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    Smmbod reacted to Jamie for news, Recent Changes   
    Were you working on Minecraft?
    Yes, I did some major updates and changes for the upcoming new JR V4, with a whole new gameplay mode and some amazing things, the change log is as follows:

    - Switched Servers
    - View Distance now set to 12
    - Increased RAM and CPU allotments
    - Removed 1.2.5 old world survival
    - Removed old zombies and zombies 2 world
    - Removed RPG and Private Island
    - Removed space
    - Moved NLTekkit in to own directory
    - Disabled Space plugin
    - Edited the world file so worlds are not loaded up again that were removed
    - Cleaned up the 20 GB SQL database and transfered
    - Deleted Citizens old config folder
    - Removed hyperconomy folder
    - Updated iConomy mysql
    - Updated Registration system mysql
    - Updated Stat system
    - Updated lwc
    - Updated logblock
    - Updated JRVotes
    - Fixed Autoannouncer
    - Removed any unneeded config files
    - Removed Virtual Pack / portable workbench crap <--- Causing all the problems with server crash
    - Removed mcMMO, causing mysql Fuck ups, we will bring a better levelling system back soon
    - Updated JR Chat
    - Updated JR Nicks
    - Wiped ops list (security reasons)
    - Updated rtoolkit
    - Removed old script that used to save from ram disk, never knew it was still trying to run,.
    - Updated auto restart crash script
    - Updated bukkit
    - Fixed issue causing some people to login to Survive
    - Updated JRGuests
    - Transfered Survival to new server
    - Transfered to point to the new server

    As you can see, a pile of updates. More to come.

    Ok, so what about Tekkit?
    Tekkit will be worked on soon, we will be moving it to the new server also and we will work on some small updates, We may be in favour of replacing Tekkit with a Feed The Beast server due to the fact Tekkit is buggy and hardly fixed up at all.

    And the rest of JR?
    I personally and callum (Watching, taking notes) am creating a new JRNetwork website from scratch, Everything will be transfered to the new server but yeah it's going to be good It'll be easier, more simple and will have more features!

    Also there will be:
    - An official xbox 360 clan
    - An official PC clan
    - A staff event every friday called No work fridays, all staff are ordered to play a game together and let me handle JR. This is to improve motivation.

    There is a lot to come and for you guys who didn't know, I am back at JR but will only be working on it in my free time and staff are a huge part of JR and will work on JR when I have to go out or have personal matters to attend to.
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    Smmbod reacted to Jamie for news, Yes I'm Back - And Boy Things Are Gonna get Awesome!   
    What's going to happen now I'm back?

    - Bigger server for the website, minecraft and steam servers
    - JR will be able to run on less funding
    - JR's website will be getting some well needed updates to it's theme
    - JRCraft rewrite? Including a big RPG element as well as survival and a new creative setup <-- This is underway, don't worry it's been planned out by the whole team to consider every little element to make JRCraft awesome
    - NLTekkit will be taken a look at to see how we can improve it
    - Competition to give away a JR Tshirt signed by me and kevin and a cup OMG!
    - Halo 4 clan? No wayyy!

    So yes, we have tons planned, let's get to work guys! (Staff there will be a staff meeting soon, ill get someone to set it up)
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    Smmbod reacted to Jamie for news, It's time. My goodbye   
    Yeah, shocker and if you clicked readmore I'm guessing your wanting to know more.

    So why am I leaving?

    JR has been great yes, but in another aspect view It has been the worst time of my life. Since I started JR in school, when I was 13 I worked on JR constantly till now. It ruined my education, a good relationship with my parents and it's getting in the way of something more meaningful to me. I'm tired, I'm constantly upset and I have had no time because what ever I do, JR was always there needing my assistance.

    I have been sucked in to the deep end and it's been so hard to get out of the internet is great, but when you work on it for most of your teenage life after your teenage life is over you finally realize that damn, I have missed so damn much.

    What's going to happen to JR?
    Even though I started JR, I'm not shutting it down, all JR related services will be left open and they will be handled by the staff team that I have built. We have already talked in the staff meeting and yes while the staff did get slightly shocked, and possibly teary I believe that they will come out of my shadow and show JR what a staff team really is.

