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  1. Happy 23rd Birthday Jamie. Hope you party hardy but safely as you're in another country now. have fun!!
  2. I don't make them because I don't keep them
  3. Are we eligible to win the prizes? If so I want a cup too
  4. Man I don't write anything in a while and someone thinks this is the place to spam ...WRONG!
  5. Well another year is getting ready to pass ....I hope 2016 is better than 2015 was. :)


  6. You will find as you get older you just don't have time to hang out on Forums or games. We all still come back once in a while we didn't abandon JR's. If I get a build in mind I will pop on and build it....still waiting on inspiration. Love and miss you all. Leslee
  7. Wow 4 years have come and gone. :D

  8. Yes I am still alive ....just too darn busy ...I keep checking on y'all.

    1. AnioNovus


      Good to hear you are alive! And good thing to check in and make sure I haven't gone to crazy :P

      Take care and hopefully you get some rest at some time! Being busy can take a lot from yeh.. :/ college has taught me that one lol.

    2. Alex
  9. Looking good many new things improves with age. Sorry I have not been around to see the changes ..I am trying toi sell my house take care of my mother and now move my business...little time to breath let alone play ,...I will be back to play soon though
  10. Try down loading Spybot search and destroy. It works for me every time. It's free. Also try Avast free home version and run it.
  11. L for Love .....Leslee ....Loot (aka money) loads of things
  12. I'm sorry I have not been on lately. I go on facebook and do a few things there then fall asleep. I need to stop that cause it's not getting what I need to do done. I have been getting my house ready to sell ...well I am ready if it will sell. I will do my best to check in more often and play when I can. I miss you all.
  13. BarberMiss

    Revamping JR

    Agreed work an 8 hour day 4 or 5 days a week or take care of a parent....some of us use Minecraft to escape reality or we might just go mad. That being said ...sorry I have not been around I have been dealing with the death of my dear friend and mom's sitter and then trying to replace mom's sitter's been a very rough 2 weeks. Hopefully to calm down now.