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     Chris reacted to Jamie in New ARK Servers   
    Apologies, was so busy forgot the dmg numbers :')
    Thanks Chris!
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     Chris got a reaction from Jamie in New ARK Servers   
    I've found this setting (which should be a default imo) and added it to the server config files. It should take affect upon the next restart
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     Chris got a reaction from MarcusFaren in Ark updates - mod additions / config change   
    If anyone encounters any issues with these mods, please let us know so we can sort out any issues you may have!
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     Chris reacted to Jonesy in JR Ark PVP - It's coming   
    This sounds like an interesting experiment. I personally rarely play PVP 'cos I play solo so much of the time and like to build etc my own way. However the prospect of giving this new idea a go does appeal because of the monthly change of map/mods etc.. 
    I agree with Harpik that the rates should be set fairly high (at least for the first month as a test) to allow quick progression and make base building worth while.. otherwise everything will be wrecked on day 2.... I would also recommend small assistance mod's like meat spoiler, kibble table, tranq pike etc as they help speed up progression also and it's fair if everyone has access to mods like these from the start.
    As i mentioned i'm not the most experienced in PVP so hopefully I can try and team up with a group for the first time too... may survive a bit longer that way ;o)
    sounds cool, looking forward to trying it out.... hopefully the mods list will be out later so we can take a nosy and possibly give more feedback...?
    my twopenneth ;o)

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