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  1. Hello old friend

  2. It's nice and short, but it pretty much sums up a good motto for life: "Whatever you are, be a good one" -Abraham Lincoln
  3. Happy birthday! I hope it`s the best ever. I`ll make cake with mashed potato frosting for everyone! Huzzah and such... enjoy your birthday!
  4. Have a super amazing birthday! Congrats on living another year! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  5. Smmbod

    Tim Has Stepped Down

    D: Bye Tim! Thanks for all the great times and general awesomeness . You'll be missed... Good luck with wherever life takes you. Let's hope you steer it in the direction you want to go.
  6. Bye Jugga. It's sad to see you go, you were a great member of the staff team.
  7. Smmbod

    Millipede Song

    Of course, it's hypnotizing. All the pretty colors and the melodic voice of the millipede add up to a mind altering message! Obey the millipede! Gotta love magical moon millipedes.
  8. Smmbod

    Millipede Song

    This song... it's too catchy! Be careful if you listen to it, you can't get it out of your head until you start singing it out loud. It truly is a masterpiece, that really portrays the millipede as the amazing creature of grandeur and august that just makes me want to say "Gee! That's probably the swankiest bug out in space!" I speak the truth my friends.
  9. Happy birthday Wolf! :D
  10. epic picture DUDE!

  11. Dr. Annoying somehow finds a way to make everything awkward. He puts his hand on your shoulder and says to the whole table "So how we doing?" And he creepily stares until we all answer him. I've never actually met his eyes, whenever he talks to me I just stare straight forward and respond to what he says, but he tapped on my shoulder repeatedly until I followed his gaze to the rainbow flag. "So? Why we talking about rainbows?" Yeah, he's one of the teachers who says "we" as if he is part of whatever group he is talking to. I think he just gravitates towards loud words, because when someone yells "CHICKEN!", he would go over and ask "So what's this I hear about chicken? What we talking about?" So I guess we said rainbow too loudly... and it's not like we always talk about rainbows, the one day we do happened to be the day when the entire school is rainbowfied. Probably not irony, but close. Oh and guess what? Some 6th grade kids were popping the balloons, and Dr. Annoying never even batted his glazed over eyes! But he hears rainbow and he comes running to snuff out the disturbance! AGH!
  12. Happy birthday mecmax!!!! :D And congratz on helper! Also...
  13. Smmbod

    For the Bronys

    @IgbarX Well a hue, as Mooss stated, is a shade or color (the hue Rarity was referring to) but the "petting zoo with tiny EWES" as Fluttershy said, a ewe is an adult female sheep who can produce offspring. Hope that clears up any confusion. P.S And yes, the crystal fair song is amazingly addicting. I can listen to it 20 times and not realize it...
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