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  1. Benh917

    JR Hacking Issue

    Still, if the hacker has been removed. What if he gave info to others, then they gave that info to more and more and more! Then, we would be pretty f*cked
  2. Benh917

    JR Hacking Issue

    I must ask for EVERYONE to change their password! The hacker might still find a way to get in your account! Please! Change your passcode!!!
  3. Benh917

    JR Hacking Issue

    Jamie, can I have EVERYTHING I had returned? Along with the other 4000 members that lost their stuff too?
  4. I lost 40 posts I made, my picture and my member title. and I had 42 liked posts. Can I have them back?
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOuAs51Rrqk&list=UUWErQSeURbPar61IHA-dwiw&index=1&feature=plcp
  6. I agree. You just gotta make sure to put your mind to it!
  7. In life, you have those days where nothing seems to be right, other days you have the world to yourself and everyone by your side. And those days seem scrambled like a forest that stretches 30 miles or a building that has unlimited floors, and your trying to reach the roof, but can't seem to get near it. I'm just here to say that any thing that may be needed can be helped by a warm hug from your mom, or going outside to lay in the grass to watch the clouds spin around you as you fall asleep. Anything is possible. You just have to put your mind to it. When you believe in yourself, reach out and grab the bad things in life and bring them to the ground! Then bring the good and tuck them away in a safe area so they won't get rusty, just keep in mind, life is complicated.
  8. I visited his gravestone today, it was so hard to see him in the ground... ;(
  9. Benh917

    Good Job Peter

    Cuz no one notices me..
  10. I am failing all my classes, my grandpa passed away, yet of course, no one cares about the citizen!
  11. Benh917

    Good Job Peter

    Im glad you got promoted...
  12. Benh917

    Warriors faction

    It has been fixed Wave. Don't worry about a thing

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