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  1. I'm not sure what class I'll play, but I'm interested in joining. I don't have any experience with competitive games, but I do know the basic workings of it. I'm not exactly good at any one class, most of my skill is spread out, but I do know what classes I can't play! I'd be a crappy sniper because my aim isn't that good, I'd be a bad engineer because I'm not good at keep sentries alive, I'm really bad at being a good spy so I can't play that, and I don't play medic or heavy often enough to have confidence in my abilities to play those. The classes I'd be best on are soldier, demo, pyro, and
  2. IgbarX

    Revamping JR

    Well, I think a lot of the server's charm has left. The problem I see is that there's barely ever anyone on, and they're not usually the fun people, either. What JR used to be to me was a sense of fun loving Minecraft community that was always welcoming new people. However, most of those people are gone. I think the issue here is getting people to stay. You can only build so many castles before you move on to play other things. If I recall, JR levels was originally used to get people to stay, (Talking about the RP server) because it gave them a sense of accomplishment. Don't remember why we st
  3. Happy Birthday, you old whale you. Miss ya!

  4. Hopefully they're planning on bringing this plugin back for 1.7. While I'm not a big fan of horses, I can understand they'd get stolen easily, and losing a horse would be like losing a cat or dog.
  5. When I read this post, I rolled my chair away from the desk for a moment to really take a good look at it. I just realized how horrible of a mess my desk is, but I'm still not going to clear it. I only need the space right in front of me, everything is unimportant. EVERYTHING.
  6. I liked the chair plugin because there was a way to use it for parkour in the spawn. I had a lot with that. Also, a lot of good trap designs...
  7. Hey you kids, get off my lawn! Ooooohhh, back in my day, we could use flags to keep people off of our world guarded regions! We could use flymods, too! You kids these days and your 'role play' and your 'horses'! Good to see you back, Jamie. I'm not much for words, so, yeah. Sorry if this sounded weak :L
  8. You have betrayed one of the best squid avatars/profile picture.. shame..

    1. IgbarX


      It was made in MS Paint, it was good for MS Paint, but it looked bad in my eyes. I also changed my skin some time ago since then, so the picture didn't fit.

    2. Karim
  9. The best part of Halloween is all the game updates!

    1. Karim


      I know right? :P

    2. k2trf


      You say *game updates* I say *Valve Sales*

  10. Is there really going to be an actual world reset? Can I be a cited source for this? I don't want to start spreading something that was nothing more than rumor, after all...
  11. Not to sound like the snappy old man here, but it's about time you guys did some sort of organized activity for Halloween! I'm sure it sounds like a lot of fun, but I'll sadly be busy around this time. :/ P.S Y U USE COMIC SANS?!?!
  12. Usually when I see a suggestion in the forums, I'm always like, "Okay, how bad is it THIS time?" but I was actually surprised about how well done this was. So you got my vote just for that. You also get my vote because I miss citizen plus for nothing but selfish reasons! After I 'stepped down' from being a staff member (Some would say kicked out, removed, but it depends who you ask, really) I was given the little + after my name as a little token of appreciation (Never really confirmed that, because I was a pretty immature admin. How I ever got that far I would never know even if I spent the r
  13. IgbarX


    I know exactly what you mean. I've been a member for over like, two years. In fact, I think my I missed my membership anniversary already XD Anyway, when nothing new comes to JR for a while, the server empties out as people need to continue with schooling, jobs, social lives, etc. What's always really cool though, is that when you build a big town or something and it's well known, but the owner doesn't show up for a while. For instance, my giant airship dock in RPG. It's big and well known, but it's not actually protected. However, because it's well known and next to a populated area, any majo
  14. Outdoors doesn't have a computer. Indoors: 1 Outdoors: 0
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