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  1. It would be nice to know who the other contestant were ...lol So I'll help. 1. Samtiz - Jamie Tee 2. Torchwood_Two - Hidden Knight Rider lair * SECOND PLACE 3. Mirargeman - Missy 4. torchwood_one - Borris the Vanquisher 5. Chris - Formula One car with red-stone features * WINNER!
  2. What causes the name tags to not show a name on pets. Miri has a cat and he named a long time ago and it shows but most recent ones do not show on cats or dogs. I know it's minor. but I did buy the tag from a villager...lol
  3. Nine and a half years I have known you .... 18 to 28? My memory is bad ...but I think I'm right. Happy Birthday Jamie ...Miss chats with you.
  4. I am going to my oldest Niece's house for Christmas. Her house is bigger and better space for partying. This will be my first Christmas without Mom. I'm sure it's going to be a little difficult but I know she is in a better play ...with my Dad and the other who have gone on before her. I hope that everyone gets what they wish for most this year ...and no one has been hit by this nasty Pandemic. I wish for everyone to be Safe, Healthy and most of all Happy. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah & Happy Kwanzaa !
  5. YES! thanks for trying ..Qwerty won with the answer of 55.
  6. welcome to the game ....your really chilly less chilly
  7. close You sure you want to joke about it ...it's kind if close
  8. My new number is between 1 and 100. ...... Go!
  9. Shall we continue? Or have we lost the audience ?
  10. lol funny I thought of 21 a ways back but said ...naaa
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