jrnetwork.net/clients/donations/ I spend a lot of time working behind the scenes on JR. Even if you don't see me around the website or on discord it's because i'm busy working on new features, updating servers or else. For context, I've spent over 60 hours on the new system myself coding.
    JR is becoming a big enough platform and I'm trying to get more things integrated to become a more universal experience to manage. We have many different systems running different parts of the servers and website. Hopefully soon everything will be on a more unified panel soon, most things are, just a few stray servers.
    Five M will be coming properly to JR, currently we have been having issues with running a server on our platform, I have a couple of ideas to fix these issues. This will be implemented soon.
    If you are wondering what this blurred image is, it's a git of all the commits to this new upcoming system. The staff all are aware of what I'm building. I just hope you all like the idea. 
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     Flaw reacted to Jamie for news, JR Xbox 360 Controllers :O !   
    We may also put user's usernames on the controller for a small additional fee. So far they will have blue LED's instead of the normal green ones and they will have an airbrushed JR Logo on the design.

    We are starting with 360 Controllers and maybe selling more types of controllers soon, If people buy the Xbox 360 Controllers we will be starting to sell PS3, Xbox 1 and PS4 controllers also.

    We do not have full prices and a full design yet, but when we do I will post it up here on JR,
    Happy Gaming!
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     Flaw reacted to Jamie for news, JR - Security & Safety Notice   
    If you do share private information using JR Network please use this following guide:

    Use private messages, never submit private information in to a public chat, forum, comment.
    If you are sharing images that are private, upload them to our image gallery and use the privacy options to select who you actually want to view the images, Please remember that images have to follow the rules.
    Always be cautious, people on the internet will submit fake details, if you think this guy / gal is too good to be true then they probably are not.
    If another member starts to harass you for personal information, images etc, Contact a member of staff immediately. You can find details to contact a staff member here. If this is done within a private message, just click on the report symbol or forward it to the account Jamie
    If you have given away your email address and a JR member is causing you issues contact jamie@jrnetwork.net to try to help sort out the issue, sanctions will be taken to the account of the member who is causing you issues.

    We at JR are committed to keeping you, your children and others safe. Please do not feel annoyed if a staff member private messages you if they notice something out of the ordinary within our logs. We want to keep our community fun, but safe.

    Thanks for reading this little announcement, we hope something good will come from it.
    Jamie Tees & The JR Staff Team
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     Flaw reacted to Jamie for news, Consumer Alert - Scammers on the rise   
    General Information on Repairs
    Before I start, I want to just mention a couple of things that as a consumer and a power user at computers I'd just like to point out:

    - When you give the repair shop your computer tell them you don't want any repairs done till you are made aware of the exact problem.
    - Don't get overcharged. In my book this is happening far too often. Make sure if you have a part replaced you look at the price of the part an easy google search on the Part Number will tell you exactly how much it will cost. Always remember it's fair to be charged, at max 10 euros for delivery of the part but make sure your not being fully ripped off.

    A little price guide (may change from this post date if stocks are low / high etc)
    - HDD's are averaging at around 60 - 100 euros for a decent internal HDD with a reasonable size (500 GB +)
    - SDD's are more expensive ranging from 60 - 400 euros depending on the size
    - DVD drive replacements would average from 30 - 60 euros depending on the type of drive. Samsung drives are pretty reasonable and can be as low as 20 euros, fitting takes around 10 minutes.
    - Laptop Screen replacements including the part average from 100 - 200 euros depending on the type of screen fitting takes around 1 - 2 hours.
    - Computer tune up / speed up would normally average from 40 - 80 euros for a common clean up.
    - Virus repair and recovery (if windows is not being reinstalled) would average from 50 - 80 euros depending on how hard the virus is to get rid of.
    - Virus repair and recovery (if windows is being reinstalled) would average from 70 - 100 euros if you have a genuine license underneath the laptop. Image of genuine sticker is below.
    - Upgrade or fresh install to a new operating system / Programs: Average price for a genuine windows product (current prices below) + 3 to 4 hours labor

    Windows 7 Home Premium: €95
    Windows 7 Pro: €139
    Windows 7 Ultimate: €183
    Windows 8: €88.57
    Windows 8 Pro: €139

    When you get an upgrade / new installation make sure you get a sticker like the following, or the box for the OS so you can confirm it's authenticity.

