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     Chris reacted to Jamie for a blog entry, 11/04/17   
    It's been nearly a month since we posted our last development topic. While we haven't posted anything we have been rather busy.
    Removed old JRCash system for a new system, This will allow products to be bought from the JR store in trade for JR Cash. Unfortunately this took away JRCash from minecraft, which we are working on to bring back as well as other servers Tweaked mobile slightly Added full steam integration. This shows what games you've been playing, what you are currently playing, if you are on or offline. To use this all you have to do is login with steam. Added marketplace so users can trade JR Cash between themselves for virtual services or virtual goods. Small nav UI Changes Added custom images within the forum to make things a little more friendly Gameservers
    Added RUST Added Ark: Survival Evolved and added mods: Autotorch Stackable foundations Added JC2MP and added new mods: Plane Reverse Jobs (Drive people to locations for money) Join Leave messages Wingsuite (Double Tab shift) AI Traffic, (Sea, Air and Road) Added a gas system, when you run out of the gas the car doesn't move. There are many locations around the server to fill up (Gas stations) Added a bank system so you can store your money even when the server resets Chat bubbles, occur when you chat automatically Scoreboard (Press alt) Anti-spam and 10 minute announcement added to show users where JR is Added Buy panel, you can buy items from the money you earn in jobs Added better admin system Social Media Changes
    Updated about page and small tweaks to facebook Server Changes
    Moved to a faster better server to handle all that we host Tweaked VM's resource usage Updated all packages across all servers to latest versions Working on PHP 7 on main server currently but at the moment we have tested and had a catastrophic failure. Hopefully we can resolve this issue soon to bring the latest in PHP for speed, stability and security to JR soon.
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     Chris reacted to Jamie for a blog entry, Changelog - 01/2/17   
    Recently Added:
    Clear notifications after you have read Remove shouting from topic titles. (E.G. LIKE THIS -> Like this) Show if users are online by a green circle around their profile picture Allow users message, ignore, find content for a user in the forum under their profile tidbit You can now preview a post in the forum before submitting a post We have had to add a cookie notice due to EU law, but this will disappear as soon as you login You can now view who viewed your topic Added two factor authentication User colors around the website now show and changed colors for member groups JR Anniversary now public but still in beta and development Bug fixes:
    Fixed missing images that should have showed when a user was to setup Google Authenticator with JR's two factor authentication
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     Chris reacted to Jamie for a blog entry, A new day in the life of Jamie   
    Recently, I have been so busy with loads of things, work, girlfriend, work and more work.
    Sometimes you forget how much you do in a day but I thought I'd give you a bit of an insight in what I actually do.
    I work in a business called Harvey Norman, it's a computers, electrical and bedding/furniture department store. Day in day out I sell to customers, give support, help out in the photo section I work closely with the managers making sure that the staff are performing up to standards. I'm in charge of extended warranty and the hardware section and it takes a lot of effort and work for the role I play. For example the last few days I've had to run our department, while doing this there are a lot more responsibilities. (complaints/refunds/replacements/making sure staff go on lunch and so forth).
    Being honest, with work it's helping me learn how to organize and delegate my work better.
    After work I generally come home tired, when I mean tired I mean tired. Most days all I want to do is sleep when I'm home. (Great I know).

    I've started to really get my life back on track, not just with scheduling what I do better but actually eating a breakfast, it's helped me. I'm not as tired as much (yes it's a thing).
    I'm glad that I've started to really work hard at JR when I can, I can't do it every day but when I can I work hard. My goal is to get everything working very stable so everyone can enjoy playing at JR. Whether minecraft or other games.
    I don't blog much but I'm going to start to use this as a kind of outlet to help me concentrate better and give you guys an insight in the life of me. I hope you guys want to hear about me and if you don't it's cool just don't read any further
    So that's that.. For now, more to come
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     Chris reacted to Jamie for a blog entry, Development has continued once more on JR!   
    JR has had many design changes in it's 9 years... yeah I think 9 years of existence. Some good, some bad. My website development and designing, IT career basically started here.

    JR has taught me so much just by working on it and working and chatting to the community!

    Recently I have had a long pause of development at JR and a huge break this is due to a lot that has been happening with my personal life, I have recently moved out from home, so I am now renting my own place and paying all my bills (Hard at first but becomes easier with time) I now have a full time job, I will not release where I am working for legal reasons due to my position and I am working full time.

    Now I have a little more time to allocate though to my social life and well.. JR Life, since everything is settling down and I'm able to relax, think straight and have a bit more creativity within my website as you may have been able to see! I'd like to thank Xemnes with playing a huge part with graphics design for me as I have had an issue with photoshop and thank myself for actually having a bit of creativity for a change.

    Anyway, more good things to come, if you like the changes please help us at JR by donating to us using paypal to all money will be used to run our gaming servers and website servers, while I do have some extra money with all the bills I do pay I can't pay everything and JR can be a major drain from my pocket!

    I hope you like the changes, please comment below on what you think so far during development and if you'd like to see any certain features get added to the website!

    For now guys, Peace!
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     Chris reacted to Carter for a blog entry, The Armdys Update   
    So, for those new to JR, I am, obviously, Armdys. I've been part of JR for almost 2 years now, but haven't been as active with Minecraft for a numerous amount of reasons.

    Now, what this blog is about is where I've been, what I've been doing. So over this Summer, I've been quite active playing soccer, helping my mom with her eBay shop and playing other games... well that's usually late at night. During last week, the week of the 14th, I went to a summer camp up in the Adirondacks (decently large mountain range in NE U.S.) and met a lot of new friends. Now a few things occurred (only one person knows the specifics on JR, don't ask, I probably won't tell XD) and have made me want to become a better person over all. During the week I quickly came to realize I'm not the... nicest of people. So I've been forcing myself to become a overall nicer person and by doing this I already have started to feel better. I've been happier, I've felt less tired and more. My next goal is to get in shape cause I'm also a bit chubby. XD I'm not obese, but I am a heavy guy and I'm not really strong either. So I'd like to make myself stronger and faster for soccer and my other sports. I am fast for my size, and I figure that if I shed this extra layer I'll be that much faster.

