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  1. There appeared to have been some issues with the config files for our servers so I have reimplemented the engram overrides for the upgrade station so that should now be fixed and capitalism should now work on ragnarok.
  2. I'm not sure if this is possible as imprinting amounts, baby timers etc are global variables and some are set by ark anyway as far as I know and we can't change them as far as I am aware
  3. It really does sound like the upgrade station is bugged because it takes quite a lot of resources to upgrade stuff to MC. Also Ascendant upgrades are only possible if the upgrade station skips a tier with MC and goes straight to Ascendant so that is nothing to worry about. Also it should be locked to players until they reach level 210. Personally I am fine with everything else, if people want them changed we will hold a vote and go from there. Limiting what items from the better narcotics mod can be crafted is a fairly simple fix tbh.
  4. Currency mod

    I'm personally leaning towards Capitalism because it has a range of other mods that we could also implement in the future.
  5. Mod request

    Tek helper already covers the features of the two mods you asked me to comment on
  6. Mod request

    Sorry for the late reply. Tek helper allows for the crafting of element within the player inventory... it also has the ability to unlock tek engrams which was disabled after the community agreed it was way too overpowered
  7. True facts about Jamie!

    Jamie likes to bump topics about himself because it feeds his ego
  8. Hi this is part of our server review series of topics this one focuses on the maps we are using on the servers. We are looking to remove servers that aren't used so we ask you to answer to these questions truthfully
  9. Ragnarok empty

    This has now been sorted. Sorry for the delay, I have been busy with university and haven't been checking the site too often.
  10. We have just updated to 272 which includes an update to the ragnarok map Current Version: v272.0 - Fixed a server crash that some hosts were getting after uninstalling certain mods. - Re-Added "My Survivors" menu option - Temporarily removed HDR option, was causing some graphics issues at the moment. - Big Ragnarok update: 20% more map area, various changes and fixes, full Ragnarok notes here: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/260921-ragnarok-sw-desert-update-1011/
  11. Server suggestion: primitive plus

    Even though Primitive Plus was added as Official DLC as are The Centre and Ragnarok it is up to the developers of the modifications to continue developing and supporting them and not up to Wildcard
  12. What do you think of privacy?

    Then there is the suppressed EU study from 2014 which has come to light as well https://www.kitguru.net/tech-news/featured-tech-news/damien-cox/piracy-doesnt-hurt-sales-says-withheld-eu-study/
  13. Servers have been updated to the latest version. Patch notes are below: Current Version: v270 - New Weapon: Tek Sword (Charge-Attack and damages Metal & significantly pierces Armor when powered by Element) - New Armor: Tek Shield (Reflects incoming projectiles/bullets when powered by Element) - New Structure: Tek Light (Attaches to any surface and can be either independently powered by Element Shards in its Inventory, or traditionally powered via generators) - TrueSky memory usage fix - Fixed issue where clients would sometimes become disconnected after demolishing/destroying structures
  14. What happened to the ragnarok server?

    Edit: Now been sorted, thank for you bringing this to our attention. World has been rolled back to 2am this morning

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