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  1. while I was reading this... my sister was playing a sad song on a piano :'( Good bye Jamie
  2. I know im too stupid to worldguard it, it is made of white wool... and it is a white dragon coordinate : x:-2900 y:70 z:400 please give me my dragon back, it happenned in the night the october 20, i live in quebec so idk what is the time for everybody... anyway ill worguard it... it could be nice to send me a message when it is done so i could connect. thanks antho__666
  3. Just to create a little battle, i want to know what is the favorite console and the arguments why it is the best
  4. 3 diamonds 1 full armor made of iron 1 iron pickaxe 1 iron shovel 1 iron hoe 1 iron sword 1 iron axe 5 piston 1 stack of redstone dust and a little bit more than 40 cooked porkshop
  5. yeah I know that, but I have only one good computer, sooooo I do that and it work very well, but the chat is annoying me, it is the only reason I want this plugin, it's so simple, why not put it on the server, it will change nothing, it will only make me happier :'(
  6. no it won't because this screen is my pause menu, F1 changes nothing to pause menu -___- If somebody don't understand, watch this, because I want to suicide, nobody understand... :'(
  7. I thnk you don't understand... my minecraft is normal, this screen is an invisible texture pack, I have a video to make everybody understand: this was made on the SAME COMPUTER... if you still dont understand me, open 2 minecraft, open 2 world in single player and try to not pause the 2 minecraft... impossibe, you will always see one pause menu on the other...
  8. no, you don't understand, when you open 2 minecraft, the pause menu automatically open when you go in the other, that screen is my pause menu, even if I do F1, the chat is there -___- you just don't understand what is my screenshot about... I tested a lot of things... :'( but if someone know a link to the improved chat for 1.2.5, tell me, because nobody update it, I think :'(
  9. antho__666

    Private Chat

    I love JRcraft, but I want to make timelapse of what I'm building, and on the same computer... I got almost transparent menu (gray background -___-) but this can be removed by contrast and light... the only thing is that the chat create one more gray screen that will be long to remove. little screen of what my pause menu looks I'm just asking for some kind of private chat that nobody will talk like this one :. http://forums.bukkit...hat-1337.16933/ Is that possible ? I would be very happy Thanks Antho
  10. https://jrnetwork.net/uploads/%0A%3Cp%3Emonthly_07_2012/ccs-5537-0-39396300-1342067020.png%3C/p%3E%0A

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