    A couple of heart felt mentions:

    Kevin: You mate have helped make JR what it is today, JR was originally going to be about everything while you gave me the idea to build something different a better gaming and technology community. I believe with all the goals, plans and ideas we had together. This was the main one and we did it dude. I'd like to say sorry to you as well because in time JR got in the way of our friendship and it got in the way of your life, especially when I came to yours for a little fun at times, it turned termoil and hell broke loose on JR

    Ruppi & Peter:
    I really didn't know who to choose first but since you were promoted to moderator, admin and founder at the same time I believe it's gotta be done this way. JR was made yours as much as I made it mine, you helped me grow, expand and get this community to flourish. It's been a blast and I'm sorry we really haven't socialized since we met. We have never really had one serious conversation about our lives and all it's been is stuff with JR.
    Thank you for sticking with me for so long, you made things really happen.

    Leslee & Robert:
    Leslee You of all people have kept me sane, been a mother to me per say and kept me from the verge of insanity, you helped me beat my depression, you helped me fund what JR is today. Without you of all people I would not have been able to keep running JR for this long. I know your going to try to talk me out of this, but please respect that I need to get my life back. Thank you for helping me in keeping what little of my life I have left. I hope you will be able to understand even though I know you most of all will be the mos upset why I have to do this.

    Robert: you wanted a friendly server to play on, because you felt it was too hard to run one, I'm glad I was there to provide that for you and your family, thanks for been a hardworking admin when your job allowed.

    You mate have been brilliant, while I didn't want to let you down and leave I have to mate. Thank you for been there when I first started, for helping us evolve with all our gaming servers and for keeping us online when I needed someone way past my expertise, I just hope you can help JR still and I hope you enjoy it

    Joe, Ryan, Joesph, Tim and Evonne
    It wouldn't be fair if I singled you guys out, you all worked insanely hard for me, you made me proud to say that you worked on my admin team.

    Damian Scheck:
    No I didn't forget you mate, You helped create JR when we started too, even though you had college and not enough time eventually for JR, it's worth noting I'm glad I helped you learn english as I remember you came to JR to learn and I know your pretty decent at talking english now

    Callum & Abby:
    JR always was my dream to bring people together, but I never thought that in a million years I could start a relationship from two seperate people in two different countries. It's amazing to me that I brought you two together, I hope that for me, you won't have any issues in your relationship and thanks to both of you for working on JR so hard.

    Moderators & Helpers:

    To date you guys have had one of the most important and influential roles on JR, you have moderated, kept cool heads and while yes at times we all had our disagreements. Thank you for helping me out at JR.

    MCBlock.IT & Planet Minecraft Team:
    While JR has been a part of my life, you guys also came in to the field too tied with JR, I'm sorry to say that I'm also taking leave of my responsibilities at the two sites and thank you guys for giving me a chance to contribute to the projects.

    Guys, don't ever blame yourselves for me leaving, this was not sparked off from anyone but me. It's hard to stop something like this but it's time I took my leave and that I have the time to get my entire life back on track

    For the people who said JR died it hasn't its more alive than ever, for the people who said it will die, it won't it'll keep running I'm sure.

    Will I return ever?
    I can't say, simple It's too hard to guess but in my view in passing yes but as in getting back on the team, no. I'm sorry but it was going to come to this sometime, My life or JR.

    For all the members that joined JR, payed donations, kept JR fun thank you. I appreciate it and I hope that you too will understand why.
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    Smmbod reacted to Jamie for news, New York - Hurricane Sandy   
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    Smmbod reacted to Jamie for news, The JR Minecraft Servers   
    We believe we started Tekkit up to early, we weren't ready, we rushed, (Actually I rushed out the release) and in the end we attracted a lot of attention that we were not ready for, we have security holes that caused massive amounts of consecutive griefing, had issues with plugins, Buildcraft failed after it glitched out due to Logblock and different things around the map.