    (HDD) Hard Drive Repairs

    The most recent case which has come to light is a laptop that came to me with issues booting, around July 2012 it had a hard drive replacement and the user was charged 120 Euros. To keep myself and the consumer protected I will not be naming this local store. The laptop was not booting due to a faulty hard drive.

    After contacting the friend who came to me he told me it was just replaced. Under further investigation the harddrive was second hand? How do I know? Well let's just tell you a couple of things about all harddrives.

    ALL harddrives have a manufacture date, this tipped me off instantly. The harddrive that came out of this laptop had a manafacture date of 12 OCT 2007 and it branded a HP sticker instantly tipping me off that this came out of a older HP laptop.

    So, my first topic. If you have just had a HDD (Harddrive) replacement be aware that you get what you pay for. You don't want a second hand harddrive that will fail simple.

    So what's the easiest way to check if the HDD is new?

    - Download and install Speccy
    - After installation open up the application and click on the harddrive link on the left hand side
    - Check the Power on Time (as shown in the image below), if it's new it should report less than around two days.

    Installation of Windows / Linux

    There has been countless times where people have contacted me and has issues with a fake copy of windows when they have paid out a lot of money for a supposed genuine copy. Beware with this one.

    So to begin with check you have a sticker at the bottom stating your version of windows. If you have a sticker stating a different version of windows than you have be aware. All upgrades / new installs should come with this sticker. (Re-installing to the same operating system won't need a fresh sticker since it's okay to use the same license. Just make sure they don't charge over 60 euros for reinstalling. (unless backing your data up, installing other programs for you)

    Sometimes, you may not be aware that even though you have a genuine sticker you may not have a genuine operating system, the most common form of tampering is through a Windows 7 Loader. To check if you are genuine download the following update:

    Download link for Win7 32 bit (x84)
    Download link for Win7 64 bit (x64)
    The above updates are updates to windows activation technologies which after installation and a couple of reboots if you have been fooled into purchasing a fake copy of windows you will get a notification about the operating system is not genuine. When this happens, take it to the place you got the installation of windows and ask for either a refund or ask them to give you a genuine copy.

    N.B. Make sure you are never charged for a linux license, linux is free ware and community driven.

    Hope this helps some consumers, if you do need advice / help feel free to contact me at jamie(at)jrnetwork.net / via a comment below and I will assist you.
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     Flaw reacted to AnioNovus for news, Battle of The Castles!   
    I would like to announce the next big building competition. This next competition will be for one month as the dates above correspond to. The build will not be easy. While I do encourage freedom in the building style and sizes, I would like to place some constraints on the design as I will get to later.

    Background Story & Competition Objective
    Two castles struggle over a resource that is held between them. For some time, they have mined in peace. However, something more valuable has been found in the mining tunnels. Some skirmishes have occurred, but a war brews on the horizon. The stores are stocked. The weapons are sharp. The soldiers are ready. The TNT is primed. The only thing that is missing is the castles and the land. It is up to you to decide the fate of the kingdom.
    The goal here is to make a dynamic castle with several features integrated seamlessly together and blended well enough to where two copies can be made upon which two teams duke it out.

    Building Constraints
    [1] main gate at minimum
    [4] towers at minimum
    Main hall
    Storage room
    Basement for wine stock / cold cellar
    [2] bedrooms minimum
    Outer wall w/ citadel optional [layered defenses] [moats can also be used]

    The build style can be any, but must include the items/places listed above.

    Judging Parameters
    Organisation of the build components
    Flow of movement (this build will be used in the mini-game’s server so needs to have a good flow)

    General Guidelines
    The competition starts at 00:00 GMT on 25 March, 2013. Entries will be accepted from this point onward in the Any discussion must to be kept to the discussion/queries topic.
    The last date for entry would be 25 April, 2013, upto 00:00 GMT.
    The build can be made on any of the servers – it will not affect your score or chances of winning.

