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  1. Yes, I am using the default theme as well. This is what it looks like:
  2. I'm a status update.

    1. Flaw


      Wow, it's working for you.

    2. Jamie


      It's working for me too, did you refresh your cache?

    3. Flaw


      Let me try that.

  3. I can, but that stuff isn't grouped on my screen.
  4. Watch_Dogs Complete on sale on Steam for $5.44 USD - http://store.steampowered.com/app/243470/

  5. I'm running Google Chrome with the following extensions: uBlock - a lightweight ad blocker Friends Feed - hides all the junk that you see on Facebook e.g. people's likes, comments etc HoverZoom+ - lets you preview images in a popup/without actually having to open the image/gif Magic Actions for YouTube
  6. JR is looking awesome!

    1. Jamie


      JR will be getting more done to it soon, just getting fibre in and then we will be doing a lot of things to make things better :D

  7. Might as make a whole mathematics app while you're at it, Kyle
  8. Peter

    Random Thoughts

    There are people who like to complain/ponder/report about the weather even though at least 70% of the people on their friends list are experiencing the same thing. There are people who like to complain about the above people. And then there's me, someone who likes to go onto a forum to complain about the complainers complaining about the other complainers. /complaint
  9. Girls' Generation - Let It Rain
  10. I lost the (epic) Girls' Generation wallpaper I made so I'm using this one until I can be bothered to remake it
  11. Peter

    Random Thoughts

    I haven't been around here in a while! ^^
  12. True, but Minecraft is what dominates these forums. I think a great theme that we could apply to JR is a theme that is inclusive of JR's focuses/interests; those being Gaming, Tech & Coding.
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlm7Br2bpWU Very nice, thank you for the share!
  14. I hate it when I'm standing in the shower and I have to fart. When I do it smells 10x worse. Sorry I had a high urge to share this fact.
  15. Peter

    Random Thoughts

    Working on a new backup tool design.
  16. Peter

    Random Thoughts

    Hmm I wonder if my Minecraft backup tool is needed any more considering the 1.6 launcher and the files/folders that it produces. All I can see that is worth backing up is the saves, resourcepacks, and maybe stats. Everything else seems to be managed by the launcher or doesn't need to be worried about at all.
  17. Peter

    Random Thoughts

    Teachers, why do you use dots for lines? Y U NO USE UNDERSCORES?! People, why do you still print out documents with full URLs? Y U NO USE BIT.LY?!
  18. Peter

    Random Thoughts

    I can't wait until I move onto the REAL programming part of this course; the "real programming" part being C# accompanied by Windows Server and whatever else there was. TouchDevelop is nice, but maybe some other time.
  19. I listen to dubstep now again, but not as much as I use to This is my favourite remix even though it's quite old: P.S. Please try and post in the right forums. Moved to Media.
  20. Peter

    Hi All!

    Hey Flipper, welcome to the forums
  21. @chukki - If you're asking whether or not that speed is good or bad then I guess it's not really bad if you don't mind it But yeah I find it to be terrible because your connection speeds would be the equivalent to my "capped" speed haha
  22. Peter


    Maybe you should start a topic that interests you rather than making a topic about what topics are good to talk about. Find interest -> Make topic. Simple
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