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  1. Roberto

    Member Question

    Yup, alive and well. I've been staff on another server and just wanted to stop by. Sadly, that server's on 1.6.2, but once we're up to date, expect me on JR more. Too many good memories.
  2. Roberto

    Member Question

    It's... been about 2 years since I was demoted from moderator, so I wouldn't know too well with the new staff and all, but if I had to take a guess, I'd have to say... 16-20? I'm not sure who's still on board.
  3. Roberto

    For the Bronys

    Got so close to accidentally reading those...
  4. Roberto

    For the Bronys

    Not gonna advertise or anything, but the pony server I go to has a scale model that looks fantastic.
  5. Roberto

    For the Bronys

    Opinions: Why. Thoughts: Why. Are you seeing it?: Nope. Just wish it wasn't around every single corner.
  6. Roberto

    For the Bronys

    You scared me shitless the second I started reading, as I thought this was a new episode summary.
  7. Roberto

    For the Bronys

    Alright, I'll check it out. Yeah, googled the Oh You! Dog. This came up...
  8. Roberto

    For the Bronys

    Also, I want to know who you think is best pony! I say Lyra! No real reason. Maybe this cute picture? I mean, come on, can you say no to this? My stories.
  9. Roberto

    For the Bronys

    SINK THOSE SHIPS PEOPLE OH MY GOFHDSIFHDSLKNFSDKJFSDKJGFUIEG(P_*$#N: TB)N*(B#(W)$U_ T$ *(WH_T OKDWMFHLSD<>LNM SJF s I know what you mean. I see you comment on so many of the stories I read, along with other people. But what's best is seeing someone who has a great story I'm reading like and favorite one of my stories and commenting on it.
  10. Roberto

    For the Bronys

    I gotta admit, that episode was really great.
  11. Roberto

    For the Bronys

    Nah, it was a fun read in my opinion.
  12. Roberto

    For the Bronys

    Ah, I saw that. I didn't like it.
  13. Roberto

    For the Bronys

    It's opinionated, but I believe you are. The animation is fantastic, the voice acting superb, the characters diverse, the story fleshed out, and the humor contains cartoon violence and some pretty good jokes. I'd say it's a show worth watching alone, but what makes up for it is the fantastic community and fandom that's behind it, including music, animations, etc.
  14. Roberto

    For the Bronys

    If you're thinking about doing it, leave it to Radfa. I can't manage to put the cutie mark.
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