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Everything posted by IgbarX

  1. I'm not sure what class I'll play, but I'm interested in joining. I don't have any experience with competitive games, but I do know the basic workings of it. I'm not exactly good at any one class, most of my skill is spread out, but I do know what classes I can't play! I'd be a crappy sniper because my aim isn't that good, I'd be a bad engineer because I'm not good at keep sentries alive, I'm really bad at being a good spy so I can't play that, and I don't play medic or heavy often enough to have confidence in my abilities to play those. The classes I'd be best on are soldier, demo, pyro, and scout. I don't exactly have super incredible skill on them, but I do play those the most. My total play hours are 1064, so I know what I'm doing. My concern on this is that we probably won't get a full team saying that the people who do actually check the forums nowadays probably don't play TF2, and if they do they don't exactly have a lot skill. Still wouldn't hurt to try and get a team together, though.
  2. IgbarX

    Revamping JR

    Well, I think a lot of the server's charm has left. The problem I see is that there's barely ever anyone on, and they're not usually the fun people, either. What JR used to be to me was a sense of fun loving Minecraft community that was always welcoming new people. However, most of those people are gone. I think the issue here is getting people to stay. You can only build so many castles before you move on to play other things. If I recall, JR levels was originally used to get people to stay, (Talking about the RP server) because it gave them a sense of accomplishment. Don't remember why we stopped using it, but I know that now mcMMO is implemented to try to do a similar thing. The thing is though, is that if you come late to the game, someone will always trump you. There's going to be someone who's played longer so they have higher points, and no matter how hard you work, they're working just as hard to make sure you don't catch up, making you sit there and say, "What's the point?" We might need a new system, one that can't be manipulated by who's been playing longer. What it'll be, I'm not sure. I'm only putting it out on the table. Just try your best to improve things around here, and it'll show.
  3. Hopefully they're planning on bringing this plugin back for 1.7. While I'm not a big fan of horses, I can understand they'd get stolen easily, and losing a horse would be like losing a cat or dog.
  4. IgbarX

    Post your desk!

    When I read this post, I rolled my chair away from the desk for a moment to really take a good look at it. I just realized how horrible of a mess my desk is, but I'm still not going to clear it. I only need the space right in front of me, everything is unimportant. EVERYTHING.
  5. I liked the chair plugin because there was a way to use it for parkour in the spawn. I had a lot with that. Also, a lot of good trap designs...
  6. Hey you kids, get off my lawn! Ooooohhh, back in my day, we could use flags to keep people off of our world guarded regions! We could use flymods, too! You kids these days and your 'role play' and your 'horses'! Good to see you back, Jamie. I'm not much for words, so, yeah. Sorry if this sounded weak :L
  7. The best part of Halloween is all the game updates!

    1. Karim


      I know right? :P

    2. k2trf


      You say *game updates* I say *Valve Sales*

  8. IgbarX

    Team Survival

    Is there really going to be an actual world reset? Can I be a cited source for this? I don't want to start spreading something that was nothing more than rumor, after all...
  9. Not to sound like the snappy old man here, but it's about time you guys did some sort of organized activity for Halloween! I'm sure it sounds like a lot of fun, but I'll sadly be busy around this time. :/ P.S Y U USE COMIC SANS?!?!
  10. Usually when I see a suggestion in the forums, I'm always like, "Okay, how bad is it THIS time?" but I was actually surprised about how well done this was. So you got my vote just for that. You also get my vote because I miss citizen plus for nothing but selfish reasons! After I 'stepped down' from being a staff member (Some would say kicked out, removed, but it depends who you ask, really) I was given the little + after my name as a little token of appreciation (Never really confirmed that, because I was a pretty immature admin. How I ever got that far I would never know even if I spent the rest of my life figuring trying to figure it out...) and I loved that little thing. It granted me only 2 super powers! I think it was suppose to be 3, but one of didn't work. First, I was given the ability to wear anything as a hat! Being an avid TF2 player, this was well enjoyed. The other was the ability to disguise as mobs! I usually spent most of my time as a squid so the mobs wouldn't attack me, and because a magical flying squid makes everyone confused. On a side note citizen + is a very lonely rank because no one even tries and makes it... So I'm all for it because I'm a egocentric jerk-bag who'd love nothing more than bragging rights over everyone! Hey look, I'm 'that guy' who writes a huge story every time he posts and puts his crappy youtube channel in his signature! Do I get citizen+ yet?!?
  11. IgbarX


