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  1. JR banking system.

    I've been asking for this for ages. I've already built a band at /warp bank . I can't access it anymore since I'm not VIP, but take a look.
  2. Promotions: how hard can it be?

    You should be a helper mate, just keep at it and you'll make it
  3. Member titles

    Actually We should have like Diamond VIP that has Cutomisable titles.
  4. I Love my car

  5. Thank you!

    haha, no worries. Keep it up
  6. I am going though the worst time right now.

    We are one big happy family
  7. Minor Deformities and Injuries are Terrible.

    I have also had meningetis, my leg could of have been amputated & I could of also died. But that's another story.
  8. JR Changelog: 24/1/2012

    so there aren't 2 JR Networks..
  9. JR Changelog: 24/1/2012

    I'll add this 2 the wiki, If not already done
  10. JR Changelog: 10/1/2012

    no problemo
  11. JR Changelog: 10/1/2012

    I added this to the wiki
  12. Shroomz are bad

    Well thanks for reminding Jamie
  13. JR App or android market

    Meh, I like coding Apple, not android since I haven't bothered to learn..
  14. I haven't been on much and I can say why

    Nice words Jamie..

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