    Rewards (Prizes)
    The highlight reward is 2 weeks of premium membership. Apart from it, you also get 40,000 JR Tokens! As if that wasn't all enough, your name will also be credited in the mini-games if your build is selected. What better way to get famous on JR?

    That is all! We're hoping to be blown away; don't let us down, JR Crafters!
    Oh, and once again, you can

    JR Events Team
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     Flaw reacted to  Chris for news, Winter Competition Results   
    The player who came first was Mecmax445 with his Santa Clause building that can be seen at /warp santaclaus

    The player who came in second was xJeddyx with his winter themed building that can be seen at /warp jeddyswintercontest

    And the player who came in third place was XGZ_SAMSTERZ his winter themed building can be seen at /warp xgzwinter

    So what have they won?

    Mecmax445 has won:
    1 Month of Premium Membership
    20,000 coins on JRCraft
    A DotA 2 key
    A Faster Than Light key

    xJeddyx has won:
    20,000 Coins on JRCraft
    DotA 2 key

    XGZ_SMASTERZ has won:
    15,000 Coins For JRCraft

    To obtain the DotA 2 and FTL keys, please PM me.

    Congratulations to the winners of this contest!

    JR Events Team
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     Flaw reacted to Jamie for news, JRCraft v4? - It'll be here soon   
    So what's so great about JRCraft V4?

    It's JRCraft reimagined:

    - New world
    - RPG
    - More events than ever
    - An amazing, planned out spawn.

    We have took the best bits from JRCraft in the years, planned out a spawn with them, planned out world locations and have even started to get a RPG story going, which will be continued as we go. We expect a couple of new quests every day/week and more features!

    We will be working on the new world on release. It will be a work in progress. But stick with us and you will enjoy JR more and more

    Will the old survival worlds be there?

    The current "latest" survival, will be there, but will be removed from the economy for RPG reasons on the new build. No builds will be transferred to the new RPG/survival world. This is to stop the world being ruined. You will be able to build in certain free build areas, "in survival mode" but a lot of the server will be quests and stuff to do!

    We plan to have a new levelling system too and a lot more interesting and cool ideas. This will be the biggest build of JRCraft ever. I haven't been working on it personally, the staff have been doing an amazing job (I taught them well ). I will be taking over some of the work load with plugins and server side things before the release to get that boost and get us up online stable.


    On release, JRCraft will be having some prizes for the biggest voter on the release week a competition and in the release party we will be giving users some start off items, and we will be giving away 2 DOTA2 keys and some more interesting games. Seriously this is gonna be big, so bring your friends and let's have the best opening ever.

    JRCraft will have a world wide release on the 10th of January, 2013. Be sure to be around to win some of the most amazing prizes and to have some amazing time with us. And yeah, I will be around, we will also be working on a livestream

    Hope you guys love what we are doing for you It's gonna be awesome so stick around. (Did I mention JR Premium will be half price when we release JRCraft?) €5 per membership for the month!
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     Flaw reacted to Kyle for news, JR Events - Winter Building competition   
    Guidelines & Rules
    This event will go on from 2 December, 2012 to 28 December, 2012. No entries will be entertained after 28 December, 2012 (00:00 GMT).
    You may not violate any of JR's rules in your project.
    Your build cannot be smaller than 10x10 however it can be as big as you may choose it to be.
    You may have a maximum of two people in a group, without the prizes being shared.
    You may not steal a build from any other player or copy a build from another player. It must be as original as possible.
    Your build can be on any of JR's servers in any world. The world you build it in will not effect your chances of winning.
    You can enter only once; however, you have the option to change your entry, but only after notifying an Events Team member about the same.
    Please follow the format below when entering:


    Take your time with your project. You have till the 28th so don't rush it.
    Ask helpers or a premium member if you would like a warp to be set. If none are available, Moderators and above are also able to create a warp for you.
    If you require lava or water placing in creative, ask a Helper or above and they should be able to do that for you.

