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  1. Helper Applications Now Open!

    We have just added a Community Helper role, otherwise refereed to as the Helper role. I have created a forum for applications under General -> Forum Chat. The two posts that are visible contain all the following information: **For your application to be considered you must posted your application in the following format** Name: Timezone: Typical time online: Why do you want to become a helper? What is the easiest way to contact you: Do you understand what is required of a helper? What you have to do as a Helper (mostly helping :P): Help with directing members so that they can find what they want, this requires some familiarity with our website Help produce wiki articles with other members of staff Reporting issues to other staff members that you cannot solve yourself (e.g. Ark server needs a mod updated) Being helpful and willing to talk to other members of our community What does this get me? Promotion to the Helper role, which gives you a different coloured name on the forums! Access to a Helper only forum in which you can use to contact other staff members and discuss with other Helpers Could lead into a promotion to the Moderator role
  2. As someone who sinks way too much time into DCUO, end game stuff is so much fun and makes you want to carry on playing!
  3. Away starting from 1st July 2017 and returning home on the 11th July 2017. Going on holiday with my family
  4. I have just taken a look at the documentation for the mod and it can be customised in almost every aspect so we can limit upgrades that the station can do, and we can customise how many engram points it costs and at what level the engram is available
  5. I just voted for whatever was popular at the time as I am not really against these mods being installed as they do not seem to be that big
  6. mods

    As System said above the server can handle it, and Jamie keeps a stupidly close eye on the server load
  7. Is it this mod? I'm all for it, I think it would be a nice addition to the server
  8. We are fairly new to running Ark servers they haven't been running for long. I am personally new to the game, so I'm just sticking to the Island for now as opposed to moving between maps. We gained a lot of traffic last night as pointed out by Jamie. Also when do you play ark because it could be you just miss the other members
  9. We could have events on our Ark server where we temporarily increase the rates on the servers
  10. Just a mod I found that would allow for more diversity in our bases on the servers, and it expands on the tent functionality that is already in the game
  11. Fire Powered Raft

    From the album Fire Boat

  12. All mods listed on this page are on all of our servers unless stated otherwise Super Spyglass Structures Plus Resuable Plus Classic Flyers Small Resource Stacks AB Taming Sedative Wyvern Mating Kibble Table Advanced Rafts Pearl Converter Tek Helper Death Recovery MRRadTools.INC Content Pack LC Tent Tier Ragnarok Only Mods: Ragnarok Lore
  13. Admittedly I can't get shots like those from the galaxy map anymore because Nvidia disabled Ansel in the galaxy map with a driver update I believe so no more flying around the arks in the galaxy map to get really nice shots of them. But GeForce experience does have alt+f1 to take a screenshot so that gets spammed way too much in cut scenes Here is what I currently have my lock screen image set too