    Well, let's just say. We have understood where we went wrong, we have started to reconstruct the entire server, from scratch.
    After 2 days, we have worked non stop as a team, we (Me and Egeman) have fixed server stability, the server doesn't crash, we have tried everything so far and the only way to crash it would be to regenerate half of the map in one go (Which will never happen) we have really looked in to tekkit to find out where we went wrong before and lets just say, some of the smallest tweaks to the tekkit system have made a huge, huge difference.
    The map has been reset, yes I know, we don't like resets, but this was a major thing causing server stability, mainly because our rolling back system caused map corruption and therefore, literal puff. Nothing we could do. We have put in place methods now of rolling back that will not cause an issue. Also the map now has a tutorialed spawn to help newbies to tekkit, we have various towns, spawning points that will help you find a spot in the wild.

    We are hoping to re-release this server tonight. Now, that is if everything is ok. We will be on a beta period for a few days to weeks but we believe as I am writing this, our server is 99% complete in the plugin aspect.

    We believe the US server will set a new high in stability at JR, so far our tests have proven that we are stable.

    Due to us having two Tekkit servers, (Cause less lag for the European / american users, based on location) We have also agreed as a team to completely restart the european tekkit. This will be done possibly tomorrow with the same configuration as the US server when we are sure that everything is a - ok.

    While this server is stable, we didn't rush anything but we believe we missed a couple of things that users want.
    - Users want to build
    - Users want to have factions.
    - Staff will have coloured names.
    Also due to a hiccup a staff members accedentially spawned diamonds and then everyone got diamond armour etc.
    - We will be resetting all inventories
    Therefore outside of the main spawn will be wilderness and have factions. You will then be able to make a faction, make a base and kill, destroy other peoples bases, raid, war, you name it.
    The ranking system will stay the same with you gaining ranks as you PVP. You won't need to register at JR for this world but for platinum features you will have to have an account.

    We believe change is good, so far we haven't really re-arranged JR Craft.
    We at this time believe we will have a real turn around to JRCraft. Fixing several bugs with our chat, listing systems and we will be re-arranging some plugins to make things easier.
    We will also be removing the loginhub and we will setup a new survival world with the login hub. The old survival that is currently on will stay, with inventorys linked to the new world so you will be able to either move your stuff over, or alternativly start from scratch.
    - More ideas will come to mind and when we do start work on JRCraft we will post a big bug fix and information set.

    We hope you will understand what we are doing and why we are going to do this. This is the future. We will be completely focused on our main points.

    We will be stable, we will be feature packed and we will have no lag.

    Time to work our arses off, ETA's on completion for each project will be posted when we have a full feature list down, NLTekkit US has an eta of tonight at midnight or later.

    Enjoy JR,
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    Smmbod reacted to Jamie for news, JRCraft - New Website   
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    Smmbod reacted to Jamie for news, Latest JRCraft and No Lag Tekkit Updates   
    Pretty cool huh?

    NoLagTekkit items disabled
    Let's face it, we don't want to disable tekkit items but some are needed to be removed as they bypass bukkit all together and cause huge issues with griefing, we have only disabled these to protect NoLagTekkit for the for-seeable future.

    Watch of Flowing Time - Messes with the server time, could cause potential lag/crashes
    (HKLens) Hyperkinetic Lens - Causes untraceable explosions from far distances
    (HCLens) Catalytic Lens - Same as Hyperkinetic Lens
    (NovaC1) Nova Catalyst - Untraceable explosion
    (NovaC2) Nova Cataclysm - Bigger untraceable explosion
    Red Matter Plus *Infernal Armour* - Explodes causing devestating untraceable effect
    Dark Matter Armour "" ""

    New membership coming?
    That's right.

    We want it to be easy for users to be able to donate and get amazing things from JR so...

    What will premium membership consist of?
    Premium Membership Only Contests and prizes
    Additional Website Features (Unlimited Upload Space (For photos, blogs and forum attachments), Additional Forums, More JR cash gained by posting, bigger private message inbox and more message participants)
    Ability to switch on free webhosting (With clan website)
    Additional Minecraft Benefits (Can login when server is full, No block restrictions, Godmode + Heal, Full TP permissions (Apart from TPO), Unlimited Warp Setting, Block doors (Only available on JRTekkit), Clan creation, Any more features we add with a specific kinda perk)
    Access to public weekly staff meetings on mumble. (Yes screw google hangouts, sooo annoying :/)
    Priority client support
    Access to coupon codes first
    Beta access to any new JR Service (Or in Minecraft (World)) first
    This membership will work on any JRService that has the support, currently NLTekkit and JRCraft.