    I'm also planning on making game help videos (mostly multiplayer games) as well as introductions to games and talking about betas I've made it into on Youtube.

    This is all just little ways for me to become better, as well as have a hobby. I don't know why any of you would really care about any of this but I really needed to get it off my chest.

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     Chris reacted to Jugga for a blog entry, Evil Boyfriend D: *part1*   
    Some of you know what I'm taking about cuz we talked on Skype and you can hear him from the other side of the room. Well for the rest of you, I'm going to explain what this meanie does to me! But he is lucky that I love

    Today around 2:30 pm home alone rarely happens when it does I am told to lock all doors and to NEVER let anyone inside, well as I thought I locked all the doors and I was on the phone with my lovely mother when...Ethan (boyfriend) comes home early from work. Makes no sound, and sneaking upstairs knowing I was talking to someone. I pause, seeing a shadow of a man coming in my room. I yell "who's there?!" Thinking it was Ethan's dad coming home from the store. The shadow stops...and backs up slowly til I can not see it anymore. So I tell my mother to hold on so I can check it out as soon as I stand up...Ethan jumps out "AHHHHH" I jump up yelling and screaming then started crying my eyes out saying "why? Why would you do that? Ethan comes up to me trying to give me a kiss I won't do it cuz he is a BUTT and I don't kiss BUTTS! Humph he thought it was funny its not funny when someone is so scared they are crying!

    D: see he is evil I tell you EVIL!
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     Chris reacted to IgbarX for a blog entry, Thinking of Making a come-back   
    Been a while since I used this blog. I usually use the 'In the life of Iggy' blog because real life took more hold than online life. That's changed quite a bit. Now, Team Fortress 2, as fun as it, has sort of lost it's touch for me a little. Maybe it was the Robotic Boogaloo, where you think it's a real update but it's just hats. Don't get me wrong, it was great, but there was nothing new, and I feel like I've done everything possible in TF2. I've done Trolldiering, reflect kills, Facestabs, Cannon-Jumping, Samurai-Soldier, Samurai-Demo, High-Speed Fishing, basically all the fun you could ever want in TF2, and I'm only 40 hours away from 1,000 hours into this game! I need a break. I already took a short break in a single player survival world and did a run through of the game in about week. Started off punching trees and finished with the Nether-Star. That's basically a complete game. Unless you go after achievements. But riding a minecart for 1K? That's crazy expensive! Shooting a skele from 500 (or was it 50?) blocks away? By the time I get that far, it's despawned! So, I hopped back into TF2 today, I still wasn't feeling it, no matter how satisfying the mid-air reflect kills were...

    So I then considered doing another run through with Tekkit but Tekkit is such a mentally straining way of playing Minecraft, and eventually you hit a point where you say, "There's so much I COULD do, but why should I? I'm already a god of mass destruction of the landscape! What else do I need?" So I don't think that has probability. But that then reminded me of one more Minecraft play-through I used to do: JRCraft. It was a fun time, I was an admin at some point, great times were had, I ended up having to take my leave (Or I got demoted if you ask the right people) and stopped playing, because Minecraft wasn't doing it anymore. I logged into the server on my birthday for old time's sake and I ended staying, because I had new-found purpose! When it reached the point where I had a fishing city at the edge of the coast and I had even built the ocean to suit my needs of fishing, JRCraft added JRLevels, and that ended it for me. I felt like I was wasting my time leveling up these levels! I thought it was crap! So I switched to TF2 about 24/7. At some point, it struck me! It was called the RPG world, it was always planned to be a bit more RPG like, but at the time it was still being slowly updated to reach it's goals, I completely steam-rolled JRLevels because I hadn't realized the WHOLE BLOODY POINT of the world itself!


    So, now I come around to the important questions. I'm really considering logging into JR and having more crazy adventures with my old pals. Although if I recall JR got a fresh batch of players, so it'll basically be starting over. I don't even know if the staff team is the same! So, what I want to know is what's new since the JRLevels update, and what should I expect if I were to log in sometime soon? What should I do first, new plugins, that sort of thing. Any new rules would be nice to know, too! I do check the forums frequently so I'm already away of Jamie doing some school stuff, and congrats about that! It sounds like you'll be a techno-wizard when you get out of there! And my plan is to build a city in the sky! Or maybe on-top of an exceptionally high mountain. I was inspired by the zeppelins used in the Shadow of Israphel series (Which I am re-watching currently). The idea is to have the whole town be nothing but walk-ways connecting buildings and homes. Oh, and every home should be a airship or like a building with propellers. Even though building a city in the sky provides no bonuses, it wouldn't be the RPG world (RPG = Role Playing Game, in case you're new to video games) without a bit of Role-Playing! Although JRLevels sure made it harder to do stuff like mining without using up a week of your life, but I got time to spare!

    Also, I wouldn't mind getting Citizen + back if that's still a rank. I mean, I don't need it, all it gave was Hats and Mob-Disguises, but the + gives makes me feel special! I lost it after I was premium for that week when JRLevels was in testing. You know what'd also be cool? Knowing which member has been with JR actively for as long as they've joined. I mean, Jamie probably top ranks, but any way to fuel my narcissism, ya know? I'm a JR Veteran and I should get a diamond castle because I'm so super special and I was an admin and even an op for a minute plz don't ban meh 0mg hax!!1!!!!!!!1! Sorry about that.

