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  1. I found another issue with 1.9.4. Doors won't allow passage unless they are oak or iron. They will open, just won't let you pass through. Rob
  2. rstoy

    Creative Poll

    I especially like the fact that it isn't just flat land. I would like to see some animals and villagers. The lots are a good size. Is it possible to add plot markers? I had some issues with sand and gravel blocks becoming invisible. I had to place a block at their location so I could see them to remove them. Overall, I like creative this way a lot more than flat land. Rob
  3. Minecraft was updated to version 1.9 about a week ago. I am sure that some players would be interested the server being updated. I have seen the effects on the map when parts of it are generated on different Minecraft versions. If you don't know what I am talking about, check the classic map around the outer edges on http://play.jrcraft.net:8124/# You can see that terrain does not match up properly for areas that were newly created. I know that some people have complained that their builds were lost in the move to a new map. We have tried to move people's builds to the new maps in the
  4. Well, so far I have won all my races. Anyone have a faster horse?
  5. I didn't mean for it to be a pony thing, though .
  6. Well guys we've had our new horses for e few days now. I got an idea how to have fun with them. Horse competitions like racing, jumping etc. If you have ridden more than one horse, you probably noticed differences in speed and jumping ability. I decided to start with a horse racetrack. It is modeled after Churchill Downs, where the Kentucky Derby is held every year. I built it to scale and it is 571 blocks long by 161 blocks long. I ran one of my medium speed horses around it and it took over 5 minutes. The actual derby usually takes about 2 minutes. The track is 18 blocks wide which
  7. Last night, you told barbermiss and I that you won premium for the most votes last month. I see here you say you may have been first or second. The text on the top of the page clearly says the top voter gets premium for a month. Were you first or not? The only exception is if staff out voted you. The most votes by the one non staff member gets premium. I took you at your word last night and gave you premium. If you were not first, you will be put back as member. Rob
  8. Thanks to those of you who posted here and those who wished me a happy birthday while I was playing Minecraft. I had a fun birthday with my family playing minecraft at my house. I am surprised that my internet connection was able to handle everyone on at the same time. Thanks again, Rob
  9. It took me about 4.5 hours to download and 11 minutes to decompress. It seems like everything turned out ok on it. At least the places I have been to in that world.
  10. rstoy

    Space Needle

    I am not making any promises about this, but I will consider it. I am considering where to place it in the new world, but will have to think about what would be best. I am presently thinking about having a little space around it, like a small park or something similar. I have actually thought about this since the idea of moving buildings to the new world was brought up. Robert
  11. rstoy


  12. https://jrnetwork.net/uploads/%0A%3Cp%3Emonthly_07_2012/ccs-4469-0-18918800-1342983119.png,monthly_07_2012/ccs-4469-0-73716100-1342983079.png%3C/p%3E%0A
  13. rstoy

    Fort Rob

  14. I like it a lot, very informative. Good work, Jamie. Robert
  15. Is it possible to limit their building to say 500 blocks or something similar to prevent major griefing? My biggest concern is someone coming in when not many are on and doing major damage over a large area. Perhaps limit breaking blocks to a smaller amount than placing blocks, since griefers generally destroy more. Robert
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