    First place: 1 month Premium & 20,000 coins & Dota 2 & FTL
    Second place: 20,000 coins & Dota 2
    Third place: 15,000 coins

    Submit your entry

    If you have any queries, feel free to comment below and an events team member will get back to you
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     Flaw reacted to Jamie for news, Recent Changes   
    Were you working on Minecraft?
    Yes, I did some major updates and changes for the upcoming new JR V4, with a whole new gameplay mode and some amazing things, the change log is as follows:

    - Switched Servers
    - View Distance now set to 12
    - Increased RAM and CPU allotments
    - Removed 1.2.5 old world survival
    - Removed old zombies and zombies 2 world
    - Removed RPG and Private Island
    - Removed space
    - Moved NLTekkit in to own directory
    - Disabled Space plugin
    - Edited the world file so worlds are not loaded up again that were removed
    - Cleaned up the 20 GB SQL database and transfered
    - Deleted Citizens old config folder
    - Removed hyperconomy folder
    - Updated iConomy mysql
    - Updated Registration system mysql
    - Updated Stat system
    - Updated lwc
    - Updated logblock
    - Updated JRVotes
    - Fixed Autoannouncer
    - Removed any unneeded config files
    - Removed Virtual Pack / portable workbench crap <--- Causing all the problems with server crash
    - Removed mcMMO, causing mysql Fuck ups, we will bring a better levelling system back soon
    - Updated JR Chat
    - Updated JR Nicks
    - Wiped ops list (security reasons)
    - Updated rtoolkit
    - Removed old save.sh script that used to save from ram disk, never knew it was still trying to run,.
    - Updated auto restart crash script
    - Updated bukkit
    - Fixed issue causing some people to login to Survive
    - Updated JRGuests
    - Transfered Survival to new server
    - Transfered play.jrcraft.net to point to the new server

    As you can see, a pile of updates. More to come.

    Ok, so what about Tekkit?
    Tekkit will be worked on soon, we will be moving it to the new server also and we will work on some small updates, We may be in favour of replacing Tekkit with a Feed The Beast server due to the fact Tekkit is buggy and hardly fixed up at all.

    And the rest of JR?
    I personally and callum (Watching, taking notes) am creating a new JRNetwork website from scratch, Everything will be transfered to the new server but yeah it's going to be good It'll be easier, more simple and will have more features!

    Also there will be:
    - An official xbox 360 clan
    - An official PC clan
    - A staff event every friday called No work fridays, all staff are ordered to play a game together and let me handle JR. This is to improve motivation.

    There is a lot to come and for you guys who didn't know, I am back at JR but will only be working on it in my free time and staff are a huge part of JR and will work on JR when I have to go out or have personal matters to attend to.
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     Flaw reacted to commanderAIK for news, The Wipeout Contest Winners   
    1st place: @chrisced: 10000 coins
    2nd place: @JonnyOfficialz: 5000 coins
    3rd place: @grantphantom: 2500 coins

    Winners, please contact any member of the JR Events Team (@Alex, @k4l397, @Chris, @Tim, @Kev_o, @Flawless) to claim your prize.

    Thank you all for participating, and congratulations!

    The JR Events Team

    Article image made by @Flawless
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     Flaw reacted to k2trf for news, Meeting Decisions   
    Helper Applicant Age
    After much consideration, we've moved the age requirement to apply to become a Helper back to 13. Keep in mind that this only means you can _apply_ earlier than this - we still reserve the right to approve/reject applicants at our decision.

    Donator Ranks
    We have decided to re-introduce two-level ranks. There are two main reasons for this.
    We have to pay an entire $401 bill every month, using least of our personal pockets - which is how JR was funded for so long.
    I summarized the earnings for the past three completed months, and it turns out a major chunk of revenue came from the expensive ranks, rather than the cheaper one.

    So, we'll still keep the cheaper rank - if anyone wants to buy that; but we'll also introduce a better rank for those who can afford it and would like more perks.

