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  1. To help him pull off
  2. I used to read /r/nosleep every once in a while, but I just got fed up with them being on my frontpage so I unsubbed
  3. The following changes have taken place on the PVE ark servers: New Ragnarok - attempt to fix ACM by disabling, removing all related files then, re-adding to the active mod list All Servers (excluding old Ragnarok) - Added the Stargate: Worlds mod following this poll All Servers - Set up a poll for the massive backlog of suggestions we have that can be found here Moved around the ark hub page a bit to fit the poll onto it. Sorry for changing it!
  4. I would recommend they get accounts as they'll have more say on what is going on with the servers and JR in general. As for how many more people we need, Jamie will have to answer you on that one
  5. I'm always for eco decor mods
  6. First things first link to the mod: Stargate Worlds, adds Stargates to the game. What are Stargates? They are big rings made of a fictional element called Naquadah which channel energy to open wormholes to other stargates across the galaxy, with enough power they can create stable connections to other galaxies. In this mod they allow for transportation across the map, admins are able to create public gates so if you want people to visit an area they easily can. Stargates are essentially a cheaper version of the teleporter and can be placed on platform saddles if the correct one is crafted. This mod also adds transportation rings (rings) which are basically elevators but without the hassle. You have two points vertically, you place one set of rings at the bottom and one set of rings at the top. Then you can teleport between the two spots with ease. It also adds "Puddle Jumpers", which are fairly difficult to get. They are flying vehicles (which can go underwater fine), they can carry up to 10 survivors and can go pretty fast. They can't do any damage to anything so they aren't too overpowered.
  7. Just been doing some testing. Seems you can transport whatever you want through the gates and rings provided there is enough space on the other side . Seems the rings can transport you horizontally and vertically at the same time. Although the horizontal range seems to be limited
  8. That's just a client side error, not much can be done about those
  9. I'm just loading up ark now
  10. I will be sorting out giving people Tek transporters soon
  11. I can give you an S+ Tek transporter, which is basically a mini obelisk to try and make things easier
  12. It is always a risk with an early access game, with a modded map that isn't even finished and didn't until recently have official support. But playing Ark inherently carries a risk, more so with modded maps. We can accommodate people to make transfers easier, but there is not much else we can do due to the map having some buildings on that is causing an issue
  13. You can use the obelisks to transfer your survivor to other servers. They also have the ability for you to transfer items and dinos I have not done it in a while but I know that it is possible in obelisks. What I suggest you doing is loading it up with the max amount of stuff you can then transfer your survivor over to the new server, grab your stuff and dinos and start building up again. If anyone wants an S+ Tek Transporter to make things go easier please message me on Discord and I'll happily give you one
  14. Classic Flyers was accidentally disabled on The Island server. This has now been fixed. Any issues due to this please do not hesitate to contact us on Discord.
  15. All mods listed on this page are on all of our servers unless stated otherwise Super Spyglass Structures Plus Resuable Plus Classic Flyers Small Resource Stacks AB Taming Sedative Kibble Table Advanced Rafts Pearl Converter Tek Helper Death Recovery eco's Tek Decor Castles, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture Upgrade Station (Only available to end game players (level 210 + ) Suicide Potion Stargate: Worlds PvP Server: N.B. Only mods that are explicitly stated in this list are the mods that the PvP server is running Structures Plus Small Resource Stacks AB Advanced Rafts Suicide Potion Items of Note: Advanced Rafts contains a meat spoiler called the "Chum Bucket"
  16. I am going to stay away from voting on this, because this is something only members should have a vote on. However we should be able to just change a setting for one of our mods to enable this so we shouldn't require adding another mod to the server
  17. We currently do not have any reason on our end for server crashes. It is likely an issue with the ark server software, as the issue was not present until we updated. The server is set to auto save every few minutes or so, and we have a script in place that will automatically bring the server back online in the event of a server crash. This issue is very frustrating for us, as it is impacting server up time and despite having as much stuff in place to minimise the impact of sudden server crashes, frequent ones are unacceptable. But it is out of our control for the time being
  18. I agree, with the addition of those 2 mods and the removal of the other 2. eco decor mods are always good
  19. PVP Server Rates

    Max number of tribe members: 6 PVP Gamma: Disabled Replenish Radius: 0.2 Max Level: 100 Taming Speed Multiplier: x10 Harvest Amount Multiplier: x7 XP Multiplier: x5 Egg Hatch Speed: x7 Baby Maturation Speed: x7 Mods on the PVP server can be located at: Mods on our servers
  20. I should have hopefully fixed the issue where advanced rafts had the same building limits as normal rafts. I have also updated the settings for advanced rafts across the server so they match that of the settings on the island (basically allows loads of structures to be placed on the advanced raft ). These changes will take effect on the next server restart [AdvRaftSettings] RaftModifiers=True PublicInventory=False RaftSmSpd=1.0 RaftSmMaxStructures=250 RaftSmIWeight=1500.0 RaftLgSpd=1.0 RaftLgMaxStructures=999 RaftLgIWeight=3000.0 DingySpd=1.5 DingyMaxStructures=1 DingyIWeight=250.0 DingyNoAI=False CogSpd=1.3 CogMaxStructures=88 CogIWeight=1000.0 LongshipSpd=1.3 LongshipMaxStructures=88 LongshipIWeight=500.0 GalleonSpd=1.0 GalleonMaxStructures=100 GalleonIWeight=1500.0
  21. I have unbanned your account from the forums. Jamie will unban you from the minecraft servers tomorrow. We do still run a minecraft server, if you click on the "Game Servers" menu item it takes you to our server list
  22. Just a mod I found that would allow for more diversity in our bases on the servers, and it expands on the tent functionality that is already in the game
  23. Well I mean the website is broken again....
  24. Get rid of that Jamie guy, he seems like a right pain