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  1. Some settings were lost when we restarted the server as we didn't want to carry any files over and as such things like this were missed. In regards to levels these have to be added manually from level 1 to whatever level we want to go to. These require the XP for each level as well as engram points you get for each level etc. This isn't a very nice thing to do due to the way ark handles it. We are discussing increasing the difficulty of the servers instead of increasing the level caps
  2. Hi everyone JR is downscaling our hardware as currently JR is unsustainable finnacially and puts a huge burden on Jamie each month. As a result of this we will only be able to run 2 Ark Servers instead of 4. The current thinking is that we keep Ragnarok as it is the largest map and contains elements from The Island as well as Scorched Earth. As for the other server I have put a poll as to what map the community would like to see running on it. If you have an issue with us using Ragnarok for one of the servers please voice your concerns below Thank you all for reading, Chris
  3. Hey Marcus I understand your frustration with the things have been going recently and we all feel the same. We want to see JR succed and prosper. However Jamie has fallen on some hard times recently finanically and in his personal life too. Jamie started a go fund me at the beginning of the month to help the switch to new servers for JR which are cheaper than what Jamie currently pays for them. The goal was successfully met and Jamie is in the process of setting them up now. Once we complete this transition onto the new hardware, we will be working on our servers with a renewed effort i
  4. Hey Heaven, do you still need any help with this issue, or can I lock the topic?
  5. This should now be fixed
  6. The codes are being handled by @Jamie and @IAMSNOWMAN I have now fixed Ragnarok. Qwerty has offered to spawn you in a new dino, however next time he is on discord please message him to sort this out. Any issues please use the #gameserverhelp channel in discord that is the best way to alert us to issues
  7. As per this post. We reboot the servers once every 12 hours to ensure they are running as smoothly as possible. I apologise if this causes you any issues. We can review these times in the future, as it currently stands most of the staff have irl stuff going on so that's taking priority at the moment so I am not sure when we'll get round to taking a look at this. Your feedback has been noted
  8. I really like my Switch. I think a lot of the issues you have raised are typical Nintendo issues. Nintendo have always been really bad with online services, it's the weakest aspect of the console. While I only personally use my console, I imagine parental controls would allow you to lock out users from the eshop or restrict their access in another. Switch Online is better priced than PS and Xbox online services, so it has that going for it. I don't use my console to play online though. The friend code system has carried over from the 3DS although it's a lot better than it was on the 3DS. Pokem
  9. I've found this setting (which should be a default imo) and added it to the server config files. It should take affect upon the next restart
  10. JR is purely voluntary and as such JR is not at the top of our list of priorities. Jamie has been busy with work this week and he always keeps the weekend for himself as he should to ensure he does get a life outside of JR and work. Liam I assume is working this weekend or is working weird hours which aren't allowing him to be online. I am personally dealing with University deadlines and my brother is visiting me this weekend. We want this to be done, but we want it to be done correctly there is no point rushing something like this.
  11. We don't need ACM, it's a convenience thing; that is more of an inconvenience these days as it doesn't work 95% of the time. Also can you narrow your list of essentials down to 3 mods, we are trying to start off small to ensure maximum compabitility between the mods used.
  12. Whenever I spawn dinos in to replace those people have lost I make sure they are of equal level if not higher @Snowball For the 3 mods I would suggest Structures plus, is there any other way to build on ark? Classic Flyers, And a stacking mod
  13. Levels are tricky with ark when spawning dinos in, thanks to the terrible system they have in place for spawning tamed dinos
  14. How so? It would always ensure the map is at a point where resets do not happen. As after map resets we get about 6 months where they don't start getting reset randomly. JR is a PVE server not a PVP server
  15. So got a bit of a crazy idea here but I want you all to read to the end of this post before replying to it. What is Ark's end game for PVE players ? Breeding dinos and building ? But to what end ? There is no event in the game that given enough time a player can't handle. So what if we create that end game, while ensuring maximum server stability. With the introduction of corrupted dinos in Extinction we have the perfect vehicle for PVE events to create an end-game. What I'm suggesting is every 3 months or so we have a week called "The Corruption" during this week staff will be spawning i
  16. Reading @MarcusFaren's and @Snowball's posts they both raise certain points. Mods do add new IDs for stuff, however if they are created properly as clean and stackable mods it wouldn't matter about moving dinos from one server that doesn't have the mod to one that does. They should revert to standard vanilla dinos. For example we could uninstall Classic Flyers right now and all your dinos would still be there, just they would no longer be classic flyer versions of the dinos they would revert to vanilla. As far as I'm aware the Aberration and Scorched Earth mods were installed on the appro
  17. I want to start off by saying Ark is a right pain. I hate it when the maps get reset due to updates. The only time it ever happens is during the automated maintenance peroid. I would prefer we do not reset the maps, but due to some of the mods we have installed atm that isn't possible. I feel it is safer to completely restart the servers from scratch essentially to ensure no bad files are carried over, as it could be that some files are corrupted causing issues. I feel like it is only a matter of time before it happens to Extinction as it can take some time for these problems to appear. For ex
  18. When you transferred to the island it should have presented you with the respawn screen, and you select a respawn spot. As you created a new character your old character has been lost. You're best off making a new tribe.
  19. Once you get back to the island you'll be able to promote him to tribe admin yourself
  20. I'm loading into aberration now. If you login I will be able to provide you with an s+ tek transmitter to get back to the island
  21. I don't have ark fully setup on my pc atm. Will see what I can do about your character though
  22. Your character is on the aberration server then, you will have to transfer it back to the island. You will have to use an obelisk to get that character back to the island.
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