    More information on this, including the names for them, what they will receive each, etc. will come later on!

    Purchasing an Unban
    We have decided to raise the price for purchasing an Unban from $10EUR to $15EUR considering that people will not do this often, and it only goes right back into helping pay for the server.

    Zulu765 has decided he'd like to take up working on JRPVP, so it has been restarted! If you experience any problems with plugins or whatnot, please direct your questions to him, since he is keeping up with JRPVP while I keep up with JRCraft!

    You can connect to it at uspvp.jrcraft.net:25565!

    Other Notes
    SimpleHelpTickets - Helpers will soon be given permissions for SimpleHelpTickets, because it is pointless for them not to be managing this. Also I felt it would be good practice for dealing with Grief Reports if/when they become Mods, since they are handled similarly.

    Hypereconomy - Will not be added back. This is because it would honestly introduce methods of inflation. People would just sell things to the global shop (the old /buy and /sell) to get money, and then complain when the global shop was out of things to buy, which would be because the global shop only has what has previously been sold to it.

    Instead, we will use solely ChestShops run by the players to do this. We will be setting up some AdminShops (infinite supply) to sell items that would not otherwise be obtainable usually, such as Ice.

    Spawn - We are getting a new spawn for JRCraft soon, because we feel that the current one is a bit of a mess and honestly a bit of a letdown after the massive spawn we had previously. More information will be released about this when it is available!

    MobArena - Has been temporarily disabled again. When the developer updates it for 1.4.4 (the current newest build is for 1.3.3), I will see if it is less buggy. Currently people are loosing inventories from using it again, and this is just a problem with it being outdated and not fixed yet. When it is fixed though, it will be added back in!

    EDIT: Apologies, it is Zulu765 that has revived JRPVP, not Zolacolor - that was the result of my brain not functioning very late at night whenever it was I typed this up! XD
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     Flaw got a reaction from MajestikMooss for news, JR's Minecraft Wiki! It's here!   
    If you do not know what a wiki is, it's a publicly-editable database of information... or basically, a place where you can get practically all the information about our Minecraft servers - JR Craft and NoLagTekkit. Now you will never need to ask a staff member how to WorldGuard your house, because a tutorial will always be there for you on the wiki, no matter what time of the day (or night) it is!

    Please check the wiki out here, and have fun!
    For reference, the address is: http://jrnetwork.net/wiki/
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     Flaw got a reaction from System for news, JR's Minecraft Wiki! It's here!   
    If you do not know what a wiki is, it's a publicly-editable database of information... or basically, a place where you can get practically all the information about our Minecraft servers - JR Craft and NoLagTekkit. Now you will never need to ask a staff member how to WorldGuard your house, because a tutorial will always be there for you on the wiki, no matter what time of the day (or night) it is!

    Please check the wiki out here, and have fun!
    For reference, the address is: http://jrnetwork.net/wiki/
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     Flaw got a reaction from Jamie for news, JR's Minecraft Wiki! It's here!   
    If you do not know what a wiki is, it's a publicly-editable database of information... or basically, a place where you can get practically all the information about our Minecraft servers - JR Craft and NoLagTekkit. Now you will never need to ask a staff member how to WorldGuard your house, because a tutorial will always be there for you on the wiki, no matter what time of the day (or night) it is!

    Please check the wiki out here, and have fun!
    For reference, the address is: http://jrnetwork.net/wiki/
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     Flaw got a reaction from k2trf for news, JR's Minecraft Wiki! It's here!   
    If you do not know what a wiki is, it's a publicly-editable database of information... or basically, a place where you can get practically all the information about our Minecraft servers - JR Craft and NoLagTekkit. Now you will never need to ask a staff member how to WorldGuard your house, because a tutorial will always be there for you on the wiki, no matter what time of the day (or night) it is!

    Please check the wiki out here, and have fun!
    For reference, the address is: http://jrnetwork.net/wiki/
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     Flaw reacted to commanderAIK for news, The Wipeout Contest!   
    In-game Info: In game, you can type /wipeout for the info!

