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  1. JR is looking to recruit some more helpers. We currently do not have any helpers as Sophie and Jammeh were promoted up to moderator. All information you need regarding Helper Applications can be found in the forum here
  2. Just reverted the map to an old save. Server should be back online soon This is pissing me off as much as its pissing off you guys
  3. It's most likely related to a mod update causing some data corruption. Will see if I can rollback to a different save. Server is rebooting now. Sorry about this guys
  4. Hi Marcus, Just rebooting the server now. Should be back up soon! Cheers Chris
  5. Hi all, Extinction is clearly a map that actually feels like you can build tek stuff on it without it feeling out of place. As such we currently do not have a decor mod to compliment this. I am suggesting that we put Eco's Tek decor just onto the Extinction server to give our tek constructs some more character. I am proposing this only for Extinction as it fits the theme of the map perfectly and I don't think it is needed on the other servers. What does everyone else think? Link:
  6. Soft foods, ice cream, mashed potato... that's what I lived on when I had my wisdom teeth out
  7. 69?!?! @RobbieYou don't seem to have responded this time round, is it because Qwerty doesn't give proper rewards?
  8. Hi everyone, Coming to you with a rather sad news update. JR is currently facing financial difficulties and we don't have long until we have to pay our server fees for the month (tomorrow). Jamie has had to pay a rather large sum of money this month to have his car repaired which wouldn't be an issue on it's own. However after picking his car up from the garage where it was being repaired, he has rear ended by someone more interested using his phone than paying attention to the road. Currently this person has not provided Jamie with his insurance details, meaning Jamie currently doesn't know what is going to happen and he may have to seek legal action, which in itself can be quite expensive. Even if you can't donate much to help us out it is greatly appreciated, as without these donations JR won't be able to pay for our servers this month and have to shut down. We are asking for any money that you can spare. We do not like asking for your money, but this is a critical time for us. Anyone who donates anything will receive an additional 5000 JR cash regardless of how much or how little you can help! We appreciate anything you can spare. Anyone who donates between 5 and 29.99 Euro will receive JR premium for 6 months Anyone who donates between 30 and 59.99 Euro will receive JR premium for 12 months Anyone who donates 60 Euro or over will receive JR Premium for 2 years. You can donate using this link: Or you can donate straight to our PayPal: We thank you all for reading this, The JR Staff Team
  9. Chris

    Fallout 76

    A name is unnecessary, no? We're just a group of people playing together. Also I'm only grouping up with people who use a mic, I reckon it's gonna be far too dangerous to be in a group where someone doesn't talk using a mic. At least for the stuff I want to do in game
  10. I have just updated World Edit to latest beta release World Guard to latest snapshot Shop Chest to latest release
  11. Chris

    Fallout 76

    @IAMSNOWMAN is getting it on PC too. Pretty sure someone from my SWTOR guild is getting it on PC too so we could all join forces and play together
  12. Chris

    Fallout 76

    @Robbie are you getting it on PC ?