    What will happen to existing Gold and Platinum users

    For been a premium subscriber to JR, you will receive the same price of 4€'s monthly for premium instead of the new price and you will automatically switch to Premium Membership

    How much will this new awesome package be?

    The new package will cost 5€ and you will be able to purchase it in any currency that you wish, it'll be automatically transferred on payment by Paypal.

    Discount for paying 3 monthly of 5%, half a year 10% and a year 15%.

    That's all for now guys, Happy JRing!
    The Rebel
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    Smmbod reacted to Jamie for news, Why does JR have staff members?   
    Helpers (The guys to talk to first):

    - Guiding you around JRNetwork and JRCraft / JRTekkit
    - Kicking users that are causing issues on JRCraft / JRTekkit
    - Tutorials on small things and information

    Moderators (The guys to talk to second):
    - Website reports are dealt with by these users
    - Problematic users causing spam, distress, annoyance around JR
    - Fixing grief reports around JRCraft and JRTekkit (If you have a report don't ask a member of staff just do ./report (little information on report)
    - Cleaning up bits of land on JRCraft, JRTekkit that look a mess.
    - Advanced help, worldguard moderation
    - Banning users breaking the rules
    - Events setting up

    Admins and Founders (The big guys that you should talk to lastly)
    - Website issues, maintenance
    - Decisions on perma bans and unbans
    - Staff internal moderation (Admins control helpers and moderators)
    - Issues that can not be resolved by talking to Moderators
    - Server reboots (If necessary and are given authentication by Jamie)
    - News posts
    - Decision making on events that hand out prizes
    - Literally every other question

    Me, Jamie, rebel24, The Owner / Boss (The person you only talk to in a REAL emergency)
    I'm not going to bother making a list with this, I have so many responsibilities its unbelievable. Right now on my task list that my staff members use to notify me of things that need getting done is huge. And why have I not been able to sort out these things on my task list? Because constantly I'm harassed by users on skype that think just because they have my skype can contact me a hundred times a day asking for this and that, I'm also constantly asked in JRCraft and JRTekkit to handle little things and also via email.

    Please remember I'm one guy. We have staff members for a reason. From now on if users try to contact me via personal information that I have given them I will send them this one link and then if they carry on it'll be an instant block from my contact list. Look I really don't want to be mean but I don't have time anymore to be helping everyone with everything. I need to have more of a life than JR.

    Remember this phrase:

    If you think it's an easy fix contact a helper first, it probably is

    Thanks for understanding!
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    Smmbod reacted to Jamie for news, Staff Changes   
    I will be working on the website today and tomorrow, simplifying somethings as well as adding a better staff page for users to see the staff team.

    Have a good day,
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    Smmbod reacted to Jamie for news, Zombie Survival - JRCraft   
    So yeah, we have added zombie survival at JRCraft. To play just go to /warp zombies

    - No building in the world
    - Player vs Zombies only
    - PVP is off
    - Chests respawn the same / random items every 30 minutes
    - There are many chests scattered around the world
    - There are towns to hide in and more!

    Just run! Run while you can!

    Also other updates:

    - Removed Scavenger and replaced it with /backpack
    - Gold members can use /backpack upgrade
    - Updated Disguisecraft
    - Installed fireworks mod
    - Updated bukkit
    - Updated /recipe
    - Limited zombies to 1000 in the zombie map due to huge lag
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    Smmbod reacted to Jamie for news, JRCraft Warping   
    Hope you enjoy the additional feature for citizens
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    Smmbod reacted to Jamie for news, New JRCraft Server -> Yeah seriously   
    Change of location be bad?

    No, Chicago has a brilliant connection to everyone around the world, American and Australian clients will see a way better ping but European clients won't be affected much.

    So whats left to do to get us back up and running?

    Currently we are configuring the server environment on JR to put our Minecraft server layer which we call JRCraft V2.0.6 on to the server. As soon as this layer is on we will be booting up and getting back to normal, nothing will be lost and we will then sort out a backup system to our Main JR nodes.