    For those of you who don't know wipeout - it's basically a show where contestants go through obstacle courses. There are many laughs shared with this, as people fail and fall in the water when they get knocked off of the course Clearly, you must finish the course without falling off it! That's the challenge

    You have to attempt to start from the starting point and reach the finishing point in as less time as possible.

    Duration & Participation
    The competition started on November 1st and will be open till November 20th.

    When the competition is ongoing, players who want to participate should ask a staff member to judge them. They will be timed, and asked to start over if they fly or go around any parts of the course. Your time will be recorded, and at the end of the competition, the winner with the fastest time will be announced!

    Event Venue & Practicing
    The course has been built at /warp wipeout. If you want to practice, feel free.

    Tip: Use sneak & sprint whenever required.

    First place: 5000 in-game money & an entry into the JR Records Book
    Second place: 2500 in-game money
    Third place:1500 in-game money

    Feel free to practice, or ask any questions here!

    Events Team member
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     Flaw reacted to Jamie for news, Why does JR have staff members?   
    Helpers (The guys to talk to first):

    - Guiding you around JRNetwork and JRCraft / JRTekkit
    - Kicking users that are causing issues on JRCraft / JRTekkit
    - Tutorials on small things and information

    Moderators (The guys to talk to second):
    - Website reports are dealt with by these users
    - Problematic users causing spam, distress, annoyance around JR
    - Fixing grief reports around JRCraft and JRTekkit (If you have a report don't ask a member of staff just do ./report (little information on report)
    - Cleaning up bits of land on JRCraft, JRTekkit that look a mess.
    - Advanced help, worldguard moderation
    - Banning users breaking the rules
    - Events setting up

    Admins and Founders (The big guys that you should talk to lastly)
    - Website issues, maintenance
    - Decisions on perma bans and unbans
    - Staff internal moderation (Admins control helpers and moderators)
    - Issues that can not be resolved by talking to Moderators
    - Server reboots (If necessary and are given authentication by Jamie)
    - News posts
    - Decision making on events that hand out prizes
    - Literally every other question

    Me, Jamie, rebel24, The Owner / Boss (The person you only talk to in a REAL emergency)
    I'm not going to bother making a list with this, I have so many responsibilities its unbelievable. Right now on my task list that my staff members use to notify me of things that need getting done is huge. And why have I not been able to sort out these things on my task list? Because constantly I'm harassed by users on skype that think just because they have my skype can contact me a hundred times a day asking for this and that, I'm also constantly asked in JRCraft and JRTekkit to handle little things and also via email.

    Please remember I'm one guy. We have staff members for a reason. From now on if users try to contact me via personal information that I have given them I will send them this one link and then if they carry on it'll be an instant block from my contact list. Look I really don't want to be mean but I don't have time anymore to be helping everyone with everything. I need to have more of a life than JR.

    Remember this phrase:

    If you think it's an easy fix contact a helper first, it probably is

    Thanks for understanding!
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     Flaw reacted to Jamie for news, Staff Changes   
    I will be working on the website today and tomorrow, simplifying somethings as well as adding a better staff page for users to see the staff team.

    Have a good day,
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     Flaw reacted to Jamie for news, JR has Teamed up with x10VPS!   
    Simple, we have teamed up with x10VPS.
    How you might ask? Well simple. I have had hundreds of emails asking where did I start off JR, where did I host and whats the best VPS company for Minecraft servers! Well it's simple as I keep saying. x10 is. So we have been talking to the x10 Management and have constructed a deal for you guys that want to start, hosting, development, Minecraft hosting etc.

    If you use JRCRAFT in the promotional code box you will receive 20% OFF! For not just one month, not just two months! Even better, for 3 billing periods. So if you pay yearly that's 3 years with 20% off, if you pay monthly that's 3 months with 20% off, you get the idea!

    We'd like to also remind users that x10VPS do not provide software support. This is where we can come in.