    On a side note, are people still crazy about being a staff member? Because that used to bug me so much. Everyone thought they were saints and deserved to be an admin... just like me when I was going through the ranks... I was so immature. Every year I look back one year and say, "Wow, was I immature! I sure am glad I'm mature now!" And then I look back and remember I said that last year, too. Agh... memories... Okay that's it. If you read all this my god are a patient person because I get really distracted really easily. And I also like to tell people more than they need to know. But that's because I never really see people anymore, so whenever I do, I like to crazy and tell them more than they need to know. Like I just did.

    Okay bye, thanks for reading! (I didn't re-read this for obvious reasons, (Too long!) but if you find a spelling error or grammar mistake, let me know!)
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     Chris reacted to BarberMiss for a blog entry, Sorry I have not been on.   
    Sorry I have been absent so much. I have been trying to heal from a Oblique muscle injury. If you have ever ripped or strained a muscle you know it takes a while and a lot of rest. Rest I am trying to get as well as still take care of my Mom....not easy. I have tried to get on a hour or so but the muscle spasms usually win and I get off line. I have been doing my Facebook game but it only requires the use of the mouse (one hand). I will be on this Saturday at Rob's house. We will be celebrating his birthday. So I hope to see you all then.

    Leslee aka Barb
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     Chris reacted to k3v_o - Bringer of Dark Me for a blog entry, Game Invaders Summer Camp 2013   
    As some of you already know (most likely due to me spamming your Facebook), several of my classmates along with myself are starting up a summer school to teach kids basic 2D and 3D Games Development. All classes are held in the Institute of Technology Tralee in week blocks during July and August 2013. It would be a great help if everyone can like our Facebook page and if you live in the area, spread the word about the camp to both parents and children. We will be posting regular status updates about general gaming news for other fans of the page also.

    You can find out Facebook page here :

    We are starting this course to teach kids the basics of Games Development as well as understand more about the large amount of work that goes into even a simple video game. But not only are we teaching children, the children are teaching us to become better educators, communicators and public speakers (well, we're teaching ourselves by speaking to them, but you get what I mean). This is also great to have in a CV so doing this not only helps the children decide their future, but let us live ours.

    I really appreciate anything you can do to help out.


    Kevin O'Connell (aka, k3v_o)

    ps. I said all of that without saying the obvious That being we are college students who need money to pay for college stuff, eg. Rent, books, programs, ect.
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     Chris reacted to 000100001000 for a blog entry, Why I was gone from June until like 2 weeks ago....(Mildly Colorful language)   
    Hi all,

    So I felt like updating this community of random strangers on why I had been gone for so long. So starting from when I left which was June 29th to be exact. I went to camp. That's where I was up until august 20th. Then I went to my fathers vacation home for 2 weeks without my computer. I went on JR a couple of times. But not that often. Why... Because I wasn't able to play minecraft and I was on an Ipad. Which I hate. So then I returned home to NYC. I had started to move away from Minecraft and into Borderlands 2. I had just gotten my new PC, and I was so thrilled I played about 200 hours of borderlands. Then in about November I started playing a kind of minecraft server called Minecraft Survival Games. Which are Hunger Games based servers.(Won't give out the site info here) Then I started really getting into PC gaming, and I still am now. So I split my time between Steam and Minecraft. I also wasn't around this weekend because of some various activites with friends. So yea that about brings it up to date. Going to write some other blogs soon. There fun to write.
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     Chris reacted to  Mecmax for a blog entry, You might be wondering...   
    Hey guys!
    For some reason, I sort of got bored of Jr (even the site) a month ago. Since my trip back to France I'm back on the site, but I don't go online on Jr...
    You might be wondering why....
    Well, first of all, I got a huge load of games: Bioshock, Ghost Recon 2, Amnesia, (Ive also started playing Yogbox), and I'm downloading Team Fortress 2 (I'll be on Jr there ).
    When I do play minecraft, I work on my next custom map(s).
    Finally, when I do go on Jr, there usually isn't anyone online that I know, cause of my time zone.
    So that's pretty much why I don't go on Jr anymore.

    But it's just a phase, I know I'll be back on in a month or two!
    see you later!
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     Chris reacted to smartman909 for a blog entry, Recent stuff, game stuff, and daily life   
    well i just got back from a 3,180 mile long trip over christmas break to a popular park in the U.S.A if you know disney world ,which was a very long trip. our choir+band was performing there; so i rode down with my parents. i got back at 7:00 pm C.S.T time it was quite a long trip ; we also obviously went on rides and enjoyed the park (might i say my dad forced me on rides then i would yell and stuff but end up loving it we went on thrill rides mostly) if your wondering what one i yelled on,hated and was freaked out on it was the "Tower of Terror" its the only one i didnt like. On too the game stuff (because your probally bored to death right now) i played minecraft pocket edition on the way down and was building on to my cobble stone hotel which i would show but i dont know how to show a picture of something like that i have MANY things i'd love to show but can't. So if anyone knows how to do this for a kindle fire the first one NOT the new one please tell me immeadiatley by comment or pm or something. i have huge builds on there ,so i really want to show them. On minecraft PC i have some builds also. Sadly before i left i'd updated and jr hadn't so i could not play (that killed me, in the expression way) and now their realeasing it on the day i have my first school basketball game which is a bit of a pain but at least its a home game. see you later, smartman909
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     Chris reacted to MajestikMooss for a blog entry, Recent Difficulties   
    Before I start, yes. This will be a rant.

    A piece of work that me and some friends created was taken from the class under the teacher's supervision, not by our group though. So of course she proceeds to blame it on us and commands us to make it again for our next class. Now we have to recreate something that we had almost three weeks to work on in the space of two days. Between the three of us, we have to create the poster and cook shortbread.

    There is only one guy in our group that knows how to cook shortbread. And then, of course, my his grandmother dies, and he's told smack in the middle of a Math test. As if the guy weren't having a bad enough day as it was... Now it is quite likely he will be out of school for a few days, leaving this thing to me and the other person in our group.

    The general point that I'm trying to get to right now is that I'm pissed. Normally I don't complain about things at all, but this just went too far.

