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  1. It's nice and short, but it pretty much sums up a good motto for life: "Whatever you are, be a good one" -Abraham Lincoln
  2. Happy birthday! I hope it`s the best ever. I`ll make cake with mashed potato frosting for everyone! Huzzah and such... enjoy your birthday!
  3. Have a super amazing birthday! Congrats on living another year! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  4. D: Bye Tim! Thanks for all the great times and general awesomeness . You'll be missed... Good luck with wherever life takes you. Let's hope you steer it in the direction you want to go.
  5. Bye Jugga. It's sad to see you go, you were a great member of the staff team.
  6. Smmbod

    Millipede Song

    Of course, it's hypnotizing. All the pretty colors and the melodic voice of the millipede add up to a mind altering message! Obey the millipede! Gotta love magical moon millipedes.
  7. Smmbod

    Millipede Song

    This song... it's too catchy! Be careful if you listen to it, you can't get it out of your head until you start singing it out loud. It truly is a masterpiece, that really portrays the millipede as the amazing creature of grandeur and august that just makes me want to say "Gee! That's probably the swankiest bug out in space!" I speak the truth my friends.
  8. Happy birthday Wolf! :D
  9. Dr. Annoying somehow finds a way to make everything awkward. He puts his hand on your shoulder and says to the whole table "So how we doing?" And he creepily stares until we all answer him. I've never actually met his eyes, whenever he talks to me I just stare straight forward and respond to what he says, but he tapped on my shoulder repeatedly until I followed his gaze to the rainbow flag. "So? Why we talking about rainbows?" Yeah, he's one of the teachers who says "we" as if he is part of whatever group he is talking to. I think he just gravitates towards loud words, because when someone yells "CHICKEN!", he would go over and ask "So what's this I hear about chicken? What we talking about?" So I guess we said rainbow too loudly... and it's not like we always talk about rainbows, the one day we do happened to be the day when the entire school is rainbowfied. Probably not irony, but close. Oh and guess what? Some 6th grade kids were popping the balloons, and Dr. Annoying never even batted his glazed over eyes! But he hears rainbow and he comes running to snuff out the disturbance! AGH!
  10. Happy birthday mecmax!!!! :D And congratz on helper! Also...
  11. Smmbod

    For the Bronys

    @IgbarX Well a hue, as Mooss stated, is a shade or color (the hue Rarity was referring to) but the "petting zoo with tiny EWES" as Fluttershy said, a ewe is an adult female sheep who can produce offspring. Hope that clears up any confusion. P.S And yes, the crystal fair song is amazingly addicting. I can listen to it 20 times and not realize it...
  12. Smmbod

    For the Bronys

    (POSSIBLE SPOILERS!) Season 3 was amazing! Best episode ever! (That's a stretch, but it was great nonetheless.) Better than I was expecting to be honest. Although I didn't see Derpy Hooves which is a negative, and the villain was kind of meh. I can't remember his name, something like somber or something of that nature. I'm glad it introduced new stuff, Crystal Ponies are boss.
  13. Smmbod

    It's time. My goodbye

    I'll miss you so much Jamie You were the best owner the internet has ever known! I hope we'll at least hear from you a bit. We'll do our best to keep JR great!
  14. NPCs are much smarter than we realize. Their minds exist on a plane of existence our brains cannot even comprehend. They let us steal their wheat and potatoes because they don't really even exist, much less need to eat. The intense thought they posses allows them to know exactly what kinds of things the denizens of this world would want, and each citizen conjures that item from the nether, trading it for a green gem that powers their street lamps. The houses are also part of this trading process, because everyone knows that a good NPC village must be razed before it is of any use. These buildings are created as anchors in this dimension for the NPCs. That's my explanation, and remember kids, don't over think things.
  15. Smmbod

