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     Chris reacted to BarberMiss in 3 Months later, still abuse from Moderators....   
    Rexx I am sorry you want to leave. I know you have been away for a while. As US citizen you can enjoy freedom of speech ...as a JR citizen you don't get to argue with staff. Most know not to argue with Moorhead to begin with. I believe he could have handled that another way ....but when your on this end of arguments all day ...you will find the best end for you. I hope you will reconsider leaving JR. I am glad to see you made it back from over seas safely.
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     Chris reacted to Smmbod in 3 Months later, still abuse from Moderators....   
    I was there when this happened... well I wasn't like LOOKING at the village you claimed, but if there was an issue with you stating that you'd claim it, I assume it wasn't an NPC village. At first, moor was just informing you of the rules. If you didn't build it, you shouldn't claim it as your own, no matter how "abandoned" it seems. And I'm not going to speak for anyone on this, but the way you were stating your intentions made it sound like you've already claimed it. Multiple times you said "I am the mayor of this place" Not "I wish to be the mayor" or "May I claim this?" with how you worded things, it was easy to mis-interpret what you intended. As Jack said, this really wasn't really abuse so much as it was moor dealing with what you did or intended to do. ALSO as Jack said, you got on the bad side of moor. He nor anyone appreciates sarcastic responses to everything... I'm sorry for any misunderstanding that there may have been.

    P.S. You picked the perfect section. This kind of thing belongs in a blog
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     Chris reacted to k3v_o - Bringer of Dark Me in 3 Months later, still abuse from Moderators....   
    World Guarding a whole town is not allowed. It is up to the people in that town to world guard their homes. Just because you come across a town, you cannot claim it and call yourself mayor. If there is a grief, then report it and an Admin or Moderator will resolve it ASAP.

    Moorhead told you that you could not do that . You claim that you were only stating it and therefore it is an infringement of your freedom of speech. You may have Freedom of Speech, but that does not protect you from the consequences following that said statement eg. Racism, Abuse, cursing and arguing with staff can get you banned.

    Moorhead saw what you said and did his job by telling you that you could not do that. You proceeded to argue with him, which is against our rules. I don't really blame him for freezing you and killing you because you were getting on his nerves. You then log back in and you threaten Moorhead by saying "You will be hearing from me again".

    Your "Freedom of Speech" could have prevented this by explaining the situation or you could have been like most and said, "ok, I won't claim the area". Instead your "Freedom of Speech" lead you to argue with Moorhead and threaten him when he was obviously in the right, which breaks 2 of our rules. You then leave and post a blog which does not help you in any way. If there was abuse screenshot it and send it privately to an admin, don't just complain!
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     Chris reacted to Jack_Keeley in 3 Months later, still abuse from Moderators....   
    I wouldn't Label this as abuse, you most likely just got on the bad side of moorehead,(yes there is one..) and HE can be a little agressive...
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     Chris reacted to Jamie in 1.4 is gonna suck!   
    Remember that these are snapshots, start complaining and mojang will scrap some things!
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     Chris got a reaction from Wave100 in Britain threatens to storm Ecuador embassy to get Assange (Explicit language) (and ponys!)   
    The US need to stop thinking that they can rule anyone anywhere because they can't if it's out of their borders they should have no control over it. They should be charged in the country they are in with the correct laws and shouldn't be removed to other countries other than their home country
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     Chris reacted to k2trf in 2012   
    Oh I care - but only because there will probably be some amazing parties that night all over campus (If you get what I'm sayin' XD)!
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     Chris got a reaction from Jack_Keeley in Posting   
    Some of them were originally posted in general chatter and stuff and it seems ridiculous. @Flaw @Peter thought they weren't that good posts and they weren't not up to mine and his standards
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     Chris got a reaction from k2trf in Is Technic okay?   
    Technic should be fine to use as its not a hacked client and all it is, is a load of mod packs put into a launcher
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     Chris got a reaction from Roberto in New blog!   
    Oh no...
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     Chris got a reaction from Jack_Keeley in New blog!   
    Oh no...
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     Chris reacted to System in Well, This Is A Temp Farewell   
    lol camp.... "CAMP" "C.A.M.P".... CAAAAAAAAMMMMMMP camp? Cramp? NO CAMP? YOUR CAMP! CAMMPY!!!!

    What was I talking about?.... Icecream
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     Chris got a reaction from Wavesludge in Damn beeping !   
    Computers beeping = Most F**king annoying thing ever invented by Man
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     Chris got a reaction from Wavesludge in Super jealous, of flight   
    Install it to a flash drive then use it when you need to?
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