    - An enraged Moose.
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     Chris reacted to  Mecmax for a blog entry, Trinitology- with the Yogscast   
    Heres the mail I sent to the yogscast:
    Hey Yogscast!
    I've created a Custom Map (It took 5 months to make) pretty much for you guys.
    Its called Trinitology, and its a map made for TNT people like you guys
    It has mazes, jumping puzzles (single player only. You're safe for now, Simon.), tnt (everywhere!) and a bunch of other stuff.
    Its my dream to have you guys play it. Please consider it!

    This is the reply I received a few hours later:

    Thanks for sending this across to us! I'll forward it across to the
    guys, but i'm unable to guarantee it will be used.

    Once again, many thanks!

    Kindest Regards


    Wish me luck!
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     Chris reacted to Carter for a blog entry, Well great ~Explicit~   
    Yeah this is a warning I'm upset (again) probably something that'll seem pointless (again) in the morning but I'm mad/annoyed so I'm swearing.

    So I take pride in the fact that I don't get angry easily and when I do it's a mild irritable thing and I don't really care. Well my parents seem to have done it again.

    So today I get home from school and an after school activity at 5:30. I do homework til around 7 and than went downstairs to relax and play on my computer. My mom walks by and says, "Why don't you go out and keep your dad company?" (he's doing something with sterlingsilver to make parts so she can make jewlery, which by the way costs more in time and money than to just by the rings) to which I kind of cringe (not cringe but best word to describe) at. Well she walks away than comes back (note I'm putting my lap top away) and says, "I give up. We've tried getting you into hobbies (how often does a kid really get into a hobby his parents make him try?) and you don't do them. Your father got the (forget name) saw because he thought you'd be interested in it. We told you you're getting about the age where you should be thinking about buying/making gifts. (which I do just not to them, anyway they said last year that I shouldn't til I have a job) Yet all you do is sit there on your computer. It'd be fine if you were working on your HTML. (funny thing is is that I said I want to learn programming, not HTML in particular, my mom wants me to manage something on her eBay page for her, that's why she has me learning it. At least I figure) What do you get out of your game at the end of the day?"

    So I didn't respond because that's how I believe you should treat parents with respect and everything I wanted to say was disrespectful. "What do I get from my game? Relaxed, entertained, getting to talk to people I'd never fucking meet without these games."
    "Why the fuck do I have to have a productive hobby? Why can't I just play my games? I'm not bothering anyone!"
    "You could have much fucking worse kids than me, sure I don't do much but at least I don't go out and break laws and fuck every girl in the school who's willing to like a large portion of my grade. At least I follow most of your damn rules!"
    I'm just flustered by all of it...

    So I go out to where my dad is and ask him if he needs any help and he goes on a rant about how I don't do the dishes (which I always do after homework and they always decide to do during so I seem lazier), take care of the chickens, (he knows I'm forgetful, I forget EVERYTHING and so decided to start taking care of them) how I don't walk the dogs or offer to at 9 at night (which a slight fear of the dark (yes I'm slightly afraid of the dark, amplified by the Internet) happens to be common among his 4 children) or the laundry (which I was used to that being my brothers job as when he was home always did it) and went on and on about 'don't you find it weird that me and your mother are up to 11pm working on that eBay buisness?' (how the fuck is that relevant) and told me to go do the laundry. So I do and than ask them what to do with some odds and ends and they respond to me like I'm a fucking five-year-old but we just don't usually pull them out. Also while I'm folding the laundry I hear them talking about me and so on making snarky comments and stuff. So I go watch TV for an hour and than decide to go to bed and read so I say good night and they respond with,"Going to be so early?" "He's just pouting that we yelled at him. You could've come out here and helped us with this, your father and us had a really nice night." To which I respond, "No I want to read." and walked away.


    Really what I've come to get out of this is that my parents just fucking hate video games. Unlike all my friends parents haven't even tried to play them and bitch about me playing them. I'm sorry I enjoy what allows me to relax after school (which I realize isn't that bad compared to work and so on but for some reason it is in my mind... Mostly I guess to please my parents ._.) Oh hey first emoticon! But seriously they take any chance they can to take a swing at my video games. I'm just fucking sick of them hating on it.

    Well if you read through my pointless rant it's stupid yes but to me it's just fucking annoying... I don't know. On the upside after getting really mad my eyes turn blood red and bring out the blue in my eyes and it's really epic looking.

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     Chris reacted to IgbarX for a blog entry, The Problem with Made Up Holiday   
    Now, let me put this out of the way; *** Pride Day IS a holiday, it's just not the one that everyone cares about; like Easter, and Thanks Giving, Christmas, and Halloween, and some others. Unless you write it down somewhere, you'll never know it's *** Pride Day. Also, I have nothing against gays or anything. I mean, if you want to like your own gender, I don't care. If you want to go out in the woods and have 'fun' with trees, I don't care as long as I don't see you do that. So, story time!

    Okay, so, there's this teacher, or whatever, counselor? I don't even think he has an actual job. Anyway, I walk into school, sporting my BAMF looking hoodie on top of my cranium, walk over to my friends before the bell rings, and then, I see this guys face. Let's call him, Dr. Annoying. So, Dr. Annoying walks over, and I instantly remember, "I'm wearing my hood inside the building again..." and take it off. This is because he used to walk over to me and tell me to remove it. I think this is dumb! Why can't I wear a hood in school? Am I too BAMF for the school? Is that it? Anyway, even if my hood is removed by the time I spot him, he still walks over to me, but instead of talking directly, he walks past me, touches my shoulder, and says, "Thanks, sir." Now, that creeps me out. 1) Because he touches me. 2) Because he calls me sir. I'd like to be called sir, but when says it, it sounds really weird. Anyway, it caused me to not like Dr. Annoying.

