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JxAce last won the day on June 20 2012

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    I forget ._.
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    Fencing, Soccer, Anime, Manga, Humor... you name it.

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  1. Very nice signature you have :)

  2. Back to being a regular member... no responsibilities, no obligations, just FREEDOM! >=]

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. TUTTI_MAN619


      Feel sorry the way you guys arn't normal people 0.0 XD

    3. Jamie


      We are normal people / teens what ever you want to say :P

    4. TUTTI_MAN619


      Ofcourse you are.............XD

  3. JxAce

    My Farewell

    Didn't jump... more like I got kicked out XD
  4. JxAce

    My Farewell

    Look harder o.O
  5. JxAce

    My Farewell

    I'm online (skype/steam) like 5 hours a day O.o
  6. JxAce

    My Farewell

    Probably peek into the forums every once in a while, but not every day like I have been XD Like I said, if anyone wants to keep in contact, skype and steam are always open and I'm usually on
  7. JxAce

    My Farewell

    This is my goodbye thread... not a complaint thread for anyone else who got demoted =.= I didn't write this thread to insult or mock JR's current state, just state my honest opinion of it's flaws and problems, and say goodbye to the friends I have made here.
  8. JxAce

    My Farewell

    Fairly sure most staff feel this way mun XD
  9. JxAce

    My Farewell

    For those of you who knew me while I was active, and for the staff that knew me for a while after that, I hope this will reach your ears (eyes?), and to the many JR members who I never interacted with, feel free to close the tab now In the summer of 2011, I had gotten sick and tired of single player minecraft, and even though I was using a friend's account, I decided to try SMP After browsing Planetminecraft (I used the site to get mods originally) I found what I wanted: A server where I could fly. Being able to fly was my only requirement as I hated walking around... it was a waste of time and most of my deaths resulted from getting a little to close to some edges >_> I logged onto JRNetwork's server, and registered without a hitch (still don't get how people can't figure out how to register). I then found a nearby pool of water, and built a little hidey-hole under it! This eventually developed into the convoluted house it is today (although I'm not sure which world it is on anymore, it's on at least 1 XD). This house allowed me to use my redstone knowledge to built many cool features such as fridges, hidden doors, hot tubs, etc. After playing for a little under 2 months, I was promoted to helper, one of the happiest days of my JR days! Given the privaleges of VIP membership, with the ability to kick, I was able to play on the server without much danger (godmode and all) but the ability to kick made me feel slightly powerless when faced with troublemakers or bigger problems. Promoted to helper with me was Iggy (IgbarX), who remained one of my best JR friends for months to come. After another few months, I was promoted to a minecraft moderator, a major jump in power and responsibility from helper. I had made plenty of new friends on the staff team, as well as a few other friends (Armdys got promoted to helper when I got moderator, although he had a different name at the time). Over my time as moderator (probably my longest staff role while active) my powers changed a few times; I got Jamie to give moderators full worldguard and LWC (locks) permissions, so in the end, only Worldedit and a few fun commands were between mods and admins. After months of being a flawless (if I do say so myself) moderator, Jamie promoted me to admin! I was finally in the upper ranks with the other admins (plus founders/owner) that I had befriended as a helper, and I felt great. As an admin I could help anybody with almost anything (in game >_>). Slowly minecraft on JR lost it's appeal. Being able to spawn anything, worldedit, being immortal, together the powers of an admin make minecraft rather boring as a game, and it became more like work, logging on felt like a responsibility duty, not a way to have fun. I started playing on other servers as a break, trying to keep my amusement in at least minecraft so my knowledge of the game wouldn't be out-of-date. But to no avail. Other servers were nothing like JR, they were either too unfriendly or too strict. Soon I started playing other games, some new, some from before minecraft. Slowly I became a forum-only visitor to JRNetwork. I still continued to post 3-5 times a day, but eventually I lost interest in most topics. I believed in only posting in threads that I personally found interesting, so I slowly lost interest. For the past few months, I have just logged on, and logged off without posting. JR has fallen far. When I joined everyone was friendly, and Jamie dealt with everything personally. Now I'm sent a generic demotion message for a few staff members, with a list of possible reasons for demotion (mine being inactivity). With Jamie's break and most of the upper staff from when I joined leaving, JR has changed, and not for the better. The staff team isn't as close as it once was, the topics in the forum not as personal and interesting, and the community itself has shrunk and updates have virtually ceased. When I first joined, there were significant changes every week, usually every few days. Now, a significant update comes around maybe once a month, possibly less often. To be honest, this demotion has come as almost a relief, I knew I wasn't performing my role as an admin, and I was really losing faith in JR anyway... this day was bound to come. Farewell those I consider my friends, feel free to add me on skype (ace-jx) or runescape (right now jx-mas, probably jx-ace in the near future), even steam (jx_ace). Good luck to those sticking with JR, and especially to the current staff team; If you can tough it out now, I'm sure JR will improve in the future! Sincerely, Former JRNetwork Admin, Joseph (JxAce) P.S. - annoying bug where cursor suddenly jumps up a few lines is REALLY annoying while typing something long like this... should try and fix it =.=
  10. Got dog poop on me at work :| Guess I should expect that working at a pet shop, but it's the first time after month and a half of working there...
  11. JxAce

    Recent Changes

    Good work! For someone whose supposed to be doing less work than before he quit, you get alot done XD Can't wait for the no work friday events
  12. Welcome back, somewhat Hope the work load isn't too stressful this time!
  13. JxAce


    Proper grammar and effective communication are excellent no matter what you are doing and where you are doing it! On the internet, I usually take efficient and effective, meaning I use well-known abbreviations such as lol, brb, and imo. What I don't like doing is substituting abbreviations for individual words!!! ie. "u" instead of "you" looks unprofessional and lazy, 2 more letters takes an almost immeasurable amount of time to type... Another pet peeve of mine... mixing up similar words. -There/their/they're -no/know -chose/choose -loose/lose -etc. Those aren't typos, or abbreviations, just the completely wrong words when they get mixed up. It's like saying foot instead of house! Don't think just because they sound the same they are the same >_< Anyway... ended up ranting about people's communication habits more than commenting on your thread, but glad to see you find yourself maturing, Alex! Just remember someone's maturity is subjective, a 10 year-old might appear mature to a 6 year-old, but they would appear childish to an adult, so you should always act mature, no matter where or what you are doing!
  14. Lol not gonna lie, music in Rawr version is terrifying XD But... I kinda like it >.>
  15. JxAce

    Builder rank

    There's no point in making it a rank... whenever we have a server project there's usually one or 2 trusted members who get OP to use worldedit and creative mode anyway. Once the project is done, their OP rank is removed, and we don't have to worry about abuse of power. Adding a new rank for something we don't have a problem for is unnecessary :\

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