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  1. Nice layout and presentation, people should do tutorials like this more often on JR
  2. My first day of Jr craft: Most of my first time on the server was spent at spawn, reading to the chat, not quite sure what to do. I remember how different Jr craft was back then. It wasn't called Jr craft and fresco didn't work etc. Shortly after I met up with a friend on the server and moved into their town.
  3. sparklypink

    After the mess...

    I will donate this face ->
  4. When I got minecraft, I decided to make a creative world first (what could possibly go wrong?) so I generated the world, found a nice place for a house and got started. I made a really nice house and I had almost finished when i decided to add a fireplace. I lit the fire... and it started to spread. Then to try and save my house i poured water everywhere. I saved most of the house from burning but then I had a problem. I couldn't get all the freaking water out of my house!!!
  5. I like my other friend too
  6. I'm not friends with the friend who plays violin any more
  7. Here are some pics of the project Christmas on JR network. Me, rocware and gnome are doing
  8. my friend plays violin and really likes it, but my other friend quit because she thought the same as you
  9. I bet your still quite good!
  10. So this morning I had my grade 3 piano exam. I think it went well (sight reading wasn't brilliant). If you play/played an instrument tell me me your instrument and grade in the comments!
  11. I didn't know u could post videos like that lol
  12. sure it's Friday, released in minecon! people like yogscast, chimneyswift11 and any1 who bought a ticket will be going to Vegas to minecon. 1.9 updates will be in there as well as possibly... AN END TO MINECRAFT!!!!!!!!!!! it will have bug fixes new sound and basically awesome stuff!