    We hope to get this done within a 2 hour time span It took around 45 minutes to transfer and get working

    Please be aware we are using a new IP: and will not resolve to the new server. Remember to tell your friends!

    We are sorry for the downtime and recent issues, we hope we will be back up and working way better soon

    See you back online soon!
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    Smmbod reacted to Jamie for news, JR Craft V1.0 Survival Removal   
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    Smmbod reacted to Jamie for news, JRCraft V2.0 Beta Online   
    We hope you help support us
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    Smmbod reacted to Jamie for news, Protect yourself! Read here!   
    We hope you follow some of this information to protect yourself.
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    Smmbod reacted to Jamie for news, JR Craft's Website   
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    Smmbod reacted to Jamie for news, Addition of features to JR   
    We are looking to creating a 3D Javascript, jquery way of showing the skins. I'm going to jump to our #1 JS developer James Brumond to see if he can come up with something cool

    I have edited the minecraft builds database too, we will start using this more to drag out the best projects and showcase stuff around JR.

    While it is a mess right now, the functionality is there, I am trying to really improve it and I will if I get stuck get other developers to help boost the functionality of the system.

    Another new feature I have added is an online side block showing the Online Users, this is in beta testing and I need to tweak it slightly but it's getting there.

    Caching at JR.

    To improve speeds of loading and processing JR will be caching more information, this means it doesn't have to re process it every page load, Every side bar block will be cached for a period of 5 minutes, meaning it will only update and add new content every 5 minutes. This is to calm down server load from JR

    I heard about a charity event?

    Well yes, I have come up with a charity event idea, while the charity is unknown currently we will be having a 24 hour non stop minecraft event on JR of adventure. Where I will basically play the game fully for the first time as, I never get time to play minecraft I thought it'd be a good way to interact in the community and show some publicity to JR, I will also be inviting anyone to come and stick around and help out.

    I will be contacting parties such as Bebopvox and the Yogscast to see if they are interested in helping out raise some money, I'm sure they'd love the idea.

    The event will most proberly live streamed.

    When would it start? As soon as we have migrated to 1.3 and upgraded our server to the new hardware found at: we will announce a date.

    Minecraft 1.3 Information
    Minecraft 1.3 is to be released on August the 1st. JR will be able to start upgrading and working on the server a week before as there will be a release candidate for us to test with.

    When Minecraft 1.3 is out please don't update till we tell you too as it could limit your access to the server till we fully update, Which will be around 2 days after release.

    Don't fret JR has an update proceedure we are going to follow as always and get us running as soon as possible, we are ready and waiting for the update and as soon as it is released we will be working on the server non stop to get it ready for you guys.

    What will change?

    Nothing, Same map, same items (and new items), JR should still function as it was on 1.2.5 but with the additional features of 1.3, Remember 1.3 isn't the mod API update, that's postponed to 1.4.

    JR has always been the best to help users transition to the new update of minecraft, we know you don't like map changes and we try to avoid map resets if possible, there may be a compulsory map change for 1.4 / 1.5 but for now we will have to wait and see. We also know you like JR to be running asap with most of the plugins, we work non stop to get our plugins up to date and we do this live while JR is online. Functionality as normal is normally restored fully within a week.

    We hope you like the information and the new resources we are developing for you
    Talk soon,
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    Smmbod reacted to Jamie for news, Server Upgrade?   
    AS well as this to expand even more we are thinking of opening a guest building world or survival which will draw more users.

    Now the cost:

    Setup fee incl one month of hosting: 148 Euro's
    Monthly Fee: 89.99 Euro

    So how does that compare to our current server?

    We are currently paying for minecraft: 99.99 Euro a month! For our kickass current server. But with the new server it will have less lag from network latency as its based in Germany and has a way better peer to america and other places such as Australia

    How can you help to purchase the new server?

    - Purchase gold or platinum membership from our store:
    - Donate to us at the left hand side

    When are we hoping to get the funds and when are we thinking of purchasing it?

    We are hoping to get the full money in the next 10 days and purchase it the following day as we would like to transfer before we have to renew the current server again. It's a big move but will take me (jamie) around an hour to do it after I have had a day to setup the server. I'm boss like that

    As for the 65$ I have already that must go to pay for the website server, as thats costing us 89 Euro a month: I will be paying the additional fee needed personally.