    I know exactly what you mean. I've been a member for over like, two years. In fact, I think my I missed my membership anniversary already XD Anyway, when nothing new comes to JR for a while, the server empties out as people need to continue with schooling, jobs, social lives, etc. What's always really cool though, is that when you build a big town or something and it's well known, but the owner doesn't show up for a while. For instance, my giant airship dock in RPG. It's big and well known, but it's not actually protected. However, because it's well known and next to a populated area, any major grief would get reported. So the griefers do it smartly, and take out little blocks that no one would notice. That way everyone looks at it and says, "Eh, it's so small, I'm sure the town owner will fix it." But if the said owner never comes online, it stays broken. So it's like a real city, where if left alone for long enough, things will get stolen, the buildings start to look ugly and get holes in them. It's neat, and I've seen it happen MANY times with all my attempts to build cities.
  12. Outdoors doesn't have a computer. Indoors: 1 Outdoors: 0
  13. IgbarX

    Gnomes VS Humans

    I've gotta go with gnomes on this one. Humans beat up poor, defenseless squids! The horror! Gnomes don't! Gnomes are better!
  14. IgbarX

    those epic moments!

    I'd probably have to say when I was given admin status, and was able to maintain that for like a month. Pretty epic for me, because when I look back on it, I wasn't all that mature back then. Funny, how every year I look back and say to my past self, "Wow, I wasn't all that mature then. But I'm totally mature now!" Only to say it again next year! Also, you guys barely knew anything about me, just my first name, a good guess of my age, and that was it! Good times...
  15. IgbarX

    JR Hotel

    I suggest an arcade, or something of similar entertainment. If that doesn't work then a stage should be fine. And redstone isn't too complicated, it's just logic on a physical level.
  16. Yes, I think it would help your case if you were to explain what /near and /seen are. Because I can't exactly tell based on just these two words.
  17. These arena designs are indeed very nice. However, I do think pvp and pvm are a bit of an over done mini-game idea. If I had known we could suggest things to the server, I would have already suggested mine XD I'd better get on that, then. But nice work, scoreboards can be a bit difficult to work with, and redstone can sometimes be a pain if it's out of your comfort zone.
  18. I'm not much for video games. I mean, yeah, I like video games, but the modern definition seems to be, "Video games = guns!" So, I haven't played or even heard of most of these games, because I prefer the traditional definition of video game, where it's a game, in the digi-space. Of course, everyone shares different opinions, but this list is a bit out of place. Example, Planetside 2, a really cool FPS, with huge continent wars, and tons and tons and I mean TONS of guns, but is generally boring FPS gameplay, beat Dishonored, a really cool puzzle, and other genres that I can't think of at the moment, but contains NO GUNS. See what I mean? It's not a real game unless it has GUNZ!!!
  19. Well, I can never be too certain. If I pick up the book before the movie, I like the book better. However, if I see the movie before I read the book, then I'd rather not waste my time reading the same story in a longer time space. I've done lots of reading, but not really in books. So the odds me of reading the book before the movie is slim, so for this I'm going to have to say movies.
  20. You read the title!
  21. From the album: IgbarX's Non-Minecraft Picture Stuffz

    I wanted to change my signature to be of a little Youtube add for my new channel, and as much as I wanted to make it so I didn't have to make any posts that'll seem as advertising my channel, I couldn't change it to my signature unless I uploaded it into my gallery. So, yeah. I guess this counts as an ad post. However, I will not be posting the URL here, it'll go on my signature and profile where they belong!

    © IgbarVonSquid

  22. Internet Explorer is the WORST web browser I have seen. Google Chrome or Firefox all the way. Internet Explorer let's you surf the web, but it's not designed to be good, just to allow users to have the ability. However, something like Google Chrome or Fire Fox is designed to be a lot faster, look sleeker, and have a more user friendly interface. Microsoft makes good hardware, not so good in user friendly programs.
  23. IgbarX

    /ignore <player>

    I believe we had this once, not sure what happened to it. Maybe it fell out of use? Well it certainly could be used now, saying how JR is growing somewhat and it's mostly children. Not going to say that all children are an issue, but there's always that one kid...

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