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  1. Carter

    How's life?

    Hey guys, after an overly long hiatus I'm making a bit of a return. As such I figured it'd be nice to catch up as I haven't talked to a lot of you in ages and I know life has a tendency to take off. So for my (brief) update, I'm more than halfway through my second year at Uni as a Biology and Computer Science dual major. It's a difficult and strange mix but I'm enjoying it. Currently I'm doing my second bout of research in Biology and in Comp Sci I'm in a game development class where my team and I are making an interesting version of Pokemon. I still play League of Legends as my primary game but I play Overwatch on the side now and again. How have all of you been and what's been the big events in your lives recently?
  2. Carter

    Random Thoughts

    That moment you realize how much you really screwed up. -- Hot damn loving the new JR!
  3. Carter

    Random Thoughts

    I don't know what to do or say. Or am I even supposed to?
  4. Carter

    Random Thoughts

    I think I might be close..
  5. Carter


    Ahhh I have a 3ds from the first wave so I'm pretty happy with it. I have Omega Ruby and Smash (multiplayer wise that is) I don't want to restart my Omega Ruby though since A) I use Wonder Trade ALL the time and well. I've gotten super lucky. (Shiny level 100 Sylveon, Shiny level 100 Altaria, Shiny level 100 Tyranitar) and I actually managed to hatch my own shiny Eevee (ironically an egg of the Sylveon's) so with those alone I don't want to restart it XD
  6. Carter


    So I recently got back into Pokemon and naturally had to grab me a copy of Omega Ruby, so which of you lads and lasses play? I'll add anyone just leave your friend code below! (I'll add mine eventually)
  7. Hmmm guns you say. Well I do like my Borderlands to almost no end. But I enjoy Zombies in CoD World at War, Black Ops and Black Ops 2. CS:GO is a game I'd like to get into but it's difficult and my muscle memory isn't currently good for shooters. :|
  8. Carter

    Random Thoughts

    *Repeatedly smashing face into wall because I can't words*
  9. Carter

    The Great Questions

    Well like I said above, it's just what you would/did you prefer if you have drank it. It's all theoretical type things, even if you don't care about it. I put the FPS games in because that is something everyone basically has an opinion on, while MOBAs are more of one game or no game.
  10. Okay so this is like. A sequel to my other topic, but instead focused on pronunciations of words. Mostly cause I couldn't add this to the other topic. Questions 19-25 are names from games.
  11. "Show me your bling and let me shine you!" "I have no idea what you're talking about... and your suit sucks." "OOOHHH LET'S DANCE" -Pre boss conversation between Dimitri and Sly in Sly 2 https://youtu.be/hOHhfhAPToM
  12. Carter

    The Great Questions

    Well my thought was that even if you don't directly have some of these categories (i.e. the smart phone or FPS questions) you would still have some of an opinion. For Coke vs. Pepsi neither of those are really my cup of cola but when it comes to a soda debate it usually is Pepsi Vs. Coke (you could even go by brand in general and look at what other sodas they make.)
  13. Carter

    The Great Questions

    There put a clarification for Physical vs. E-Book
  14. Carter

    The Great Questions

    I chose winter personally cause I like the cold and snow. But it's a site of gamers and winter gives us an excuse to stay in sooo yeah XD
  15. So there are a ton of major "A or B" questions of our time so this is just my zone to discuss this. I'm really curious which is more important. Here is the key for things if they are hard to get kind of. Question 3: Over Under Question 7: Hoodie Crewneck Zip Up Question 17 Physical Example of E-Book If you have any questions about any of these questions feel free to ask! Or say why you like your choices.
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