    Personal note:

    We really do appreciate the support and the donations we get, we want to make JR great, this server, our 4 million page views last month, the changes we are doing to our network and our growth is making JR reach a level of greatness no other server or website has seen before!

    I would purchase this server but all I have for the week is 20 euro's as I'm only working part time 2 days a week and I have just had a hellish time with bills and food expenses :/

    I'd like to say a personal thanks to make JR grow how big it is and I will continue to work on it making it better now. I'm also quitting my parttime job shortly to work on JR even more -> Then I may go back to education (But we shall see, that's if I can't get another job, college)

    Also to clear up the rumours, I am planning to make JR a business, it has been my dream but I will never be in it for the money and I never will, all my current funding goes right back into JR, I'm pumping JR making it better and bigger each day!
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    Smmbod reacted to  Flaw for news, JR Craft's Best Home - Results   
    The winner is rstoy, gaining a clear lead eventually with the highest number of votes for his fortress-like home. Rstoy's home also boasts of a tower which is modeled after the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington. His entry can be seen

    The runner-up is hotstuff8398, whose three-story, spacious home has bagged the second highest number of votes. His entry can be seen .

    The prizes are as follows:

    Rstoy receives... a set of highest enchanted diamond tools, and experience points for 150 levels.

    Hotstuff8398 receieves... three stacks each of clay, bricks, smooth stone, mossy stone, and glass, along with enough experience points for 100 levels of enchantments.

    Please ask any Administrator online to give you your prizes.
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    Smmbod reacted to Jamie for news, Platinum Membership Confirmed   
    There will be more to come but for now that's all we will release information on
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    Smmbod reacted to Jamie for news, Update Changelog 01/07/2012   
    We at JR hope you stick with us as we are starting to prepare for 1.3 and laying out plans with the community soon with what to do when 1.3 actually does get released.

    As for more at JR we will be releasing more crucial and exciting updates including the new RPG world! It's going to be awesome at JR so stick around
    - Jamie
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    Smmbod reacted to k3v_o - Bringer of Dark Me for news, Competition Time   
    In this competition you are required to be as creative as possible, and i don't mean your standard house, or tower. You are allowed to build as big as you want, but you must keep it within the area assigned for the competition, at /warp creativecomp. You may also build around the 2 rivers at both sides and use that to your advantage if needs be. 1 entry per person and also only one member can work on each build and if it is found that you had help you will be disqualified.

    The prize will be awarded to the entry which we see to be the best and all members may enter. If a member of staff or a helper wins a prize then the award will go to the person who came behind them.

    The prizes are:

    1st Place: 1 month gold membership
    2nd Place: 2 weeks gold membership
    3rd Place: 1 month Citizen+ membership

    You will have until the 29th of june at 6am GMT to complete your entry and we will then announce the winner at 12pm GMT of the same day.

    One more thing, I will expand the area if it is needed so don't worry if you think you might run out of room to build.

    Happy building,

    PS. MLP is epic xD
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    Smmbod reacted to Jamie for news, JR Craft Updates!   
    Added Follow command for users like World of warcraft follow /follow (user) use /follow stop to stop following users.
    Added Nicknames for gold + /nick
    Added noise notification when you say someone's real minecraft username to alert you
    Added breaking of glass when you smash through it or fire an arrow through it, Don't worry it will regenerate after a period of time. Gold members only!
    Updated war arenas to fix some glitches with inventories etc.
    Added invisibility to members of staff.
    Disabled xray prevention in creative to stop lag.
    Allowance of 100 block blockdoors for creative users
    Removal of the spamguard issue causing spamguard to freak when you say avo inside words.

    Hope you enjoy the new additions at JR
    - Jamie
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    Smmbod reacted to Jamie for news, JR Craft - Skyblock   
    Hope you enjoy this new game!
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    Smmbod reacted to  Flaw for news, JR Craft Building Competition - Revised Results   
    Hence forth, the members with the next most votes have been declared as the consolation prize winners. Both kav0503 and xlucic17x are being awarded 1 month Gold membership each.

    Please respond below to claim your prizes.