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Status Updates posted by Chris

  1. RIP ME:A, you will be missed. Bioware I hope Anthem was worth it



      It will be <3 I have high hopes :D

  2. After spending 200+ hours in game I will be writing up my thoughts on Mass Effect Andromeda and address any criticisms of it I can think or come across over the next couple of days 

    1. Jamie


      Looking forward to hear it :)

  3. Rather tempted to buy at least one of the physical gwent sets

  4. Just bought Star Wars Battlefront, wouldn't launch with Origin In-Game enabled

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    2. Jamie


      Just looked up the error, Look at the responses in this forum topic, towards the end mainly, try all of them just incase though!

    3. Chris


      Only one that applied to me was closing teamviewer :P I close that anyway these days before playing games mainly because it stops them full-screening correctly even with quick connect disabled. The best solution I find was to disable Origin in game. I'm not all that bothered about not having it enabled tbh 

    4. Jamie


      Haha, origin is s*** anyway

  5. Apologies I have not been active as of late however other things have been getting in the way and stressing me out. Should be making a full proper return for about June :)

  6. Crowned my wireless router as "The electrical charged paperweight"

    1. Nik


      Does that mean its useless now?

  7. Today was generally the best day I've had in ages :D

  8. New information page about staff :D Am going to work on a few additions tonight/tomorrow :)
  9. Using Caly's scripts to install stuff for ubuntu, and everybit of software is going "nope you don't have the dependencies"

    1. Robbie


      best stick with #apt-get?

    2. Chris


      Looks that way :P

  10. Note to self: Don't extract 20GB worth of files at once

  11. Need a new game...

  12. Need a new game...

  13. I can stalk you again xD



      indeed you can:P !!

  14. I've become addicted to Company Of Heroes

    1. k3v_o - Bringer of Dark Me

      k3v_o - Bringer of Dark Me

      Bet you cant wait for COH2 then xD

    2. Chris


      Can't wait doesn't even come into it ;)

  15. Happy New Year ;)

    1. TUTTI_MAN619


      same to you and your family :)

  16. Can't wait to get my PC Build all setup and working

  17. Glad we got that sorted

  18. My girlfriend is going to kill me on friday because I showed her a conversation that I had with Peter on skype

    1. TUTTI_MAN619


      Well tell her "breat in and out" :P and also drink coke while doing that :P

  19. Just upgraded my phone to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Cyanogenmod 10 based rom