    And I realized I didn't like him even more, today. Me and my friends, chillin' out, eating lunch, studying words for the vocab test in the next class, and so. We also have discussions. Today it somehow got to history, which lead me to say something like, "What if History is just a misunderstanding of what really happened?" So, me, being a brony, start thinking about the Rainbow Factory (If you don't know what it is and you're a brony, you need to learn more about the community.) Now, it's basically a factory that people are failures in life come to die to be turned into rainbows. However, no one but the workers are allowed to know. The rest of the world thinks it's a very special job that you get chosen for. So, we were talking about how, "Why don't we get all the people who suck at life, and send em off to a rainbow factory?" And so on. However, for some odd reason, the one time we discuss this is *** pride day. Which means, "Rainbows on ALL the walls!" When did rainbows resemble ***? It doesn't make any sense!

    So, Mr. Annoying walks over, and he's all like, "What are we talking about? Anything to do with *** Pride Day?" We all say 'no' to get him to leave. When he finally does, one of friends says, "He thinks we were making fun of gays." And I'm thinking, "WHEN THE F**K DID RAINBOWS BECOME A '***' THING?!?!" I was so upset that this guy thinks we would make fun gays! It's so stupid! It's because of the all the Swaglos who go to my school, who actually DO make fun gays! So now, Mr. Annoying thinks EVERYONE makes fun of gays. God, I hate society and how we can't have nice things without.

    On a side note, I can't say 'black' or else everyone thinks I'm racist. "Can you pass me a black colored pencil?" "OMG THAT'S SSSSOOO RACIST!!!" God, I hate people so much...
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     Chris reacted to IgbarX for a blog entry, Blowing Up the World!   
    Hey guys! Sup! Hurricane Sandy passed. I'm fine. Anyway, down to business!

    In the new 1.4.2 update, many things were added! While I was bored, I decided to explore some things! And I discovered the greatest thing of all time! Wanna do it too? Here's an easy guide!!!

    1) Create a new world, and make it superflat.

    2) Click 'Customize' and then click 'presents'

    3) Scroll down to 'Redstone Ready' and click that

    4) In the top box that says all those crazy numbers, replace '24' with '46', and get rid of village

    5) Create your world

    6) Spawn some Flint And Steel and have fun lagging your computer to the point where it explodes.

    Well, that's how I did it! I'll tell you guys what happened after I blow up my computer! You can also do this other ways, like clear out the type box and just type 46, but then the TNT falls into the void. So, have fun creating your own wacky TNT/computer blowing up worlds!
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     Chris reacted to k2trf for a blog entry, Goodbye (hopefully, just for now).   
    October 11th, 2012

    To All:

    This is an extremely bittersweet goodbye. But at the same time, it isn't. Before I go anymore in-depth here, I would like to make this point crystal clear: JR is the friendliest, most helpful, most amazing whole-rounded gaming community I have ever had the honor of not only being able to call myself a member of, but also being able to say I have helped in whatever way(s) I could on a daily basis.

    And that would realistically be the bitter part of the bittersweet. I am drafting this message for the first time at approximately 5:40am, EST on September 26th, 2012. I am literally loosing sleep over this issue I am facing, and while the issue is not JR or any part thereof (including extensions such as (but not limited to) NLTekkit) it is unfortunately a consequence to a resolution I've come to recently dealing with my personal life.

    This semester (between this prior August and this coming December), I am in my third semester attending the University of Kentucky. Originally, I came here with the intention of learning communications and networking. Basically how any two electronic devices talk to each other in big perspectives, like making computers as a whole talk to each other or making communications work on a global scale, an example being Amateur Radio (which I hold a valid FCC license for, commonly dubbed 'Ham Radio'). But I digress, that is more than enough of a back story for this simple yet complex issue.

    The issue is rather simple: UK is not by any means a cheap school. In fact it is a very expensive school. And I'm not exactly learning things that I consider worth my money (that I don't have). My issue here is that I'm going to be in so much debt by the time I manage to get the piece of paper known as a 'college degree' that I doubt it will be worth it, as I would be working off the debt for the rest of my life... O_O

    Because of this, I am not returning to UK next semester. After three semesters' worth of debt, I still have a chance, however small, to dig myself out. So why does this affect my membership at JR? Well that's rather simple.

    What I need: A job, an income, training equivalent to a 'college degree' (actually exceeding it), prior job history, etc. Basically things that will make me very valuable to employers. And with the state the US economy is currently in, it will not be getting any better anytime soon. Which means I need security in all the things in that list above all else. There are also things I clearly lack. Discipline (in the formal sense), fitness (I've gotten lazy since coming to college... having to study in basically all my free time (and still not do very well in classes) = sitting for 98% of my day + still needing to eat = Tim got fatter than he was ), etc.

    There is a clear place where I would excel and receive everything (and more) I need, as well as give me the things I recognize myself as lacking as of late: the military. Any branch of any military on the face of this planet is known for this! And in this environment, it seems like the best thing I could possibly do for myself (especially considering that while I am in the service (active duty and/or reserve) my loans will be on standby, not inuring any interest, which would be tremendously helpful for my situation).

    The issue with this is that (supposing all goes well and I am accepted into the Air Force, which is the branch I'm looking into going into), I will be shipped off to BMT, or Basic Military Training. For about 8 weeks. Then comes 'Tech school', which is essentially college stripped down off all the bull, cost, and liberal arts classes that don't actually contribute to what you are learning. Tech school can last anywhere from another two months to two years, but again, I would be considered active duty during this time, so I would have all the benefits as such.

    Because of this, I do not feel as though I will have time for JR where other people clearly do and could easily fill my shoes. I have come to love JR so much that because of this, I am asking for a demotion from Jamie (he will have received this letter earlier than it will be released to the community as a whole) – I want to see someone who has the time to devote to JR in my place.

