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  1. I've been asking for this for ages. I've already built a band at /warp bank . I can't access it anymore since I'm not VIP, but take a look.
  2. You should be a helper mate, just keep at it and you'll make it
  3. lttf

    Member titles

    Actually We should have like Diamond VIP that has Cutomisable titles.
  4. lttf

    Thank you!

    haha, no worries. Keep it up
  5. I have also had meningetis, my leg could of have been amputated & I could of also died. But that's another story.
  6. lttf

    JR Changelog: 24/1/2012

    so there aren't 2 JR Networks..
  7. lttf

    JR Changelog: 24/1/2012

    I'll add this 2 the wiki, If not already done
  8. lttf

    JR Changelog: 10/1/2012

    I added this to the wiki
  9. lttf

    Shroomz are bad

    Well thanks for reminding Jamie
  10. Meh, I like coding Apple, not android since I haven't bothered to learn..