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  1. The map will be kept, might require a bit exploring to find some ungenerated land. But once we switch to 1.13 the new biomes will be generated
  2. Hi everyone, following the release of minecraft 1.13 I think it is best to let everyone know what is going on with updating JRCraft to minecraft 1.13. This update is one massive update, it is the same as minecraft going from version 1.8 to 1.12 in one update (basically all updates between 1.8 and 1.12 being released as one mega update). It contains a lot of changes to the game and the game server, which requires a lot of effort from the guys working on Spigot. What do we know already? Spigot has some early builds available for 1.13 but we aren't going to use these as they are experimental and more for plugin developers to update their plugins and for developers in the community to help write the code for the server software 1.13 changes the way some plugins have to interact with the server, as a result we may see some plugins not be updated for a long while All plugins will likely break due to this update (we can update the important ones ourselves if the need arises, or look for alternatives to what we already use) Block IDs are no longer being used by Spigot to closely mirror vanilla minecraft, while developers have known about this since December 2017 and work has been on going for this block rework in Spigot for 4 years, so before bukkit was shut down I believe. What's going to happen to X plugin? At the moment we are more concerned with the main plugins we use to help administer the server and provide grief protections. While there will certainly be a ban plugin, block logging plugin of some description for 1.13 we have a preference to just update the ones we already have in place. I expect World Guard & World Edit to be updated as soon as we get a stable build for spigot 1.13. LWC will likely be fine as it is already using the way to deal with blocks. My main concern lies with the plugins we use to sync ranks between the server and the forum and logblock. As these are some of the most important plugins we have. We are hoping that these plugins do get updated, or we may resort to try and update them ourselves, especially the plugin that links the forum to the server as that is how all permissions are handled. We will try to keep as many plugins as we can, ones that cannot be kept will be replaced with ones that have equal or better functionality. Unless we get an update for it, this might be the end of the stargate plugin 😕 (due to the changes in block handling) Also as a sidenote, dynmap is currently not coming back because it eats disk space worse than chrome eats RAM. Do you have a timeframe? Currently we do not, we will update the server at the earliest time when it is safe to do so. This will ensure that we can provide the best experience to our players. We know it's a pain of a process to go through, but every server is going through a similar thing right now all we can do for the time being is wait for the stuff we need to be updated. We may look into running a testing server for our premium members so they can help test the stability of the server once an update has been released and the functionality of plugins if they do not receive updates
  3. We do have a command to check homes /homelist all as one word. If you don't have permission to use the command I can add them Edit: As I forgot to add earlier we are looking into adding a premium/minecraft donator only server which maybe modded however we need to look at how we would be able to sync ranks with the forum like we do on the main servers
  4. I am looking at hosting Halo Online community game nights in the future. Unfortunately there is no easy way to get the files these days, however the folks over at /r/HaloOnline have produced a great guide on what you need to look for! If anyone wants to play Halo Online let me know down below!
  5. I honestly think we don't need this mod. We have dinos that can have platforms already we would probably be better off installing a mod such as snappy saddles and rafts
  6. What mods are your go to mods when you do a fresh install?
  7. I am personally looking forward to: Fallout 76 Forza Horizon 4 (Yay it's set in Britain, although it is probably just Scotland from the info we have so far. Leaked car list looks promising) Space Engineers multiplayer update, it's gonna make multiplayer better than it's ever been. Might rent a small server when it comes out as I know a few of us who play and that way we can all play together.
  8. Chris

    Fallout 76

    They're dedicated to the game, and it doesn't sound like PVP is going to be a real issue. You can't die from PVP if you're lower than level 5, and you can respawn instantly. All the people killing you get is a small amount of caps. All your gear and stuff can't be looted
  9. Looks like Fallot 4, those buildings definitely look like Boston
  10. Following on from our public meeting we had with everyone on discord where we conducted a mini-mod review for the ark server. I have created this poll to gauge how many people use these mods as we are looking at potentially removing them as we feel the number of mods is currently very high on the server. Please answer the questions truthfully so we are able to deliver the best possible experience with our servers
  11. Chris

    Fallout 76

    From what I understand CAMPS don't offer much space to build in. Think of them as a tiny outpost you can make and put anywhere you like. Also have the public workbenches too ^.^
  12. Chris

    Fallout 76

    It won't be like rust. From what I understand 24 people at most in a map 4x the size of Fallout 4's which gives us approximately 40km^2 to play about in. Dying doesn't make you lose anything from what I have read and you can respawn easily enough. While there will be PVP aspects to the game you won't be punished for dying
  13. Chris

    Fallout 76

    This reddit thread is great, Double post I know but not sure how merged posts work and alerting people to unread content
  14. Chris

    Fallout 76

    It's not going to be anything like ESO, ESO is an MMORPG where as Fallout 76 is just going to be a multiplayer fallout game. It's radically different from an MMORPG. Also ESO is made by Zenimax Online and not by Bethesda, they don't really have all that much to do with ESO. I'm personally looking forward to Fallout 76 after watching the noclip documentary on Fallout 76 and as much stuff as I can from E3 involving Todd Howard. It's a game that they went to get right at BGS, they have plenty of plans to keep it alive for a long time and they're looking to find a balance so PVP isn't too much of an issue if you do get killed. I am looking forward to being able to explore WV with friends