    Wii U

    Well personally I think it is innovative enough to carry it along. The Wii was too limited with its game choice, mostly geared toward children and families. Call of Duty didn't feel right with a nunchuck in one hand and the wii remote in the other... Adding more games will allow it to compete with ps3 and xbox, and also appeal to older gamers with the new games, adding completely new franchises to its selection. As for the tablet, I loved the sound of it back when Wii U was announced and now that I've seen it in full effect, I can say that I think it will be enough to give the system enough distinction to carry it along. The map/gear/stats screen on the bottom is a genius way to utilize the potential of it and clean up the HUD with things that other systems wouldn't have anywhere else to put. In a sense, it's almost like a DS on a big screen. And the fact that you can also play the game on the tablet while the TV is being used is also a great feature to implement. But that raises one question... if this is meant for families, having one tablet to fight over doesn't really promote family bonding... The graphics are in the middle, it has much better capability than the Wii but even compared to PS3 and Xbox, it falls a bit short. I really hope nintendo makes some kind of online system, even if you have to pay. The friend/wifi codes just doesn't do it for me anymore. I'm actually planning to buy this when it is released, probably as an early Christmas present for myself... or the family >_< If the console opens up it's game portfolio a bit more to older gamers and develops an online system like Xbox live, I think it can hold it's own in the long run.
  16. Smmbod

    Random Thoughts

    I hate the emergency system >_< I'd rather have a high pitched voice yell "Danger! Danger! Something dangerous is happening! DANGER!" than the horrible sounds it sends piercing into your ears... WAAUUUUAAAAAHH! WAAUUUAAAAHH!
  17. Smmbod

    Random Thoughts

    YAY! There's hope for me! The winds are 34 MPH here, and the silly superintendent won't decide whether to cancel school... so if you're cancelled for 21, maybe 34 is enough to make him choose wisely.
  18. Smmbod

    Random Thoughts

    A poem by Smmbod WEATHER Whether the weather is bad or whether the weather is good, just remember that whenever or wherever the weather tethers, you will weather the weather, whether the weather can be weathered or whether the weather is nether weather. If you read it enough times, the word weather doesn't look like a word
  19. Hrmm... since no one has said it, I believe the duty falls to me: Staff can haz cheezburger
  20. Pokemon was my major obsession in 2nd-3rd grade. The entire school was completely taken over by Pokemon... and I was awful at it. How can one be awful at Pokemon?! Not sure, but I could NEVER remember the types. All I knew is that fire burns grass, water puts out fire, and grass for some reason does a lot to water. After Heart Gold/ Soul Silver, I could never actually finish a game... so perhaps I should start again with this game! Marriland was also really awesome. Still it is seems. Oh and if you like Pokemon, you probably already know this, but has a lot of info on the new games and changes and content and such, and it even tells you when events come in case you don't get those silly newsletters from Toys R Us...
  21. Smmbod

    This Might be GoodBye

    I'll miss you Iggy ... JR won't really be the same without you... even though I can play TF2 with you whenever I want and I can still... you know... see you in real life, but It still will feel different knowing that you won't be there. Literally everything I've learned about minecraft came from you. You're the reason I started playing it of course... to be honest, there needs to be one of you on the staff team, just to keep the server alive, as Alex said. You were probably the craziest staff member, but also one of the easiest to relate to and most likable... you made everything fun, and gave life to an already life-filled server. But I suppose I can understand. Whenever one neglects (for lack of a better term) a duty of any kind, it always tugs at the back of your mind. You don't fully want to go back, but you know it would be the right thing to do. But that's why it's wrong. Being a staff member is a huge privilege and an honor, but it is by no means a required thing. You aren't a staff member because you have to be, you are a staff member because you are good enough to support and help a cause, whatever it may be. I know I should probably say I hope you come back, but in truth, I don't fully want that. If you were to come back, I don't think your heart would be in it enough. So I'm sure, on behalf of everyone at JR, I'd like to thank you for everything you've done for us. ~Smmbod