    If you submit a ticket here, (please note a JR account is necessary) Just select x10VPS as the department in your ticket and we will give you a free quote on server setup / management on what ever server your wanting to host on your VPS. We have been working with servers for 6 years, so you can trust us and we will beat any valid quote from server management firms around the world!

    So this is another reason to choose x10 and JR
    Happy server hosting!
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     Flaw reacted to Peter for news, JR Network Groups Update!   
    Jamie has recently installed a new functionality, called Groups, which are very similar to Facebook pages. Groups allow you to gather people with common interests and share tid bits. In a sense, Groups are also like forum topics, but a lot better!

    In addition, Jamie has also:
    - Removed the global side bar because "it was annoying"
    - Multiple actions are displayed when you select a message in your personal messages

    Jamie is working on the forums and an applet as we speak, but in the near future he will be adding:
    - New gaming servers for JR
    - Calendars for each server (a long with events)
    - An events team to manage the events for each server

    That is all I can really tell you because it is all Jamie has told me so far. Some of you may even consider this to be general knowledge, but the Boss man told me post this news article. You can't argue with the boss man, no one can.

    Anyway, have a nice day
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     Flaw reacted to Jamie for news, JRCraft Update   
    We hope you enjoy these new additions to the JRGuests plugin! More to come ready for JRCraft V2.1 including the long awaited JRChat
    Enjoy JR!
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     Flaw reacted to Jamie for news, Protect yourself! Read here!   
    We hope you follow some of this information to protect yourself.
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     Flaw reacted to Jamie for news, JR Craft's Website   
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     Flaw reacted to Jamie for news, JR Craft V2.0 - A list of differences   

    JR will be re configuring it's server software for the new server so we run way better, I have never released much information on our software but I will today!

    Since JR is a big server and requires most of it's RAM and CPU for Minecraft so we run a custom based linux distro which is partially based upon Debian, since Debian is one of the lightest and stable operating systems.

    JR will be running of course the latest Java 7 build. We can't release much more information about our server setup for minecraft but at least you know partially .

    Map and Server Backups

    Since the hardware allows JR will be doing map backups every day and plugin backups every 2 days.

    The JRCraft Survival Map

    I have decided with a lot of the staff last night that we will indeed be replacing our 15 GB survival map this update for a couple of reasons:

    - It's crowded
    - It's running out of ores
    - 1.3 Has new ores
    - It's huge and there isn't any areas for new users

    I want to keep my build! Don't reset the map.

    We have already decided to reset the map, it's happening. For instructions on keeping your structures please read: on how to submit the form to transfer your builds.

    Right well I have had numerous complaints that users want the old survival world to stay. While I don't think it would be the best idea, trying to keep everyone happy I have decided that the old JR survival world IS going to stay and not been reset.

    Why? and What's going to happen?

    JR will be separating the old survival and removing a couple of features from it as it would mess up the whole server if we didn't

    - No economy in old survival
    - No item sharing in different worlds
    - Mob arena and War will be moved to a mini games world with all the new arenas we are building

    There will still be a new survival world which we will be asking users to build in and we will still transfer projects over from the old world to the new world as the new world has more ores, items etc.
    The new survival world will still incooperate /warp jrzone as the spawn and will have all the latest features. While you are still in the old world transferring things this way will be more easy for members and hey you may decide to play in the new world when you see the new features. But of course if you just want to play in the old world, feel free! It'll stay open till users stop playing in it.

    JR is here to make users happy not upset users. WE at JR are doing this specially for you, no other server would do this but just remove it and not give a damn, WE -> I give a damn, I hope you stick around and have more fun at JR than ever before!

    Please be aware:

    Items, chests and inventories will not be transferred to the new world for a couple of reasons:

    If this happens the new map economy will be screwed up fully and it'll ruin the fun new economy we have lined up. Right now everyone has diamonds and they screw the economy, with the new system you won't be able to get everything right away it'll be more rewarding and challenging.

    New spawn:

    With the new map will come the new spawn, which will be /warp JRZone (Take a look right now

    Within spawn will be a 500*500 protection around JRZone, outside the JRZone grounds there will be houses and some nice information within them, NPC's will be found around JRZone giving interesting vital information.

