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  1. Joe!

    2GB Free Hosting?

    Sounds like a good idea Jamie I mean, I wouldn't have a need for such a facility as this. But I'm pretty sure a lot of people would love an idea like this.
  2. Its normally fine for me too jack
  3. Me - YAY!! I can finally fly again!!!! *next day* Minecraft - 1.3.2 bug fixes, blah blah blah Me - ..curse you jeb.. >.>
  4. Joe!

    The Home & Away Topic

    Away from saturday 25/8/12 to the sunday after 33/8/12. Reason: Holiday for the summer, I may be around, but not on as often as the internet connection is pretty bad where we are going. Also, I have been a bit inactive these last few weeks, this is because it is the summer holidays and I have been going out more often. Also my internet keeps bugging out and im fixing it soon xD Joe
  5. You know you're bored when minecraft becomes tiresome.
  6. Joe!

    New Laptop

    I kinda want it to look proffesional? xD not bright red and i've found that hp and samsung are quite good?
  7. Joe!

    New Laptop

    I like the first one but do u have an example of one of these? (sorry to keep bugging u ) This? http://www.pcworld.c...ay~RR~~11884809 Or this?
  8. Joe!

    New Laptop

    Is this any good?
  9. Joe!

    New Laptop

    Thanks alot kev, but I am hoping to ask my parents for it for christmas so £600 may be a bit steep :s is there a 500 or any cheaper which is almost as good, I dont mind sacravicing some "stuff". I love that laptop, it just seems a bit steep or a christmas present.. xD (i is computer noob)
  10. Joe!

    New Laptop

    But have any of you got a suggestion? xD
  11. Joe!

    New Laptop

    I have a dell inspiron in the other room and it runs games fine?
  12. I am looking to get my own laptop soon, but i need a cheap, budget one I would like to get the best gaming laptop i can get which is portable and easy to use. I need a laptop, not a desktop tho My price range is £400-600 which is about 600-800 U.S. Dollars. Could anyone advise me to a good one to buy? I have been looking at these ones? You think they are good? If not can you see if u can find a better one for the same kinda price It must be good at gaming though
  13. As many of you already know, I am a musician. Recently I entered a competition with my band and won an £100 music editing pc software thingy. It's called sonar and I was hoping you guys could shed some light on this? Im used to cubase
  14. I can do a part that has no speaking and if you like I can help by building some houses? (e.g. /warp housey) Those are the houses I like to build but I can do most things that dont involve talking xD
  15. when i use a diamond axe it doesnt take out the whole tree? O.o