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  1. 76% stress level: Run like f***.

  2. All you helpers need to do is go there; see who did it by using the block... and report it with a name. Beyond that you cant use LB commands, only have and use the block.
  3. That problem is just unmoral...but the way to solve that possibly is keeping a balance in paypal, just a little bit, so that if any prick decides to say "i didnt pay for that" and call fraud... that paypal can just drain it back instead of yellin at jamie or something.. @
  4. Reading through this apparently some dont even bother to google/youtube what Buycraft does. Buycraft allows in-game commands to link you to purchasing packages we would set up such as Gold 1month, Platinum 1month, say... $10,000 JR Cash, or maybe even a set of full diamond things; all of this is bought with REAL cash $$$$. So while the economy may take a little hit with people buying In-game cash if they do, it will not change the economic value of said items nor will it in any way exploit the economy due to how i have set it up (You buy everything for 2x what you sell it from the shop). It w
  5. I think only mod+ should have creative in survival worlds. Creative is vip+ in creative world only for a reason. Also Space is suppose to be a challenging map that finding your own planets and trading for others is part of the game. I believe food should somehow be given to everyone... but other than that its a fend for yourself world.
  6. Order of what happens when JR or Minecraft crashes... 1. I swear and try and try again. 2. Find out why and how to fix if clientside >JR down 3. Call barber! 4. Call Jamie! 5. Cry... 6. Watch movie >Minecraft Session down 3. CRY... 4. Alert all others to stay on as long as possible 5. Try to log in again... 6. Play single player (EW) Today: 1. Swear and try again 2. Check MC status 3. Cry and actually start cleaning room for college...
  7. moorhead2015

    Kill JR!

    @IgbarX Finding where you are is extremely easy without proxy, but even with proxy, a reverse scatter pattern can triangulate your location 9x/10. Simply finding the current IP; if proxied multiple IP's over a selected amount of time, trace or reversing the known proxy patterns and BAMN im at your door I have some of the knowledge in my head, just not all the tech i need; hence why im going to college in 2 weeks for Computer Networking and Security, a bonus to @Jamie as i learn hacks and how to protect against them. Also if our server comes under attack, not only do i have my professors
  8. moorhead2015

    Kill JR!

    @k2trf I have my ways of doing DDOS too, so any day @Jamie wants to stress test the server, we could gang bang ;) Throw a multi-proned 64000packet attack
  9. This was reposted as i could not find where i had last left of, so many corrections i had made in the old parts, and so that more people could read my story as well as be notified there were new releases. READ AWAY As I walked, the wind blew softly. Slapping away the sweat from my forehead, I pushed onward. Lugging my backpack with everything I could fit in it, I planned to run far and not turn back. My life had just taken a turn for the worst and I had only one plan: run. It started to pour hard, beating down on me, yet I cared not. Nothing could be worse than what had already happ
  10. If you are playing minecraft the most you can prove your time by voting everyday and you will win prizes for being the top voter each month. Like said above; the most time played could easily be faked by just AFK'ing, which in a sense i do alot while just watching over the Chat room.
  11. Lol yes @Peter but i can never find things on the forum (I hate forums)
  12. The reason we give what we do its; we cannot give Enchanted Items in automatic rewards, We MIGHT be able to do potions but im not sure on that.
  13. http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/simple-region-market/ To be honest; i can be lazy at times. So i thought i would look for a plugin in which i could build and protect a house, post a sign, and sell/rent them without having to be there. This could/would also work for the mall since i could post a sign on open stores Selling/Renting them to players. Another idea i had with that is Selling the store, but than renting permissions to the Full mall region so that way i know who is being active and who isnt; meaning they cant access their "property" without paying their Storefront Rent On
  14. Lol This is how old i am on the server: PeterSmilyFace (OLD Founder and heart of our forums) is the one who got me started. Hes the one who answered all my questions and helped me sign up. This is back when _CSB_ was still a citizen if anyone remembers that
  15. The HELPERS aren't included in the ranks message
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