    Why am I not just posting about this in the Home & Away Topic and just asking for a temporary demotion? Well to be honest, the military will change me. I doubt I will have any more time for JR when I am in Tech School or graduated thereof than I do at this moment. Because of this, I think it is unfair of me to hold a position where I can help so many, yet never actually have time to do so.

    I do hope to come back to JR one day, as I did less than a year ago when I first came across the community in this same building, however I know the military will change me, and as such, I cannot whole-heatedly promise that I will be able to, or even that I will want to then. And this saddens me. But knowing that I was a part of the Staff Team that makes JR as epic and redundantly awesome as it is today makes me literally weep tears – at the very least I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the most awesome time I've had in a long time; I will miss you all very dearly.

    That being said, I won't be completely disappearing from the community so long as I can muster it – I've already paid up through the semester (December), so I still have to work to get the best grades I can (LOL), and more importantly get back into physical shape. I will still almost definitely be trolling the forums and keeping up with the community, but at some point or another I will unfortunately disappear from the Internet for a few months while I attend BMT in Texas.

    And even then, as I've said, that is not a guarantee as of yet. It is just a dream. But I don't foresee any reason I will have difficulties with this. I do have to tell my parents my decision though, and I'm honestly not sure which scares the crap out of me more... telling them or writing this letter to you all... :'(

    Lastly, I would like to thank all the current and previous members of the Staff Team – you all are what makes the community so epically awesome so that thousands of people can enjoy playing together in an environment that is fun but organized – I would very much like to name individual people and thank them personally for the ride as it has been, however I refuse to do so because it is almost inevitable that I will accidentally leave someone out, and I would absolutely hate to do that.

    If there is anything else I feel I need to say, rest assured that I will do so. But attempting to convince me otherwise of this decision should not be attempted – I have been considering this since just about the time I was made an Admin. This is not something I have taken lightly, and I cry each time I think of how I am telling Jamie and his Staff this so soon after that promotion, however I do so with only good intentions for both myself and JR's continuation – after all an Admin that actually has time for being helpful on a large scale and is not planning on taking an extended leave soon is much more worth having than someone who just seemed to disappear one day because he realistically has no time for being helpful anymore.

    And for that, I am sorry. So deeply sorry. But there is no point in pretending anymore – this will just be better for everyone. And as I've already said, I hope to log back in one day in the not-so-distant future and see the exact same community that I left. And I believe that if I every manage to do so, I will find that everything that made me love JR in the first place is still here, having withstood everything that anyone could ever throw at them.

    I love you all. <3 And I am so sorry. :'(
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     Chris reacted to k2trf for a blog entry, Lies and Bull****.   
    I've come to a realization recently. I realized exactly what is wrong with the economy of the United States.

    See everyone is now going to college, because they have been told their entire life that they absolutely have to have a college degree in order to obtain a job. True? False. With so many people in America now possessing college degrees, they refuse to work at minimum wage - they went to college, so they have to be better than that. Well businesses look at that and just rofl. Literally.

    So they take jobs out of the US and send them to other places, which makes perfect sense. There are two ways to make more money than you currently are: [1] increase the cost of your product/service and [2] reduce the cost it takes to make your product/provide your service.

    So now there are more and more college degree holding Americans that aren't able to find employment, or pay back the money they had to borrow just to get said degree.\

    So why do I care about this? I am in my third semester at my college, and I'm not doing well at all. In fact I am almost certain that come December I will have failed out and not be coming back. As it is (because of how poorly I did last year, during both semesters) I cannot withdraw from any classes, nor fail anything. If I do, my financial aid ends and I have to 'reestablish myself at the University at my own cost'. (Taken straight from the University's Financial Aid office.

    Yes, because I clearly had money to do this to begin with... Morons.

    Back to my original point - if by some miracle or act of God (or whatever higher spiritual being you believe in (if Atheist, just replace 'God' with 'Nature')) I manage to not fail after this semester, I don't want to come back. My mistake was that instead of getting proficient job training, I went to a College, where I've been (supposedly) taught about the arts, and being a good citizen, and all that bull.

    If I continue down this path (money notwithstanding), I will have a massive amount of debt (I still have a big debt as it stands, but it would get much bigger if I keep going), and most likely, no job.

    So I think I know what I'm going to do instead. But I'm not going to share that just yet, as its just a thought at the moment... if it happens, I will write a bit about it though.
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     Chris reacted to IgbarX for a blog entry, Farm Girls are Lazy   
    Okay, so, let me introduce meh crew. There's Smmbod, bestest friend of mine. Yahoby, bestest pal of mine. Sharkhead17, friend, but not bestest. Shark has a broken computer, so you never see him. Anyway, there was this field trip we had to go to: A farm. So, me, Yahoby, and Shark are doing some stuff. Pulling tarp of a field for reasons I don't know. So, we're pullin this tarp very slow like. Then, from the other end of the field, some girls from our school coming running over to another row of trap, instead helping with our row. They 'attempt' to pull at the tarp, but it doesn't lift, even though it looked pretty easy to pull from the ground. So, they call for help! Who comes in? Pretty much any guy not doing anything comes over to assist. The guys do all the work, while the girls just stand around and 'encourage' them. My friends and I stand there while looks on our faces that say, "What. The. Heck. Is. Wrong. With. Society!?!

    I know I promised another one, but I'll do that one later. You know what? No more of that Next time stuff. I can't make promises easily :\
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     Chris reacted to IgbarX for a blog entry, New Blog! (Teacher Trolling)   
    I decided to make a separate blog for my life, because it's started to be interesting! These will be REAL events! Not made up! This blog is ONLY for what goes on in life, and not in Minecraft! So, let's begin!

