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  1. Humble Bundle currently has a sale on WB games with some big discounts including The Arkham series, some lego games and Shadow of Mordor series
  3. Brings up the question of what is the limitation of the engine with the number of dinos you can have?
  4. Locked, as the mods have now been installed
  5. Here are my decent SWTOR screenshots (plus a bugged light bridge), maybe I should try and get some more. Especially seeing I don't have any decent ones of my new stuff... and new toons
  6. As Jamie said above, a low population on the server is beneficial in this instance as we don't have to limit how many dinos people have Splitting your dinos between multiple bases would be a good idea, and across multiple servers if you are able too
  7. If anyone encounters any issues with these mods, please let us know so we can sort out any issues you may have!
  8. It could become too resource intensive to run another cluster just for gaia
  9. Hopefully you haven't got any of your salt on it
  10. The idea is that you tame lower level dinos before moving onto taming the higher level dinos as that way the server offers more progression to players who have invested a lot of time into the servers
  11. We used to have MR Rad Tools installed, looks like it's improved since then so I'm happy to have it added back. I'm for these mods provided they don't cause issues