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  1. Servers have been updated to the latest version. Patch notes are below: Current Version: v270 - New Weapon: Tek Sword (Charge-Attack and damages Metal & significantly pierces Armor when powered by Element) - New Armor: Tek Shield (Reflects incoming projectiles/bullets when powered by Element) - New Structure: Tek Light (Attaches to any surface and can be either independently powered by Element Shards in its Inventory, or traditionally powered via generators) - TrueSky memory usage fix - Fixed issue where clients would sometimes become disconnected after demolishing/destroying structures
  2. What happened to the ragnarok server?

    Edit: Now been sorted, thank for you bringing this to our attention. World has been rolled back to 2am this morning
  3. Server suggestion: primitive plus

    Sounds like a good idea
  4. Suggestion: make phoenix's visible

    I am not opposed to such a change. I will be happy with implementing it as long as our other players are happy with it
  5. Ark Island Server

    Wild dinos are respawned daily as part of our automated maintenance
  6. Destiny 2 coming

    Destiny 1 has issues in production which caused the lack of story. I enjoy the gameplay of destiny 1 so in my opinion it is worth it. Also due to it being more MMO based than other shooter games that are available
  7. Hi everyone, Just thought we should gather some feedback on our new near vanilla server and gather some suggestions for potential changes we could make. Thanks, Chris
  8. Hi everyone. We are currently looking to add a new server to our Ark Cluster. This server will be running on the same mods and rates as our main cluster. I am using the sponsored mod program for the maps we could possibly run. So our choices are: Iso: Crystal Isles:: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=804312798 Skies of Nazca:: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=720200839 Thieves Island:: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=651147582 Shigoislands:: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=651147582
  9. We have just launched our new Ragnarok Server. This server aims to have a minimal amount of mods and we want to encourage tribes to work together with each other. The rates are basically the same as our current servers. However we have cut down on the amount of mods to try and attract some of our old players back. Who aren't pleased with all the mods we have installed. To that end this new server runs the following mods: Super Spyglass Structures Plus (allows tapping of water from anywhere) Reusable Plus Classic Flyers Small Resource Stacks AB Advanced Rafts Suicide Potion The levels are the same as our main Ragnarok server so you able to reach around level 230 so you can get all engrams solo. The rates are as follows: Server Difficulty Difficulty offset:2.3 Dino Stats EggHatchSpeedMultiplier=4.0 BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier=25.0 BabyImprintingStatScaleMultiplier=0.5 BabyCuddleIntervalMultiplier=0.05 DinoHarvestingDamageMultiplier=3 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed_Add[7]=3.0 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed_Affinity[7]=3.0 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed[0]=2.0 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed[1]=2.0 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed[2]=1.5 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed[3]=2.0 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed[4]=1.0 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed[5]=1.0 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed[6]=1.0 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed[7]=3.5 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed[8]=2.0 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed[9]=2.0 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed[10]=1.0 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed[11]=1.0 Player Stats PlayerHarvestingDamageMultiplier=2 AllowFlyerCarryPvE=True XPMultiplier=2 HarvestAmountMultiplier=5 PerLevelStatsMultiplier_Player[0]=1.0;HEALTH PerLevelStatsMultiplier_Player[1]=1.0;STAMINA PerLevelStatsMultiplier_Player[3]=2.0;OXYGEN PerLevelStatsMultiplier_Player[7]=3.0;WEIGHT PerLevelStatsMultiplier_Player[8]=1.0;DAMAGE PerLevelStatsMultiplier_Player[9]=2.0;SPEED PerLevelStatsMultiplier_Player[10]=2.0;FORTITUDE PerLevelStatsMultiplier_Player[11]=3.0;CRAFTING You can connect to the server at: vaiken.jrnetwork.net:27021
  10. I messed up! I deleted the mod folder! I didn't double check what directory I was in when working on a new server and deleted the mod folder on the ragnarok server. Nothing has been lost so don't worry. I would however like to apologise for the downtime this his caused and any inconvenience it has caused you! It has certainly been a pain to sort out! Edit: Turns out Ice Wyverns got wiped for everyone. Bye bye my 6! Edit2: Restored a backup before this happened so the ice wyverns have been returned!
  11. New mod

    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=870709781 This the mod ? I like the look of it that's for sure and it is under a MB in size
  12. We finally have Ice Wyverns spawning on Ragnarok! However they are limited to 2 wild ones being spawned in at once. They are apex predators in Murder Murder snow so it makes sense! They respawn almost instantly after death too, so you can kill the weak ones to try and get high levels to spawn for good eggs. I have had to change it so that the server now spawns dinos at their full limit instead of the spawn limit being 55% of official it now has the same amount of wild dinos as official. Which means more chances to get brutally murdered by prehistoric creatures tame high level dinos!
  13. These are amazing! I agree with Robbie that you should do comic strips
  14. Due to the most recent update we have been unable to keep our Island map. It has been wiped. Hopefully we do not encounter any issues in the future with the map
  15. The update has just been released on Steam. I have just told the servers to update. You can read a message from Wildcard here, we get the Otter today. Phoenix later in the week with new tek gear too. Happy gaming!

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