    Teacher Trolling
    So, this year in school is kind of depressing. I'm not having fun, thinking of home school, all that stuff, because it sucks. So, how to make it bearable? Troll the teacher legally! So, one of my classes is music. You sit there, be quiet, play on a synthesizer for 45 minutes (playing songs the teacher assigned) and have to pass a certain level of songs in order to get a passing grade. Stupid, right? So, being the kind person am I, accidently started trolling the teacher. So, to get to the building to the music room, you have to exit outside, but no many students move buildings at that time. Now, if the door closes, it locks. Then you have to press a buzzer, and the office attended gets upset, etc. So, I started holding open the door for EVERYONE coming into the building. It's the right thing to do! But, I was late for class doing that. So one day, me and my friend were holding the doors open (there's more than one) walk into class, and guess who teleports behind us like an enderman after a diamond block? The stickler teacher, Mrs. MeanyFaceMusicTeacher of course! Yay! So, she's all like, "Why you guys late?" And we're all like, "We were holding open the doors into the building." Now, her face, priceless! We were doing a good thing, and she had no way to punish us for it! So, what does she do? She says this:,"How were you holding it open?" "For everyone." "You can't do it like that! You hold open for the person behind you, and continue to class." So, next do, guess what we DON'T do? What she says. So, next do, all up in our grill, she's like, "Why you late?" "Holding open the door." "Didn't I tell you not to do that?" "Well, you see, if I hold open the door for the person behind me, the person behind me won't hold open the door for the person behind them. So, it's easier to hold it open for everyone!" Well, guess what Mrs. I'mToSelfishToCareAboutOthers says? "You're only responsible for yourself." BOOM! Dafuq? Someone never learned to care for others! So, near the end, funniest thing happens. "Would you like to talk to the principal about it?" Guess what our hero Iggy says? "Yes." BOOM! Headshot! Burned! You just got caught mining bedrock with your fist Mrs. NotSoSmartTeacherLady! It ends with me free for the day, and my friend with a detention. He gave a different excuse for being late because he doesn't want to get in trouble. Telling the truth IS the a good idea! Who'd a thought? So, the battle still wages to this day, but hopefully I get to talk to the principal so I can miss class, and watch the teacher's face red and embarrassed. I mean, who punishes someone for holding open the door? I mean, really? So, I'm basically trolling! I'm annoying her, but there's nothing she can do! I know she hates me now, because she KNOWS I'm smarter than her! I can't wait for our next confrontation! No matter what, I'm going to win one way or another! THIS I SWEAR!

    EDIT: I lost, dammit. The principal will let me hold open the door, as long as I'm not late for music. So, I lost. Oops. Oh well, I still have OTHER great stories to tell! Wow! Amazing! ERMERGD! HACKS!


    This is an awful shool year this year. Why? And how do I make it better?

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     Chris reacted to IgbarX for a blog entry, You must know this information!   
    Okay! Let's get one thing straight right here, right now! I was demoted to moderator, yes. This is true. Not sure how, but I wasn't helpful to others, which I guess is half true, but, seems a bit... sketchy. Before I left for Holland a while ago, I was always willing to help and be nice. But after my (Awful) vacation, I didn't feel the same. I didn't want to help, didn't want to build, didn't even want to play Minecraft. So, blame my parents for that part! Forcing me to go somewhere I didn't want to! >_> Anyway, I'm not going to be one of those people who say:

    'Well, I won't have enough time for JRCraft, I find this unfair, I'm going to be annoying' etc etc etc. So, what will Iggy do? Well, let me put it this way:

    Look, I'm a staff member, that means I solve problems. Not practical problems like 'how to craft wood', because that would fall under the problems of the Minecraft wiki. I solve serious problems. For instance, how do I stop some big mean hacking griefer from destroying every house in the world? The answer, is a ban hammer. And if that don't work, use MORE ban hammer. Like, this big ol' hammer built by me, used by me, and you best hope, not used on you.

    Anyway, I hope no one thinks lesser of me because my name isn't red and begins with {A}, but nevertheless, it happened. Deal with it. However, I can get my position back IF I'm more helpful, which I don't find I can do because, well, I (personal opinion here) think that I'm at least useful. So, letting you know here, and everything. By the way, you should have seen my face when the little message came up in my inbox called 'Demotion'. It was kind of funny.
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     Chris reacted to  Mecmax for a blog entry, Recent life -current events   
    Hey guys,
    just to keep you updated on my new indian life, here are a few things that happened over the last moth or two:
    - My internet has been down for 3 weeks, don't worry if I'm not active, I still love Jr.
    - I couldn't really do anything about it for a while since I broke my leg and had to stay home for a week and a half, and noww I'm wearing a cast but I can use the school internet.
    - I'm staying over at a hotel for the weekend, so I have internet for 24 hours.
    - I've been working on my custom map quite alot, so I'm practically finished. I'm just re-texturing some more blocks and items, and bug fixing. Ask me if you'd like to test it.
    - Jr tekkit coming out is probably the best thing that happened in my life for the last month I still love Jr!!
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     Chris reacted to k3v_o - Bringer of Dark Me for a blog entry, no money, mo problems   
    Hey Guys,

    I promised ye blog updates regularly, and nopony breaks a pinkie promise.

    So, as some of ye know from the title, the issue I currently have is money, and college requires quite a large amount. Money that I currently do not possess nor my parents. Most things are fine, the registration fee of €2,250 is covered by the grant I will be receiving and since I will be living at home the additional grant money of €2,500 which is spread over the first 2 semesters can go towards things that I want and/or need. The main thing I need is a laptop. Now, the thing about me is I don't see a point in buying new things unless they are in fact an upgrade from what I currently have and the fact that it NEEDS to last at least the duration of the course. I was looking at a large amount of laptops (not far off everything available in Ireland) and couldn't find anything that could satisfy what it would be used for currently, not to mind 3-4 years from now when I complete the course. Now, yes, there were good laptops there, The fact that my current PC is a Gaming PC easily capable on managing current gen games on med to high quality, I am not going to spend €700-€800 euro on a laptop that will basically be garbage 6 months down the line if not already. Therefore, I looked into custom laptops by origin (my eyes still burn). Here is the Specs that I picked out and the price that followed.


