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  1. Jason

    Im Back

    of course i remember you
  2. Jason

    Im Back

    i dont know if ive been forgotten yet or not but my laptops back up and running again i intend on coming back to JR still is by far best server i've played on but just leting everyone know im back.
  3. on july 19th i will be member of jr for a full year :D:D

  4. Computer still not fixed but sometime next week i hope it will be.

  5. Honestly i think the toshiba is the better one but samsung will possibly have better graphics cards not sure
  6. welcome back alex we all missed u
  7. words cant describe *stands up and claps*
  8. and of course i can not fail to mention qudubz ^.^
  9. Hello fellow Mincrafters. I am Jason I am mainly writing this blog for the newest members of the sever and even for those who want to know some stuff about me and why i love JR. Well some of you may know some may not but I currently work on the side of my brothers Minecraft Team doing some sever checks and other things to make sure severs are running their best and following the rules of course. I know many of you may not believe that and that's quite alright it's one of my favorite things about JR you have your own thoughts and are not pushed or forced to believe something you don't wish to. Some have asked for my mojang email sadly i'm not allowed to release that other wise i would. Ok back on topic well I am fairly easy to get along with and always willing to give a hand to those who need help. Some of my MOST FAVORITE things about JR are all staff is friendly and the owner Jamie is really amazing and no I am not trying to suck up I am simply saying he is amazing reason is because 1. he always works on the sever making sure it's running correctly. 2. he never rules out anyone. 3. is very easy to talk to and takes your opinion seriously and i honestly respect that greatly. another favorite thing is the builders.... they are all amazing at building and making their creations really stand out. If you ever need help all you have to do is ask and someone helps you. Take it from me. If your having second thoughts about registering trust me this sever is beyond worth it. I love JR and would also say thank you to Jamie, Tawny, Cazzum, Anthony, Lexie, and everyone else that has helped me out recently and even when i first joined. Thank you guys and girls i appreciate all you've done. Anyone who reads this and would like to ask me something or would just like to have another friend I am here just go over to my profile and I have listed some contact information. Have an amazing day.

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