    First join spawn:

    We will be making a new first join spawn that wont include a quiz making it easy for users to read the rules.



    Will be reset, giving users 100 coins static pricing will be added to the mall and we will re launch the mall with 5,000,000 coins. The static pricing will be highly tuned so it won't be glitchable.


    To make voting more exciting we will be starting to trace users who vote each month and users will have the chance (If they vote the most amount of times a month to earn Gold Membership for a two week period).

    Users who vote everyday will earn 100 coins for every vote, if you vote on all three sites it will be giving you 300 coins.

    Mob arena:

    We will be resetting the mob arena and building a new arena for users to play in, the old one is dark dingy and unused.


    We have had some exciting battles within war we are going to excite things with a big mix up of new arenas.

    Online Status plugin:

    JR will be having an online status page *status.jrcraft.net* to show the current system load and status of JRCraft.


    Weather will be switched on in survival

    Additional fun silly plugins!

    JR Craft will have more fun little silly plugins that keep us entertained

    Other World Changes

    RPG: A new RPG world with a story line will be released shortly after JRCraft 2.0 is released
    Hardcore: Hardcore will be reset so more griefing can occur
    Nether and Ender: Will be reset as well.

    Keep watching this post for information on JRCraft V2.0 for more information as it'll be updated here.

    - Rebel24 Enjoy!
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     Flaw reacted to Jamie for news, Addition of features to JR   
    We are looking to creating a 3D Javascript, jquery way of showing the skins. I'm going to jump to our #1 JS developer James Brumond to see if he can come up with something cool

    I have edited the minecraft builds database too, we will start using this more to drag out the best projects and showcase stuff around JR.

    While it is a mess right now, the functionality is there, I am trying to really improve it and I will if I get stuck get other developers to help boost the functionality of the system.

    Another new feature I have added is an online side block showing the Online Users, this is in beta testing and I need to tweak it slightly but it's getting there.

    Caching at JR.

    To improve speeds of loading and processing JR will be caching more information, this means it doesn't have to re process it every page load, Every side bar block will be cached for a period of 5 minutes, meaning it will only update and add new content every 5 minutes. This is to calm down server load from JR

    I heard about a charity event?

    Well yes, I have come up with a charity event idea, while the charity is unknown currently we will be having a 24 hour non stop minecraft event on JR of adventure. Where I will basically play the game fully for the first time as, I never get time to play minecraft I thought it'd be a good way to interact in the community and show some publicity to JR, I will also be inviting anyone to come and stick around and help out.

    I will be contacting parties such as Bebopvox and the Yogscast to see if they are interested in helping out raise some money, I'm sure they'd love the idea.

    The event will most proberly live streamed.

    When would it start? As soon as we have migrated to 1.3 and upgraded our server to the new hardware found at: http://jrurl.at/11 we will announce a date.

    Minecraft 1.3 Information
    Minecraft 1.3 is to be released on August the 1st. JR will be able to start upgrading and working on the server a week before as there will be a release candidate for us to test with.

    When Minecraft 1.3 is out please don't update till we tell you too as it could limit your access to the server till we fully update, Which will be around 2 days after release.

    Don't fret JR has an update proceedure we are going to follow as always and get us running as soon as possible, we are ready and waiting for the update and as soon as it is released we will be working on the server non stop to get it ready for you guys.

    What will change?

    Nothing, Same map, same items (and new items), JR should still function as it was on 1.2.5 but with the additional features of 1.3, Remember 1.3 isn't the mod API update, that's postponed to 1.4.

    JR has always been the best to help users transition to the new update of minecraft, we know you don't like map changes and we try to avoid map resets if possible, there may be a compulsory map change for 1.4 / 1.5 but for now we will have to wait and see. We also know you like JR to be running asap with most of the plugins, we work non stop to get our plugins up to date and we do this live while JR is online. Functionality as normal is normally restored fully within a week.

    We hope you like the information and the new resources we are developing for you
    Talk soon,