    Intel Core i7 3820QM Quad-Core Processor (2.70GHz), 8MB Cache
    Single 2GB GDDR5 AMD Radeon HD 7970M (2GB of Total GFX)
    16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600MHz (4 X 4GB)
    80GB Intel 310 Series - Solid State mSATA Drive (on which the operating system will be installed (Jamie's idea of course))
    750GB SATA 3.0Gb/s, 7200RPM, 16MB Cache HDD
    Integrated High-Definition Audio with THX TruStudio Pro and up to 7.1 Channel support (the lowest, cheapest one)

    Everything else I left on its original setting as there was nothing else major, things such as wifi, 2.0 megapixel webcam and other stuff that is installed anyway on most laptops including this one. The thing I don't get, is that it has a fingerprint scanner (I'm not the friggin CIA, but I still cant remove it to save money ).

    all and all, the price was $2,582/€2,055 without additions such as 3 year warranty and part replacement for $200 ish (which is needed for a laptop at this price) and the, what was it, $108 delivery charge!!!! I live in Ireland, not mars! Are you not charging enough?

    I was considering about how will I purchase this laptop, most likely would have to take out a loan as I simply need a good computer that would last at least 4 years, can play high end games for most of that and the fact that the Course is Computing with Games Development, there would be a large amount of multitasking with Games Design, Computer Graphics, Animation, Web Design, Digital Video Production, among others.

    I pondered for a moment........

    I have now decided that the best thing to do is build a better Gaming PC xD which all in all is a little over half the price with better specs all across the board xD (just without the fingerprint scanner (although not needed is pritty cool )) I will also buy a decent laptop for the basic grunt work (microsoft office and stuff like that (and Minecraft of course)) that I can get done between classes at college while the Heavy work and gaming can get done at home on my soon to be epicer PC.

    Here are the parts that I may be getting...

    Asus Intel Ultimate Bundle - a large possibility that I may upgrade to 32GB of RAM within a year (if not 64GB which the motherboard can take xD squeeeee)

    Asus ATI Radeon 7970 HD 1010Mhz 3GB PCI-e 3.0

    Coolmaster Full Tower Case

    The best thing is I can pay for these parts as I have the money, and better parts could be out by then for the same price. Since the major stuff really only starts in the 2nd semester (after January), I can get a Laptop for about, ehhh €500 ish and that will do the trick for the early assignments and other work with office over the 3-4 years. Also, if I want to upgrade whenever, I don't have to throw out the whole PC


    Not much happened other than me PC hunting other than my friends dog died I know, it was my friends, but bane (that's what the dog was named) was awesome and was just a puppy. Wasn't even my friends fault that bane died. An old couple sprayed rat poison and never put a sign up to warn people who often walk with their dogs along that way. 4 other dogs died because of it....

    Last thing before I leave ye, Have ye heard about Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeros? If not watch the video below in spoiler! It looks better in 320p in this video than blue-ray movies :L


    Anyway, Thanks for reading guys. I'll be sure to update whenever I can xD
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     Chris reacted to aitruis for a blog entry, Advice Corner #2   

    So, after I get off work, most days I'll browse the forums, especially if I haven't gotten much of a chance to get on in the past few days. Most days I'm greeted by awesome updates from Jamie, or information on the next big thing on the server. But some days, I'm greeted by......well, pure, unadulterated genius.
    For the unflogged and uninitiated, the Advice Corner is where I post tidbits of information forwarded to you great people for the sole purpose of making your lives easier, and quite possibly the lives of everyone around you. I do so not demanding that you think or behave exactly as I do, instead simply to share life experiences and things that might make your day suck a little less.

    Discussion is encouraged, flaming is not, and especially in the case of things that are related to the JR community, I don't name names and *neither* *will* *you*. That way lies flamewars, and there will be none of that.

    Today we're talking about the much-vaunted concept of "freedom of speech".

    The term "freedom of speech" is pretty much what it sounds like. An individual is free to express his opinions and beliefs, whatever they may be, without fear of legal reprisal, and is protected from reprisal from outside entities under the law. Whether or not whatever is said offends people can be an important question, but legally, not relevant.

    Under this concept, an individual is in fact allowed to walk down the street proclaiming that Hitler was right and they are a walking jelly donut, destined to be eaten by the masses. Just because they can say it doesn't make it true, but they can say it without being accosted by the law, and are protected by the law from people seeking to do physical and psychological harm because of said comment.

    Like all basic freedoms, however, this one ends when it infringes on the rights of others. Pertinent example: Individual 'A' thinks the world is going to end. So he stands in the driveway of a house owned by individual 'B', demanding repentance from passersby. 'A' has the right to free speech, he can say whatever he wants. 'B' comes out of the house, and demands that 'A' leave. Who gets what they want?

    Since the property is owned by 'B', he has sovereignty on his own land. After asking 'A' to leave, if 'A' doesn't, he is infringing on 'B's right to sovereignty. While 'A's right to freedom of speech doesn't exactly end in whole, it does end in that particular spot, since standing where he was infringes on someone else's rights. He can still say whatever he wants, he just has to do it someplace else.

    Examples aside, let's boil down to the issue that prompted this wonderfully long speech: Free speech in Minecraft.

    Short version? Doesn't exist.

    Seriously, it doesn't. Players are no longer in their home, on their country's soil. They are on the "soil" of the owner of the server. As owner, he has sovereignty, and a player's freedom of speech doesn't apply on someone else's property. The player can say whatever he wants to at his house, or on the street, but then they aren't infringing on the rights of the property owner by spouting on his lawn.

    It's also not particularly intelligent to anger the people the owner has hired and given the express ability to determine when, where, and how to kick people off the lawn. Making sure the meaning of what's being said is clearly understood by both sides in a limited chat environment is very important, but I'll cover that next article.

    In short, try not to piss people off. Especially not the local law.