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  1. I will gladly do voices and acting in game for you, can I ask that I do voices for the remaining antangonist and protangnist thanks!
  2. Thanks everyone, I play on JR craft as tekkit seems to confusing, but ill give it a go, and nice to see you barber and flaw
  3. I know this is old, but I probably bought like 50+ games during that sale, it was ridicualas.
  4. I have to very much agree with you Kevin I hate those damned shows!
  5. Aimedaxis

    Favorite Band

    Band Name: Pendulum Band Genre: Techno, drum and bass, metal (god knows what their everything) Band Origin: Australia Favorite song: The Vulture Any particular reason for liking them? Cause their freaking awesome !
  6. I have to agree! Huzzah for the team!
  7. T'was an interesting video to say the least, I much prefer Gangnam style.
  8. Hey all, And Gnome and peter nice to see you guys!
  9. I finally decided to return back to JR Network, I joined yonkers ago, so Im an old fart and many people may not know me, for those of you that do most of you are now all staff Anyway glad to be back and Im going to try and help this server and have fun like I used to!